How to do Dhanurasana? – Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Dhanurasana, also called Bow Pose as Dhanu stands for bow and asana stands for the pose, is a yoga pose that stretches your whole body and makes it flexible as well as fit.

Weight Loss

This yoga pose is difficult to do for people who don’t do yoga or whose body is not flexible. Dhanurasana is one of the most important yoga asana. It stretches your whole body and helps in better circulation of blood.

Steps to do Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is a little complicated to do and you need to keep some things like breathing and positioning, in your mind while doing it.

  1. Lie down in prone position; facing your chest downwards and your back upwards.
  2. Now relax your body and exhale deeply.
  3. While you’re exhaling, bend your knees and bring your both heel as close to your hips as possible.
  4. Then raise your chin and bend your head and neck backward. Your chest should still be touching the ground.
  5. Now inhale slowly and pull your legs upwards.
  6. Keep raising your head, neck, chin, chest, thighs, and knees backward and keep only the navel region touching the ground. Balance your body in the navel region.
  7. Stay in this pose from 20 to 30 seconds.
  8. Now, release your body as you exhale, and lay down to take some breath.

Health Benefits of Dhanurasana

There are many benefits of Dhanurasana. The bow pose is known for many health benefits and advantages and they are as follows:

  1. It opens up your chest, abdomen, throat, ankles and groins.
  2. Gives you good posture and toned body.
  3. Stretches the entire body.
  4. It strengthens the lower back, abdominal muscles and back.
  5. Dhanurasana helps people with slip-discs.
  6. Treats people with diabetes by balancing sugar in the blood.
  7. Bow pose is known to cure backpain.
  8. It also helps with weight loss.
  9. Strengthens the shoulders and arms.
  10.  Improves blood circulation and thus it helps in cleansing of the blood.
  11. Reduces stress and anxiety by regulating your adrenal glands.
  12.  Helps with the respiratory system and improves breathing.

Precautions to take during Dhanurasana

  • Don’t try too hard if you’re not comfortable.
  • Avoid doing Bow pose right before going to bed; it might cause problems in sleeping.
  • People with heart problems should not do Dhanurasana.
  • Stop doing it, if you feel too much pain.
  • Do not practice if you have high blood pressure.
  • People with severe backache should not do it without consultation.
  • It should be done on an empty stomach or at least after 3 hours of a meal.


Dhanurasana, Bow Pose is a very effective yoga asana. It might be complicated to do in the beginning but it gets easier with time. It has many health benefits and is considered one of the important Yoga poses. So, practice Dhanurasana and keep yourself healthy and fit.

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