Garudasana- Balance your inner peace and harmony

The kind of lifestyle we are living these days, it is natural to be stressed. To overcome this stress, you can add yoga, exercise, pranayama, etc. to your daily routine. Today we have brought you such an asana, which benefits your health in many ways. The name of this asana is Garudasana/Eagle Pose. As the name suggests, it is made up of two words Garuda and Asana. Garuda means eagle and poses means posture.

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While doing this asana, the person comes in the posture of the eagle. Garudasana also means asana to eliminate fear, ego, and doubt from the mind. It communicates positivity in your body and mind. With regular practice of this asana, you become stronger and more focused than ever before. Just like an eagle when it hunts.

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Today I will tell you through an article that what the health benefits of doing Garudasana are. Along with this, the method of doing it and the necessary precautions will also be known.

What is Garudasana?

In Garudasana, the word Garuda means eagle which is believed to be the king of birds and asana means shape or posture. By doing this asana, the shape of the body looks like that of Garuda, hence it is called Garudasana. 

It is known as Eagle Pose. Garudasana is considered important among the asanas performed while standing. Its continuous practice helps in making meditation focused and physically-mentally balanced.

Origin- In Hinduism, the Garuda bird is considered the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, which is a symbol of strength, balance, coordination, and harmony. Similarly, through Garuda asana, the person shows his strength, balance, coordination, and harmony.

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Mythology and Science- Garudasana

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a huge mythical bird with a half-human and half bird-like (eagle) body. Garuda is the king of the birds and snake’s rival; serves as a Vaahan (flying vehicle) for the Lord Vishnu. Garudasana is a very good posture of yoga science.

This asana is dedicated to Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is also called the God of Yoga Science. He is the maintainer of the world and a symbol of supreme peace. Garudasana is a standing, balancing pose in which hands and legs are wrapped together to create a super stretch in the body.

It stretches shoulder, glutes, upper back, adductors muscles and strengthens quadriceps, calves, and lower back muscles.

Preparatory Pose- Garudasana

  • Downward-Facing Dog Pose
  • Prasarita Padottasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend)
  • Upavishtkonasana (Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend)
  • Tree Pose
  • Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

How to do it- Garudasana

Steps of Garudasana/Eagle Pose

  • First of all, lay a mat on the ground and stand on it.
  • Now after coming to the position of Tadasana, take deep long breaths.
  • Bring your left leg over the right leg from behind and hang it.
  • Now try to keep the toes of the left foot on the ground.
  • Raise both your hands up and take the right-hand side behind the left hand and now try to join hands. As shown in the picture above.
  • Now stand in this position for about 40 to 50 seconds. Now reverse the steps mentioned above to get out of this posture. Now repeat this process from the other side as well.

While doing this asana, it is important to have control over the body and it is also important to maintain one’s balance. In the beginning, while doing this asana, there may be stress on your calves and pain may start, but even after this, do not shake the balance.

In the beginning, you can also take the support of the wall to do this yoga. It doesn’t matter if your palms are not touching each other. Do only as much as you can do. Don’t put too much emphasis on your ability.

Points to be noted-

  • While doing Garudasana, keep in mind that there should not be any kind of tiredness in the body.
  • This yoga asana can be done in the morning after sunrise and at any time before sunset.
  • It can be done a few hours before a meal or a few hours after a meal. If you do it on an empty stomach, then obesity is reduced quickly.
  • This asana can be practiced for a minimum of 15 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour. But it should be done in 30-30 minute intervals.

Health Benefits- Garudasana

When you practice this asana, you may feel trapped. But when you get used to doing this asana, then your body will feel as if you are flying in the air, just like an eagle. The term ‘flying in the air refers to the flow of energy that occurs after the body is in this state. This flow, or energy, makes you stable and strong as well as gives you the strength to face difficulties. Especially when you are surrounded by difficulties. There are many benefits which are as follows –

  1. Improves concentration– Maintaining the accomplished pose of Garudasana requires stillness. When practitioners begin to hold longer in this asana, gradually it develops a sense of focus. Hence, with Garudasana mind becomes one-pointed thus it improves concentration.
  2. Enhance Flexibility-The twisting hand and legs in this asana simultaneously stretch many parts including the shoulder, upper back, hamstring, calves, hip flexors, adductors, etc. Therefore, makes one spongy enough to twist & turn like this asana.
  3. Strengthens and loosens joint- Twisting aids in loosening and pressure while maintaining the posture strengthens bones due to ossification (bone tissue formation). Hence, strengthens and loosens the joints of the arm, shoulder, and leg.
  4. Activates Mooladhara Chakra- It is located between the perineum and coccyx or the pelvic bone; the regular practice of Garudasana lays physical touch on that area; which results in its activation.
  5. Reduces Stress and Anxiety- The intense twisting in this asana improves the blood circulation to the areas; normally remaining out of reach. It also frees up the tightness from the body that produces a soothing effect on the mind. Hence, relieve stress and anxiety.
  6. Helps in Sciatica-It stretches the lower back and almost all the leg muscles through which the sciatica nerve crosses, and overcome muscle stiffness due to which Sciatica nerve causes pain.

Cautions- Garudasana

Avoid practicing Garudasana if you have the following problems.

  • Do not do Garudasana if you have an ankle, knee, or elbow injury.
  • If you have a complaint of low blood pressure, then do not forget to do Garudasana.

In the beginning, do Garudasana only under the supervision of a yoga trainer.

  • When the balance starts, you can do this asana yourself.
  • Always consult a doctor before starting the practice of Garudasana.


Q-1 What are the spiritual basis of the twisted arms of the Garudasana pose?

A- Garudasana also has some basis on the Garuda… a mythical bird, which has much-related symbolism in itself that might be worth looking into. It is found in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Q-2 Is Garudasana easy?

A- It’s the counter-intuitive threading of arms and legs that makes Eagle Pose a challenging but fun way to practice it and you can strengthen and stretch the legs, shoulders, and upper back in the body

Q-3 What effect does Eagle Pose create in the body?

A- This asana is very helpful in stretching 12 major joints of the body like shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Stimulates: Kidneys, reproductive organs, & lymphatic system.

Q-4 Which Chakra is activated by Garudasana?

A- Eagle Pose lights up the root chakra through the strong connection to the floor, as well as the third eye chakra which we use to help find that focal point.

Q-5 How do you modify Eagle pose?

A- It can be done in the following way.

  • If you have trouble balancing on one leg, rest your backside on a wall.
  • If you can’t hook the lifted foot around the calf, put a block under the foot instead. You can also use that foot as a kind of kickstand by resting your toes on the floor.
  • This pose can be done in a chair.

At the end of this blog- Garudasana is a very important asana of yoga. It stretches the upper part of the waist, thigh, back, and shoulders. The position of the person doing this asana looks like an eagle. This pose is a challenge of balance. When you start doing this asana, you may feel tight in this posture at first, but with practice, you will be able to do this posture easily and then you will find it easy to do this asana.

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After reading this article, it must have become clear that what is Garudasana and how it can work for physical benefits. Apart from this, you have also been told step by step the correct way to do Garudasana. If you are going to do this asana for the first time, then do it only under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Keep doing Yoga

Stay fit

Thank you

Author: Kavita Madan

I love to practice yoga so I enjoy writing yoga blogs. Yoga gives me confidence, fitness, and energy to live happily throughout the day, so I share my knowledge and experiences with you at YogaHolism. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs! Thank you.

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