7 simple yogic exercises you should practice 15 min daily for healthy living

Everyone looks busy in their lifestyle these days and do not able to give time for exercises. Today I am sharing 7 very simple yogic exercises that everyone can practice at home for healthy living.

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These yoga exercises don’t require extra efforts or time so anyone can simply perform these at home by giving 10-15 minutes daily. These are very light and effective exercises for entire body health.

7 yogic exercises for healthy living:

These yogic exercises contain the movement of our body joints and stretching of important body muscles for their better functioning to remains healthy.

Following are some light exercises recommended for maintaining healthy joints and providing strength, agility and soundness to the nervous system.

Let’s move forward and learn each of the yogic exercises one by one before that you need to learn the sitting position for these light yogic exercises.

Sitting position in Dandasan:
All the asanas that are done in sitting position are begun with Dandasan. Both feet should be stretched in the front, held together. Both hands should rest on the either side of the waist with palm touching the ground and the fingers facing backwards. Keep the hands and the waist absolutely straight and practice yoga exercises as explained below.

1. Exercises for the entire feet:

(I) For the fingers of the toes:

Exercise for fingers of the toes

Slowly but forcefully press the toes together in a forward movement while keeping the heels still. Do the same in a backward movement also. Repeat the exercise eight to ten times.

(II) For the heels and the feet:

Exercise for the heels and the feet

With both feet joined together, press the entire feet slowly, forward and backwards. The heels will rub with the ground while doing this. This exercise is beneficial for sciatica pain and knees.

(III) For the toes:

exercise for the toes

Keep both the feet at a distance. First rotate the toes of the right foot in a circular motion trying to make a zero. Repeat this exercise five to seven times. Then do the same in the opposite direction. In the same way, exercise with the other foot and lastly with both the feet held together.

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2. Exercises for the nearby areas of knees and hips:

(I) For knees and hips:

(a) Fold the right leg inwards and place it on the left thigh. Hold the right toe with left hand and keep the right hand on the right knee. While supporting the right knee with the right hand from below, move the knee so that it touches the chest and then do the reverse so that the knee touches the ground.

exercise for knees and hips

Similarly, repeat this exercise by folding the left leg, keeping it on the right thigh and then touching the chest with the left knee. At last, join both feet and hold the toes with both hands. Maintaining this position, touch both knees to the floor and then lift them up. Do this exercise a few times.

(b) Butterfly Aasan:
After bending both the legs from knees hold the bases of the feet together, bring them to the joints of the thighs and move the knees up and down as the wings of a butterfly for two minutes, repeat this exercise.

It helps in maintaining a healthy hip joint and also helps in reducing the excess fat around the hips and thighs. This will help in performing Padmasana as well.

(II) For the knees:

(a) Keeping the legs straight, keep both the hands on the sides touching the floor. While pressing and releasing the kneecaps, perform the action of contraction and expansion. After this, interlock the fingers of both the hands underneath the right knee and hold the thigh.

exercise for the knees

Then fold the leg inwards bringing it as close to the hip as possible and while performing the cycling action make a circle moving the foot forward. Repeat this exercise using the other foot in the same way.

(b) Standing straight keep both heels and knees together, touching each other. Put both the palms on the knees and rotate in a circular motion, first in the left and then in the right direction.

knee exercise

Repeat this exercise five to seven times. This exercise is useful for the knees.

3. Exercises for the stomach and the waist:

(a) Grinding: Hold the fingers of both the hands in an interlocked manner and stretch them in the front touching the feet. Turn the hands together from left to right in such a way that the waist bends forward, and the hands move in a circular path while touching the feet. When the hands reach the thighs, the waist should move backwards.

Grinding exercise

Keep the legs stationary. Repeat this exercise in the same way, from right to left.

(b) Stretch both legs wide apart in the front. Raise the hands horizontally in line with the shoulders in each direction. Then catch the thumb of the left toe with the right hand and turning the left hand in an upward direction, keeping it straight, turn the neck so as to look at the left hand.

Exercises for the stomach and the waist

In the same way repeat the exercise with the other hand. These exercises strengthen the stomach and relieve the backache, and also reduce accumulated fat on the waist. However, those suffering from severe backache should not perform these exercises.

4. Exercises for the back:

Hold both the wrists with opposite hands, lift them and take them to the back of the head. While inhaling, pull the left hand with the right hand towards right side keeping the arm behind the head.

Keep the head and neck still. While exhaling lift the hands upwards. Similarly perform this exercise from the other side.

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5. Exercise for entire hand:

(I) For fingers of the hands:

(a) Stretch both the hands in the front keeping them aligned with the shoulders and palms facing down. Fold the fingers slowly but forcefully and then release them.

exercise for the fingers of the hands

(b) Fold both the thumbs inside and press them with the fingers making a fist like shape, and then slowly open them. Repeat them 10 to 12 times.

(II) For the hands, cervical spondylitis and frozen shoulders:

Exercise for cervical spondylitis and frozen shoulders

Fold the thumbs, press them with the fingers to form closed fists like shape and keep the hands aligned with the shoulders, stretched in front. Now rotate both fists together in both directions. The elbows should be kept straight throughout.

(III) For elbows:

(a) Stretch both arms in front aligned with the shoulders and palms facing upwards. Now fold both elbows such that the fingers touch the respective shoulders. Then slowly straighten them.

Exercise for elbows

(b) Repeat the same exercise while stretching the hands sideways aligned with the shoulders.

for elbows

(IV) For heart, cervical and shoulder pain:

Exercise for shoulder pain

(a) Fold both hands and keep them on the respective shoulders from the front. Keep the elbows in level with the shoulders. Then with both elbows touching, in front of the chest, rotate them so as to form a large circle. Form this circle from the opposite direction also.

(b) Fold the fists of both hands and bring them near the chest in such a way that the back-side of the fingers should touch each other. Now inhale and move the hands slowly in the front, keeping the fingers together and touching.

Exercise for heart and cervical

Once the hands have fully stretched in front, start exhaling while bringing the hands close to the chest. Repeat this several times.

6. Exercises for the neck:

(a) Sit straight and rotate the neck towards the right to touch the right shoulder. In the same way, touch it with the left shoulder. After this, bend the neck in front such that the chin touches the chest and then slowly take it backwards bending as much as you can. In the end, rotate the neck in a circular motion in both the directions.

(b) Keep the right palm on the right side of the head above the ear and press the palm against the head such that both exert pressure against each other. This mutual pressure will create a vibration in the neck. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. Now undertake the entire exercise with the left hand on the left side of the head.

(c) Interlock the fingers of both the hands and press them together against the rear of the head, both exerting pressure on each other. While doing this, the neck and head should be kept straight. This mutual pressure will create a vibration in the neck, which would be beneficial for the neck and its proper blood circulation.

Exercise for neck

7. Exercises for the eyes:

Exercise for eyes

Keeping the neck straight, rotate the pupils of the eyes up-down and then left-right. Thereafter rotate the pupils in a circular motion.

Basic Rules for these yoga asanas/exercises:

• Practice should be according to one’s own capacity, physical strength, age and with happy mood and full concentration of mind.
• Weak, old and ill persons should perform these yogic exercises after consultation with doctor.
• Small children and pregnant women should not practice these yogic exercises. Pregnant women should only practice deep breathing for best results and safety.


Exercise plays important role in healthy living of us but everyone can’t practice hard exercises. So, I mentioned 7 simple yogic exercise that everyone can perform within 10-15 min.

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I hope you found these yoga exercises helpful, so don’t forget to share with your friends.

What yogic exercises do you practice to stay healthy and fit, share with me in the comment section.

Yoga Asanas are easy, safe and very effective for our body, mind and soul, so we should practice yoga asanas daily to stay fit and healthy. Keep in touch with YogaHolism for more Yoga Asanas and their benefits in life.

Keep smiley and stay healthy!

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