5 Common things We can’t Live Without!

We, humans, are very much addicted to some things. We use a lot of things on a daily basis which we become addicted to after sometimes.

There are many things that are addicted to men and women. For example, we are living in an era where we all are highly addicted to our mobile phones.

I know we all can relate with this addiction because it became our habit when we wake up the first thing we do in the morning is we wake up we check our phone first. We check every notification. We scroll down Instagram, Facebook or any other social media.

So this was about addiction towards mobile phones. Apart from this, there are several things we are addicted to like our wallet, Perfume,  Charger, Family, Friends, etc.

Our happiness depends upon things which we are surrounded by. So we try to surround our self with things we feel happy with.

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Common things normally we can’t live without:

We will about most common things which normally people can’t live without in normal routine.

1. Smartphone

I know everyone will relate to this. Now mobile phones are a major part of our life. We do many things on the phone. From our office work to normal are dependent on the phone.

causes of insomnia

Internet is a major reason. Through the internet now we can connect with people sitting in different countries. We can easily communicate with people around the world. So all these are the main reason we are addicted to mobile phones.

2. Family and Friends

Our family and friends are the most important people in our life. We need them always when we feel sad or when we feel happy. They are major support. So we need them always in every condition.

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3. Food


Yes, you heard it right. We are highly addicted to some food which we like. Like chocolates, Soft drinks or any other food items. In mood swings, we eat certain things and it becomes our habit and we start to eat it regularly.

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4. Music


Music relaxes our mind. We listen to music on a regular basis. We are sad we listen to music. When we are happy we listen to music. Music is so soothing it calms down our bad mood. In a survey, it is said that people are highly addicted to music.

5. Mobile Games

mobile games

I have seen many people who are highly addicted to mobile games. They can play games anywhere. They can’t live without games. Especially kids and adults are the main people who play games in excess. There are certain games like COC, PUBG, etc which people are highly playing.

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So these are some things without which certain people can’t live without but there are a lot more things like Travelling, books or anything else. What are the things you can’t live without? Do let me know in the comment section.

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