Foods that Increase Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Firstly you should know what is Anxiety and Panic attack? If you don’t know, let me tell you the answer.

Anxiety is a mental health disorder where you think excessively for no reason. You take too much worry and feel shortness of breath. It is a feeling of worry and fear. You take tension of the future.

Now you’ll think, What causes anxiety?

It’s our surrounding which causes anxiety. If you are living in a stressful surrounding, it will surely lead to anxiety.

A panic attack is a sudden feeling of fear and anxiety and it can increase within a minute. It can lead to palpitation in heartbeat, shaking of the body, shortness of breath. People when experience panic attacks feel like they have a heart attack. In this, people feel weak and dizzy.

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It happens when you take tension too much unnecessarily. Frightening or stressful situations lead to a panic attack.

Foods and beverages to be avoided in Anxiety and Panic attack

1. Fruit Juice

You should avoid fruit Juice because it slows down sugar in energy, and slows down how your blood takes energy and without that fiber, you drink Juice that is hyped with sugar. So, you should eat fruit when you are hungry and drink water when you are thirsty.

2. Ketchup

I know most of you all must be in shock. Yes, the ketchup which we use has added sweetener substance added to it which increases the sugar level in blood and increases Anxiety and Panic attacks. So avoid ketchup as much as you can.

3. Coffee

 Coffee that we drink has caffeine in it which is not good for our health. It affects your sleep. And if you don’t sleep properly it can lead to many problems including Anxiety.

4. Energy drink

It makes us dizzy. It has added sweeteners which is very harmful to us. So anytime if we feel thirsty, we should drink water.

5.Processed food


If you always eat processed meat, fried food materials, Pastries, and high-fat dairy products, it can increase anxiety so everyone should avoid it.

6. Alcohol


Many people drink alcohol just to reduce stress and think it is helping them to sleep well. But this feeling is temporary. It makes you dizzy and you may sleep well. But in the long-term, it will harm you in the future and addiction to alcohol is very bad.

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SUGAR is a major problem in increasing Anxiety and attacks

Your body needs a healthy way of consuming sugar through carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, etc. Added sugar in food products is very harmful. So we should eat fruits because they have natural sugar in it, and avoid candies, soft drinks because they have added sugar in it.


So in my opinion, if you are dealing with anxiety and panic attacks you should avoid these beverages and food that I mentioned above. You should eat healthy food items that are good for your health. So, for a good and healthy life, avoid things which you are having just for taste.

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