Cat Cow Pose: Benefits, Steps & Precautions

Cat cow pose is a gentle warm-up yoga pose that stretches your front torso and neck. Cat pose and cow pose are different but they are paired together.

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These are 2 different and simple yoga poses. Cat pose and Cow pose are also known as Marjariasana and Bitilasana. When paired together, it becomes Cat-Cow pose.

It is one of the best yoga pose known to cure back pain and relieve stress from your mind.

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Benefits of Cat Cow Pose

Cat/Cow pose has many health benefits. Let’s know them all in brief. So the benefits of Cat/cow pose are:

  • It makes your spine flexible
  • Strengthens and stimulates your abdominal organs
  • It also relieves your stress
  • Opens up your chest for better respiration
  • Helps in relieving Sciatica
  • Makes your spine, neck, and shoulder flexible
  • Relieves back pain
  • Stimulates adrenal glands
  • Stretches the muscles of your hips, abdomen, and back
  • Cat/cow pose calms you
  • Helps in balancing your body
  • Relieves stress from menstrual cramps

Steps of Cat-Cow Pose

You should do all yoga poses step by step so you can practice them perfectly and effectively. So the steps of Cat/Cow pose are:

  1. Stand on your four limbs i.e. your hands and your knees.
  2. After making a tabletop position, make sure that your shins and knees are hip-width apart.
  3. Spread your fingers so that your weight comes on top of your fingers instead of your wrists.
  4. Now moving into the cow pose: Inhale and drop your belly downwards, and turn your head and look upwards towards.
  5. Then draw your shoulders away from your ears.
  6. Now moving into the cat pose: Exhale and draw your belly to your spine and round your back towards the ceiling. (Exact opposite of Cow pose)
  7. This pose will look like a stretching cat. Now bend your head downwards but don’t force your chin on your chest.
  8. Now inhale when coming to the cow pose, and exhale as you go back to the cat pose.
  9. You can repeat it for 10-20 times.

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Precautions and Contradictions of Cat-Cow Pose

Take these following precautions before and during practicing Cat/Cow pose.

  • If you have a neck injury then keep your neck in line with your torso
  • If your wrists hurt then you can place your forearms on the floor.
  • Pregnant women should only practice Cow pose and should not let their belly drop
  • If your knees hurt, place a blanket under your knees.
  • Do not practice yoga at least 4-6 hours after having a meal.

Preparatory Poses of Cat-Cow Pose

Practice this yoga pose before you practice Cat/Cow Pose.

  • Legs up the wall pose (ViparitaKarani)

So guys, this was all about the Cat/Cow pose. I hope this blog was helpful and informational to you.

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