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About Ashu Pareek:

Ashu Pareek

I completed my B.Tech in computers in 2011 but I was still thinking who am I and what is the aim of my life?

I worked for 7 years in two IT companies but I wasn’t satisfied with myself and my work. I was always thinking “Is this my destiny or am I lying to myself?”

I found that life is not just about living it for your own, the ultimate purpose of life is to help others and make others happy by solving their problems.

I love yoga and I started this website with the aim the make people’s lifestyle healthy with my passion of yoga. Now I am a Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of YogaHolism. I love to help people by improving their daily life and fitness. I love to teach people how to get peace and happiness in life.

I decided to share my knowledge with you on YogaHolism.com blog and now I write problem based useful blogs with clear intention of sharing information to help peoples.

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Mail me on: crazyashu4u@gmail.com


About YogaHolism:

The intention or purpose of YogaHolism is to make your life better. YogaHolism is founded in 2016.

YogaHolism provides you yoga based and other problem based useful information’s and learning in the form of blogs, videos and images.

It  is the collection of Yoga Asana, Health tips, Lifestyle tips, Spiritual knowledge and Motivation to make your life better. YogaHolism always wants to keep your body, mind and soul healthy, that’s why it provides problem based blogs for you.

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Ashu Pareek