How to get fit in the balanced diet plan pyramid – Tips for Men and Women

A balanced diet plan is necessary to keep your body functioning. Several micronutrients summit together to make a healthy diet. These micronutrients are carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

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Our whole routine should constitute various parts of a balanced and healthy diet plan. Often, if we look around the web for a balanced diet chart, the hard to find food items make it difficult. The maximum amount of energy and protein can be drawn from veggies, whole grain, and lean protein sources.

Some essentials to get to the balanced diet plan are:

• 5 meal times a day.
• More of starchy foods as a base which includes potatoes, pasta, rice, and bread.
• A supplement for heavy dairy products such as soya drinks.
• Extra sources of protein which includes more of poultry food.
• A plethora of fluid intake.

Tip- If you include banana with your breakfast meal, it includes a rich source of protein in your diet.

Fruits to include: Fruits like apple, grapes, pear, guava, and banana can make your one-time meal plan out of 5.

Try not clubbing your heavy meals with fruits. Morning hours are the best to relish on some tangerines or other fruits.

Starch: Now, this may sound ambiguous for your taste buds, but eating starchy food with skin makes a good source of fiber. Other food items apart from potatoes which fulfill the starch needs are brown rice, wholemeal, and bread etc.

Options with lower amounts of fat:

Various dairy products make for a healthy source of protein. But, they come with loads of fat content. One way to have higher protein and calcium without fat is skimmed milk, tofu, and soya curd.

These are ideal dairy products with lower fat and will contribute nicely to your balanced diet plan. Also, check 5 simple tips to lose weight fast at home.

This is how you can fit into the healthy and balanced diet plan and pyramid:

A Religious Mealtime: 5 meals a day does not mean, eating randomly for five times in a day. This is a well planned and well-observed way of consuming a balanced diet.

With eating, it is necessary to maintain a time gap between meals for complete digestion. Usually, it is a gap of 3 hours, which is considered ideal. Surprisingly, correct meal times may lead to flattening belly.

Say No to Sleepy Day: Staying active is ideal to maintain well-proportioned body with no visible fat. Of course, inactivity leads to weight gain and eventually leads to a bad mood.

Stay away from processed food: Of course, your body needs the healthy amount of fluid and minerals. Fruits and veggies make a healthy source of this.

But, binging on processed food and unseasonal fruits do not provide these benefits. The only option is to opt for seasonal and fresh fruits and veggies for your balanced diet plan day.

Carbs: Many of us, do not realize this, but, most of the carb content is found in pulses and millets. Cereals are also a rich source of this dietary essential.

Your balanced diet chart which is fulfilling should be a source of complex carbs. These include oats, brown rice, veggies, and fruits.

How to eliminate sugar from the diet?

Everybody talks about removing sugar from the diet but what is the solution? Adding jaggery to your sweetened food items can solve the purpose. Try the jaggery tea this morning and you will feel more refreshed than any other day.

This is because, jaggery is also a good source of energy, but have the same amount of sugar level.

How to eliminate salt from the diet?

Extra salt does not make extra iodine. In fact, an extra pinch of it can raise the blood sugar levels in the body. Salt can put more strain on your kidney, heart, and brain than anything else. Try taking a different route, and twist your taste buds with lower salt.

Balanced Diet Plan for Women:

Despite needing lesser carbs and minerals than men, women need higher amounts of iron. Below is the diet plan for ladies around:
– Skipping breakfast means, skipping energy. For eggitarians, it is ideal to intake 2-3 eggs in the morning. For complete vegans, quinoa and sprouts can be a healthy option.

– Keep yours after morning hours satisfied with nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. This will control the sugar levels.

– Carbs for lunch is acceptable and healthy. Team up your salad pantry with chapati and brown rice. Chicken is also a healthy option to go for.

– After lunch, it is ideal to make time for an evening snack. A handful of nuts or protein granola bars are the fitting options.

– Dinner is something which can make or break your whole day meal plan. While a very heavy meal may lead to blotted stomach and extra fat, a very light meal may make you starve in the night hours.

You would not want to wake up with famished mood and eat on unplanned meals. This calls for a need to plan your dinner wisely. The dinner meal should be a mixture of carbs and proteins. Some fish varieties such as salmon will be a good option.

Also, let your stomach relish on some vibrant veggies. So, you can prepare your meal like, roti, paneer/fish/lean meat along with some veggies.

Before Bed: Eating a full meal does not mean, going to bed empty stomach. Climax your day with warm milk along with some turmeric. If you can go for low-fat milk, it would be best. Also, check how you can cure constipation at home.

Balanced Diet Plan for Men:

– Start your day with protein-rich food. If nothing, 4-5 eggs will do the needful.
– Before lunch, it is ideal to go for fruits or nuts.
– Make your lunch which is full of protein and carbs.
– Dinner makes for sautéed veggies, quinoa, and roti.


A consistent and timely is all you need to keep your body going. You don’t have to give away half of your day on contemplating over a balanced diet plan. Just stick to your diet and time. you should Know 6 main factors to attain good health.

Besides, stretching and exercising is necessary to maintain a required muscle mass. You may alright in your body without taking many measures like these, but you won’t feel the same when you are old and less capable. Save your healthy body for the best old times!

I cover in this article, some healthy and balanced diet tips for men and women.

What diet plan you follow to keep you healthy and fit, please share with me in the comment section below.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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