6 Main Factors You Should Know to attain Good Health

6 main factors to attain health

Good health is the key to happiness. Health is wealth. But the question is how to be healthy, what are the main factors for good health and how to attain better health.

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Everyone wants to live long and healthy, but do you know how? Today we will discuss the main factors to become a healthy person.

“Maharshi Charak has stated that the three pillars to attain this health are diet, sleep and celibacy”

There are the three pillars on which the whole-body rests.

3 pillar of health

Best personality according to God Shri Krishna:

1. One whose diet, thought and behavior are balanced and controlled.
2. One whose deeds have divinity, who has a pious mind and desires auspicious things.
3. One whose sleep and awakening are regular, he/she is the complete person or personality.

What are the 6 main factors for good health:

We will briefly describe 6 factors to get good health and how to acquire good health. All Six factors to get complete health are:
1) Diet
2) Sleep
3) Celibacy
4) Exercise
5) Bath
6) Dhyan

Let’s talk on each descriptively.

1) Diet :

A person’s body develops with diet. Diet has its effect not only on the body but also on the mind.  Know what is the balanced diet plan for healthy men and women.

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet
Once Rishi Charaka asked his disciples, “who is not a patient? (in other words, who is healthy?)”, His best disciple Vagbhatt replied, “A person who does good deeds, eats as much as required and in accordance with the season, is healthy”.

The quantity of food in a meal:

Food should be taken in the right quantity. Half of the stomach should be reserved for food, one-fourth for liquid items and remaining one fourth should be left for air.

If the food items are consumed in accordance with the season then diseases do not attack the person.

Food timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Meals should be eaten at fixed timings. Food consumes at irregular intervals causes indigestion and other diseases. Know, How to cure constipation naturally?

Fruits and a light beverage should be taken in the morning between 8 and 9 am. It is better for health if you consume minimum food in early hours of the day.

Don’t eat stale foods, fruits, and vegetables, persons who are above 50 years of age should never consume stale food.

“So in breakfast, you can take fruits, nuts, liquid food like juices, milk, and oats”.

The afternoon meal should be eaten between 11 to 12 in the morning. Eating between 12 and 1 in the afternoon is considered to be less beneficial and after one O’clock it is considered to be bad for health.

Along with this one’s diet should be balanced and comprehensive as per the needs of the body, don’t overfill your stomach.

The diet should include Protein, minerals and vitamin B in good measure, add vegetables and salad in a good amount for better digestion and nutrition.

Consume energy drink, vegetable juices, vegetable and fruit salad in snacks.

In the evening, the period between 7 to 8 PM is considered to be the ideal, between 8 and 9 PM is not so good for health. Eating after 9 O’clock is definitely bad for health.

Take a light amount of food in dinner, eat lots of salad.

Try to follow these simple rules while eating:
1) One should not talk while eating, as the food does get not chewed properly and as a result access food is consumed. Try to quite while eating.

2) One should chew the food properly, one morsel should be chewed 32 times or at least 20 times. Chewing as a habit reduces the violent tendency of an individual. We all are aware of the fact that an angry person grinds his teeth, which means grinding teeth expresses anger.
If we want to eliminate these violent tendencies, we should pay special attention to chewing our food. You will know the results when you experience it first hand.

3) One should not drink water while eating food, if food is dry then water can be taken in little quantity. One must not drink more than 2-3 sips of water after eating food.

4) One could drink buttermilk after lunch if it is available. A person drinks water early in the morning, at night drinks milk after dinner and drinks buttermilk after lunch at noon, such a person never needs to consult a doctor.

Eat healthily, drink healthy and live stress-free for attain health. You will never fall ill if you follow these simple rules because diet plays a big role to make you healthy person.

2) Sleep(Nidra):

Sleep is a happy, soothing experience in itself. A person unable to sleep well can turn lunatic. It might seem like a trivial matter but a person lacking sleep will realize its true importance.

Sleep 6-8 Hours daily
A healthy person needs at least 6 hours of sleep. Children and elderly people require eight hours of sleep. Sleeping more than 8 hours regularly will make you lazy and dull.

As the saying goes -“Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”. Do you know, how to get enough sleep?

The entire universe runs according to the rules made by God himself. All living beings except mankind retire to their resting place as the sunsets and wake up early with sunrise but unfortunately, human being keeps awake the whole night and sleeps away in the morning hours, inviting ill health.

Retire to bed at nighttime and waking up in the morning at the right time makes a person healthy and capable.

3) Celibacy(Brahmacharya):

Celibacy is not just controlling on sex drive and organs. Celibacy or brahmacharya in the true sense is to convert the physical and mental energies in self-realization to achieve proximity to “Bramha”, focus on God and serving others, not just busy in material objects.

Read some amazing facts about life that will make you surprise:
• We don’t enjoy pleasures but the pleasures enjoy us, pleasures can never satisfy us but happiness (provide help or solution for others) can do that.

• We can’t destroy time but time destroys us.

• We can’t finish greed but greed finishes us.

• Desires have no end. Maharishi Manu says, sexual desires are insatiable. The act of satisfying sexual urges creates more urges, just like pouring oil into the fire. Have good desire to serve others.

• Maharshi Kapil says the entire environment is indicating us to observe the discipline. Let us join hands with nature to enjoy this orderly world around us.

4) Exercise(Vyayam):

The human body requires regular exercise as well as a proper diet to remain in good physical condition. Lack of exercise makes the physique unwell and lackluster.

Exercise Daily
Regular exercise can turn even a weak, ill or ordinary person into a strong, healthy and attractive person. Heart disease, diabetics, obesity, gastric problems, piles, blood pressure, mental stress are the products of lack of physical exercise.

If one practice Yog and Asana’s regularly then all these diseases will stay away from him. There are many ways to exercising but the best way to exercise is to practice asanas and pranayama.

Yoga will not only help you to shape up but also will give you peace and improve your nervous system.Other difficult exercise makes your muscles hard and the flow of blood is reduced resulting in pain.

Asana’s and Pranayama fulfill all the health requirements, do not have any kind of side effects and bring peace, concentration, and tranquility to the person practicing them.

5) Bath (Snan):

Bathing refreshes the body. It cools off the body and it feels light and clean. One should wait till the body temperature returns to normal after exercises before bathing.

Take Bath Daily
Well said “Water purifies the body, Truth purifies the mind, Learning and dexterity purifies the soul and Knowledge purifies the intellect”.

If one is not ill then one should bath with cold water. Bathing with hot and warm water results in faulty digestive power and weak eyesight. Untimely graying of hairs and hair-loss occurs. The body suffers from excess heat and essential ingredients of the body are washed away.

One should rub the body with a roughly textured cotton towel. The skin acquires a beautiful glow with this practice. If you suffer from constipation then rub your stomach with a dry towel.

Bathing in the river or a pond is very beneficial for health. Everyone should bath daily with cold water, try to avoid hot water.

6) Dhyan (Meditation):

Once completing the routine for personal hygiene like daily ablutions, bath etc, one should perform meditation for 15 minutes at least to 1 hour to gain peace, contentment, and happiness.

Meditate 15 min Daily
Chanting of Pranava (aum) or Gayatri or any such powerful mantras with faith can bring peace, joy and strength.


We discussed on all 6 factors to achieve health, these play important role in human health and wellness.

One will not fall ill or weak if takes healthy and balanced diet, takes proper sleep, try to maintain celibacy in daily life, exercises asana’s once in a week, takes a daily bath with cold water and meditate at least 15 min daily.

You should follow these factors for Good Health in your daily life to become healthy, fit and wise. Do you know who is a completely healthy person?

What do you follow to keep you healthy and fit? Share your health tips in the comment section.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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