Butterfly Pose (Titliasana)- A wonderful yogic practice

Nowadays people are starting to understand the importance of yoga. Due to this his inclination towards various activities of Yoga has also increased. Everyone be it child, young or old is opting for yoga to stay healthy, lose weight, increase stamina in the body, have a glowing face, have healthy hair, and maintain fitness. Along with the spread of Indian culture, the importance of yoga is being recognized by foreigners as well.

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If we talk about butterfly posture, then it is a simple asana that is practiced while sitting. Just like a butterfly flaps its wings, the legs are folded above and below the knees to perform this asana. Today we will know through this article what is butterfly posture, how to do butterfly posture and the benefits of this asana.

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Butterfly Pose- Meaning

Butterfly pose is a very good and easy yoga posture for people of all ages. Butterfly posture can benefit you in many ways. The butterfly posture method is quite easy. The biggest feature of Butterfly Pose is that it can be done by people of all ages. The reason behind naming this asana as Titli asana is the position of this asana which is taken while doing it.

During Titli Asana, both your legs look like butterfly wings, hence this yoga is known as Titli Asana. This asana is also known as Badha Konasana, Bound Angle Pose, or Cobbler Pose.

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Butterfly Pose- Method

You can get the benefits of butterfly posture only when you practice this asana in the right way. First, sit on the mat. Bend your knees and try to bring your feet as close to each other as possible. While coming in this posture, keep in mind that during this time the soles of both feet should be connected.

Now keep holding the feet tightly with your hands. Now while taking a long breath, bring your thighs down towards the floor and slowly start moving it like butterfly wings. After some time exhale and come back to normal position. Through the points given below, you can understand the butterfly pose better part of the thighs.

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  • You sit comfortably in a flat place by laying on a yoga mat or mat.
  • Now straighten both your legs in front and keep the waist straight.
  • Bend both your knees and bring both legs towards your pelvic area.
  • Now join the fingers of both your hands together and hold both your feet tightly.
  • After this, bring both your ankles near the genitals.
  • Then press both your thighs down towards the floor.
  • Now slowly raise and lower both your thighs, while doing so your position should be like a butterfly.
  • If you are a beginner, practice butterfly yoga by staying in this position for one to two minutes and gradually increase the practice time.
  • You should keep in mind that while doing this yoga, your spine should be very straight. You should feel the stretch around the inner part of the thighs. In the end, do it slowly while exhaling.
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Butterfly Pose- Benefits

Butterfly posture is a simple posture that can be done while seated. Just as a butterfly flaps its wings, in this posture the legs move up and down towards the knee. That’s why this posture is called butterfly posture. The legs are used more in the butterfly pose. This posture is very beneficial for people working in the office. The muscles of the legs become strong and flexible by the practice of this asana. Let’s know the benefits of the butterfly position-

  • Strong immune system

Due to the changing weather, you have a sore throat, body ache, and fever, etc. You can avoid this problem only when your immune system is strong. In such a situation, doing butterfly posture strengthens your immune system and saves you from the problems caused by the changing seasons.

  • Keep the body flexible

The practice of butterfly posture makes your body flexible. Apart from this, by doing butterfly posture, the muscles are also flexible and strong. If you find it difficult to sit with your legs bent then butterfly posture is perfect for them.

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  • Relieve joint pain

 By doing butterfly posture, the flow of blood in the legs remains fine. This gives you great relief from arthritis and joint pain. If you also want to keep away the pain of joints and arthritis, then do butterfly posture daily.

  • Rest in periods

Women have to face unbearable pain during menstruation problems. You can overcome this problem with butterfly posture. By doing butterfly posture, you get relief from the symptoms of periods.

  • Beneficial in pregnancy

Doing butterfly posture during pregnancy reduces the pain during delivery. Pregnant women can start this asana from the first month. Doing butterfly posture also reduces stress in pregnant women.

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  • Remove tired feet

 By doing butterfly posture, tension or strain in the thigh muscles is reduced. Therefore, if you do butterfly posture after standing or walking for a long time, it relieves fatigue.

  • Make the intestines strong

Along with strengthening the intestines, butterfly posture keeps the problems caused by it away. By doing butterfly posture, problems like constipation are also removed, which helps in bowel movement.

  • Remove mental health problem

Butterfly posture removes mental health problems like anxiety, worry, tension, and depression.

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Butterfly Pose- Cautions

A person gets the benefit of any type of yoga only when he does it regularly and in the right way. Many times we do yoga regularly due to wrong or misleading information and it does not give us the desired benefits. This is the reason why we are telling you about the precautions related to it after butterfly posture.

  • Keep your spine straight during the practice of the butterfly pose.
  • During the asana, keep in mind that you are not putting too much stress on your knees.
  • If you feel more strain in your knees, you can place blankets under your thighs for support.
  • If you have any kind of injury or pain in the knees, then do not do butterfly asana.
  • Do not do butterfly posture if you have sciatica or lower back pain.
  • Do not move your legs too vigorously while doing butterfly posture.
  • Practice butterfly posture slowly.

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Q- What are the preparatory poses for the Butterfly pose?

A- Regular practice of Butterfly Pose involves the muscles and tendons of the lower back and around the waist. No stretching is necessary before performing this pose. You can practice the following asanas as a pre-butterfly pose for perfection keeping in mind the tissues involved:-

  • Tadasana (you can also do this in a supine and prone position to get longitudinal stretch).
  • Padmasana or Ardhapadmasana
  • Setubandhasana for the lower back stretch
  • Janushirshasana to stretch the waist.
  • half-butterfly pose

At the end of article- This asana is a wonderful practice to use to relieve neck tension, extend the spine, and allow the mind-body to enter a relaxed state.

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  • This asana stimulates the abdominal organs, ovaries and prostate gland, bladder, and kidneys.
  • It stimulates the heart and improves general circulation.
  • It stretches the inner thighs, waist, and knees.
  • It helps in relieving mild depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • It soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica.
  • It helps in medical treatment for flat feet, high blood pressure, infertility, and asthma.
  • In this posture, the continuous practice of this posture till late in pregnancy helps in making the birth of the child easier.
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Yoga is a way of life that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Man is a physical, mental, and spiritual being. Yoga helps in promoting the balanced development of all three. Yogic exercises recharge the body with cosmic energy.

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