7 Amazing Benefits of doing exercise daily!

Before we start let me tell you what is exercise? Exercise is basically the movement of our muscles. During exercise, you burn calories. It includes running, swimming, walking, dancing, or any physical activity where you burn your calories is considered exercise.

Weight Loss

Exercise helps your body to work properly. It helps you to improve your health and lowers the rate of many diseases in you. Obesity is a major cause of most of the disease.

So doing exercise helps you to lose weight. When you achieve a balanced bodyweight, you are free from many diseases.

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What happens, if you don’t do exercise?

We all know, if you exercise on a daily basis you feel more active and enthusiastic. It keeps you fresh. You do not feel lazy. It makes you happy and calm.

So in short, there are benefits if you do exercise daily but there are a lot of negative effects on your body if you do not do exercise. So let’s discuss that.

1. You do not get proper sleep


If you don’t do the exercise you become lazy and it affects your mind. You constantly feel low and it really affects your sleep.

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2. You feel more stressed

Stress is a major problem these days. When we exercise, the body releases Endorphins. Endorphin reduces your stress level and it makes your mind calm.

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If you don’t exercise then your mind is not calm and that increases your stress level and that really affects your body and mind. Stress is a major problem for many diseases like migraine, depression etc.

3. Increase the rate of diseases

There is a high risk of being hit by diseases if you do not exercise. Your metabolic rate decreases. Your immune system becomes weak and you will likely to get affected by any disease more easily.

4. Poor metabolism

The less you work your metabolism reduces more easily. It is the sum of your daily activity or your physical work and if your body is not active your metabolic rate will decrease with time.


Metabolism helps in your body functioning so if your metabolism is not good that really affects your health. There is a higher chance of obesity and many other disorders.

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So, I mentioned above the disadvantages of not doing exercise. If you love your body you should take care of it because you have to live with this body only. The more you care the more it performs better.

Benefits of Doing Exercise Daily

Now we will discuss the advantages of doing exercise on a daily basis.

1. You feel happier

Researches prove that exercise lowers down anxiety and depression so technically if you are not suffering from stress or anything you will feel happier.

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Exercise increases sensitivity in the brain and endorphin hormone secreted which relieves us from stress. So when you are happy your body will glow from inside.

2. Helps you in weight loss

Obesity is a major cause of all diseases. So when you exercise you balance your weight. You can do aerobics or many exercises that make your body fit, toned and helps you to lose weight.

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Diseases like thyroid and respiratory problems can be reduced by balancing your weight. Exercise daily plays an important role in weight loss and obesity problems.

3. Increases energy level

To feel active and energetic is very much important. Being active is as important as balanced body weight. Reports have been shown that 85% of people who exercise well are more energetic than others.

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Exercise reduces the feeling of fatigue in the body and increases energy level. If you are more energetic you will work more efficiently.

4. Reduces the rate of chronic diseases

Importance of Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity leads to chronic diseases. Regular exercise increases cardiovascular fitness and balances insulin sensitivity. It decreases blood pressure and obesity. So exercise daily helps in reducing the rate of chronic diseases.

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5. Helps the brain in memorizing and thinking


Exercise helps in brain function like memorizing and thinking. When you exercise it promotes blood flow and oxygen in the brain which is very important for brain functioning.

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There is a part of the brain Hippocampus which helps in memory and thinking and exercise helps the hippocampus to grow. That is very important for memory and mental function too. So exercise is important for your brain functioning and health.

6. Helps you in better sleep

Exercise relaxes your body and mind and you get better sleep. Moreover, when you exercise it increases the body temperature that also helps you in better sleep.

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If you sleep well you will likely feel more energetic and happy. If you do not sleep there is a higher risk of anxiety and depression. So exercise well if you want to sleep well.

7. Reduces body and muscle pain

In older times people use to say that when you are in pain you should take rest or you should not do physical activities but in recent studies, it has been said that if you are suffering from any chronic disease or pain you should do exercise.

Exercise really helps in reducing pain. Chronic low back pain problem is affecting many people nowadays.

So you only need to exercise half-hour daily to get fit and healthy. There are simple exercises you can do at home, just make a weekly schedule according to your need or problem.

You can do yoga and meditation along with exercises and if you think you want to go to the gym for better results then that is also a good idea. You can also do basic exercises at your home if you don’t want to go to the gym.

You can search for exercises on google and youtube. Practice these exercises on a daily basis to get fit. You know it very well, If you are fit you can live a healthy life.

So everyone, if you don’t exercise then start it by today.

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  1. This is a great article …we should exercise daily not only to lose weight but to be fit and healthy. Thank you making us understand that exercise will keep our body healthy and we’ll be more energetic…

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