Hasta Uttanasana: Steps, Benefits, Precautions & Follow-up Poses

Hasta Uttanasana, also commonly known as Raised Arms pose is a standing yoga pose. It is a back-bend and stretches yoga pose.

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Hasta Uttanasana is the 2nd and 11th yoga pose of the sequence of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). It is a beginner’s yoga pose. While practicing it as 2nd pose, you can chant the mantra “Om Ravaye Namah“, and during the 11th pose, you should chant the mantra “Om Arkaya Namah”.

Hasta Uttanasana focuses on your body parts like shoulders, arms, chest, neck and your back. It has around 18 variations.

The name Hasta Uttanasana comes from the language as the word Hasta means Hand, Uttanameans Intense and Asana means Pose.

It is also known by various other names like Raised Hands pose, Sky reaching pose, Hand-raising pose, and Crescent Moon pose.

It is not just a part of Surya Namaskar but it is also a part of Chandra Namaskar, Agni Namaskar, etc.

Benefits of Hasta Uttanasana

Hasta Uttanasana is known to have many benefits. The benefits of Hasta Uttanasanaare:

  • Improves your digestion
  • Stretches you arms, spine, abdomen, and chest area
  • Improves your respiratory functions
  • Hasta Uttanasana also helps with weight loss
  • Stretches and tones your abdomen muscles
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Helps with drooping shoulders
  • Improves blood circulation of the body
  • Energizes the whole body for the whole day
  • Increases your memory
  • Relives the stress
  • Strengthens your arms, legs, and shoulders
  • Tones your arms and thighs

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Weight Loss

Steps of Hasta Uttanasana

To practice Hasta Uttanasana perfectly and efficiently, you should do it step by step. You should also know about the breathing process during doing yoga.


Stand straight and breathe normally. Keep your body erect.


Now raise your hands (to salute the sun) above your head while breathing in deeply.


Now bend your trunk and head a little backward to create a slight curve. Remember, do not bend your knees or elbows.


Step 3 should be done at the same time. Now stretch your arms up and back.


Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Lower your arms while exhaling, to come back to the starting position.

Don’t forget to read the mantras while practicing as a part of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).

Precautions to take while doing Hasta Uttanasana

Take care of these things before and while practicing Hasta Uttanasana.

  • Practice it on empty stomach only.
  • Do not over-push your body while practicing it.
  • If you’ve back injury then don’t practice it.
  • Don’t practice Hasta Uttanasana if you’ve the following problems or conditions: Pain in hip joints or ankles, Sciatica, abdominal hernia, or spine injury.

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So, this is all you need to know about Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arms pose). I hope you guys liked this post.

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