5 Ways to Live a Happy Life

A big gift, a lot of money is not only a way to be happy but even small things like being around people you love like family, friends, someone’s smile just give you loads of happiness.

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Happiness comes from our heart that can be seen on our face. There are several ways in which we can be happy. So this blog will help you to know about the ways which you need to know about how to be happy?

Firstly, why we are not happy these days?

1. Because of negative people

Negative people around us is the main reason why half of our population is facing such as anxiety, depression. They create a negative surrounding all around. We get influenced by people around us. In which environment we live is very important not only for good mood but for our mental health.

So we should always be around people who create a positive environment. That’s how we will grow as a person.

2. Comparing yourself with others life as they portray on social media

We are so influenced by people we see on Social media. We see others lives on social media and start to compare our life with others life and we demotivate our self. We have to believe that the life which we see on social media is not real.

Secondary inferiority

We try to frame our life like that but people need to understand that life is beyond all these things. Life is meant to live peacefully with reality. This is not real life which we see on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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3. Isolation


Many times when we feel sad or upset with anything we isolate our self from social media. We isolate our self with people around us like family, friends. We need to understand that when we feel low or upset we should be around our closed ones. They are the pillar of strength. We feel most happy when we are around them. So isolation should be avoided.

4. Blaming

We all always blame other people when something goes wrong in our life. We do so because we expect from others. Before blaming others we should understand why we are expecting from others? So when they didn’t help us when we are in need then we start to blame others for our sadness. Blaming kills our happiness.

We are the one who can choose our happiness. We need to understand no one is allowed to rule our life.

Things you should do to keep yourself happy

1. Do 1 thing daily you love most


Everyday when you wake up just decide one thing which you want to do the most and do that it will make happy. You will be satisfied. You will love yourself even more. Don’t let other people treat you poorly.

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2. Try to find happiness in things around you

We mostly focus on things which are not going right in our lives and because of this we miss several things which should be focused by us. So try to find good things which make us happy. There are a lot of things which can make us happy like a smile on our pets face or maybe any other friend or family member can make us happy.

3. Always forgive yourself

Be kind with yourself

We always blame our self when things aren’t going or happening according to us. So in that case, we should always forgive our self. We should always love ourselves. Try to accept your flaws and love your self.

4. Cut yourself from negative people

This may be sound easy but it’s not I know but always try to cut yourself from the people who demotivate you. These are the people who are the most toxic thing in our life. If you try to keep yourself away from this kind of people you will feel good and happy.

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5. Breathe

Don’t forget to take a deep breath when you feel nervous, ill or whenever you feel low. It calms you down and eventually, you will feel better.

So basically it’s up to you that how you frame your life. Your happiness, sadness depends on you. According to me, life is meant to live happily. Be your best friend. Actually, be yourself. Don’t let others rule you.

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