5 Yoga poses for weight loss for beginners

Yoga has been with us for thousands of years. It is known for many health benefits like relieving mental stress, making your posture correct, boosting your energy, improving your respiratory system and many more other benefits.

Weight Loss

One of them is the benefit of weight loss. Weight loss has never been easy for anyone. There are many reasons people gain weight. The reasons might be genetics, over-eating, being not physically active at all, eating disorders, high level of insulin in the body, slow metabolism, side effects of medication and diseases like PCOS(in women).

People spend months, and lots of money to lose weight in gyms but still not see the results they expect. Yoga is well-known for losing weight for years. People who do yoga see so much difference in their body & also their mind.

So why spending hundreds of bucks when you can lose weight at your home and spend zero money.

Yoga poses for weight loss for beginners

1. Upward-facing dog pose

Also called Urdhva Mukha Shavasana, is a back-bending asana in modern yoga. It stretches your lungs, shoulders, abdomen, and thorax. It is a well-known yoga pose for losing weight. It is the best yoga for toning your arms.

In this yoga pose, you lie down in prone position, and then slowly raise your head along your upper back while facing at front. Balance yourself on your hands and toes. Keep this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

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2. Boat Pose

It is a seated asana in modern yoga. It’s is called Navasana in Sanskrit. It strengthens your abdomen, hips and vertebral columns. It is a follow-up pose of Sirsasana. It helps in losing your belly fat and toning your abs.

In this pose, you need to sit down on a flat surface and slowly raise your legs upwards and place your hands straight, near sides of your knees and balance yourself on your hips.

3. Seated forward bend

Also called Paschimottanasana, is a yoga pose of hath yoga and modern yoga as well. It is a forward-bend and seated yoga pose. It has many health benefits. It tones your thighs and your belly.

In seated forward bend pose, you sit straight and keep your legs straight. Then slowly move your hands and back towards the legs while keeping your legs straight.  Try to reach your toes and get hold of them. You need to practice it to do it perfectly, by time.

4. Warrior II Pose

Virabhadrasana II is another name of warrior pose II. It stretches your legs, ankle, shoulders, and thorax. It increases your stamina, relives Sciatica and helps you in losing weight. It tones your legs and thighs.

In Warrior II pose, you need to stand in Tadasana position. Then slowly raise your arms parallel to the floor in opposite directions i.e. At the front and at the back. Now you need to slowly jump or step your feet 3-4 feet apart from each other and stretch your body.

5. Chair pose

Chair pose is also known as Utkanasana. It is a standing yoga asana. It stretches your thighs, calves, vertebral and ankles. It tones your arms and your thighs. Chair pose stimulates the abdominal organs, your heart, and the diaphragm. It is very effective in burning extra fat and keeps you toned.

In Chair pose, you have to make a position like you’re sitting on a chair. For this also, you have to stand in Tadasana pose (hands and legs straight). Then make a position like when you make during squats, while keeping your thighs parallel to the floor, and hands upwards making clock time at 1 o’clock.

The Bottom Line:

These are the basic weight loss yoga poses for beginners. They are easy compared to the other yoga poses.

Yoga is being performed by many saints and people all around the world. It is also known to cure many untreatable or unmanageable diseases. It is done by everyone, from small children to old age people.

So, practice the above-mentioned yoga poses to lose weight and comment your reviews/results to us in the comment section below.

How did you like this blog? Do you also love yoga? If yes, how do you do it and what precautions you take while doing it? Share your tips and views with us in the comment section.

Hope this blog was beneficial to you. Thanks for reading.

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