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Today Yoga has its place in the world because the benefits which have been given to mankind by Yoga are priceless. . Many types of disorders are increasing in the human body. Due to this, the problem increases in the human body, and these problems are being prevented by yogasanas in today’s time. Bandhas, mudras have special importance for doing yoga asanas.

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We are going to give you new and interesting information about Bandha. As we understand from its name itself, Bandha means to bind, tighten or stop. If we talk about bandha in yoga, it works by stopping some parts of the body, to flow or accumulate it in other parts. This is not common action. By practicing this kriya, sages, and saints used to control their life and successfully awaken Kundalini.

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What is Bandha? How it works

Bandha means to stop or to stop. During pranayama, a special type of bandha is applied, which is directly related to our health. While doing pranayama, stopping the flow of your breath for a few moments is a sign of bandha. We need special practice to do the bandha. The energy flowing in our body is stopped for a few moments in a particular area by binding and when the bandha is opened, the same energy starts flowing in our body with greater velocity.

It has a direct effect on our bodies. Due to this, it is possible to carry away the dirt accumulated in any area of ​​the body only through bandha. This is the same process by which there is a special improvement in our blood circulation and which plays an important role in improving our health.

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We can understand this with an example in such a way that if there is dirt or garbage in a pipeline, then water is put under pressure to clean that pipeline so that that drain or pipeline opens easily. . Similarly, there is a network of veins in our body and the flow of blood from one place to another is continuous.

Due to our wrong eating habits and due to the pollution spreading in the air, toxins also accumulate in our body which give rise to various problems in our body. With the practice of bandha applied during pranayama, we can easily remove toxins from our bodies. By applying bandha during pranayama and opening the bandha after a few moments, where our body is cleansed by removing toxins from our body, on the other hand, the process of blood circulation of our body also improves.

The old dead particles are washed away. In this way all the organs become strong. By doing bandha our brain, nerves, and nerves get strengthened.

What are the types of Bandha?

If you want to benefit your body through Yogasanas, and want to do Yogasanas regularly, then first of all you have to be proficient in Bandhas. There are four types of Bandhas in Bandhas. The first of which is the fundamental bond. This is the first step at the beginning of yogasanas.

The other three bandhas are Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, and Mahabandha respectively. Regular practice of this bandha cures malaise, leprosy (constipation), piles, cough, asthma, and enlargement of spleen, vaginosis, leprosy, and many incurable diseases.

1. Mula Bandha

2. Uddiyana Bandha (Bandha by pressing the intestines and stomach and sticking them to the back)

3. Jalandhara Bandha (Bandha by placing the chin on the chest)

4. Mahabandha (Practicing all three bandhas simultaneously)

What is Mulabandha?

Mula bandha is the name of the closure of the anus and penis by physical force. That is, when we close the stomata of the anus and penis with the effort of physical power, we pull the Apana Vayu upwards. To make this process easier, the heel of the left or right foot can be pressed against the suture. (Which helps in tying this bandha. This can be done in the beginning.) And then the muscles of the anus and penis.

The action of gradually pulling Apnavayu upwards by compressing inward takes the form of Moolabandha. The shrinkage is eased when pressed with the heel of the right or left foot, and the excess pressure is relieved. This helps in constricting the muscles and pulling the Apana air up, thereby maintaining the stability of the contraction. Moolabandha is used in all asanas in which meditation is focused. The bandhas begin from the root itself, and this is the first step in the yoga asana.

What is the importance of Mulbandha?

Moolabandha is important and useful for Kundalini’s awakening, without this Kundalini cannot be awakened. Moolabandha is used in all the asanas of meditation, or one can say, without the Moolabandha, the postures of meditation cannot be done. Yoni mudra is proved by Moolabandha. The seeker of Moolabandha experiences spiritual bliss from a genuinely healthy body. Moolabandha is the highest of all the bandhas and is very useful for the body.

When is the Mulbandha held?

Moolabandha is very necessary for practicing yogasanas, or we can say that without Moolabandha, yogasanas cannot be done. By the way, the practice of Moolabandha should be continued all the time.

What is the science behind Mulabandha?

Regular practice of Mulbandha controls the physical, mental and spiritual level of the body. It stimulates the nerves of the pelvic region and makes the reproductive and excretory system healthy. Intestinal peristalsis is also stimulated, which cures constipation and piles. It is very beneficial for patients with asthma, bronchitis, and gout.

It also removes nostalgia. Moolabandha is an excellent means of observance of celibacy and treatment of many sexual diseases. Through this practice, the seeker can make the sexual energy as desired, upwards for spiritual growth and downwards to enhance material relations. It helps suppress sexual energy and remove the feeling of sexual frustration.

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What are the benefits of Moolbandha for health?

Many benefits of Moolbandha have been told in yoga for human beings.

1. Constipation as an antidote- By doing this bandha, constipation accumulated inside the body gets destroyed and appetite starts feeling free.

2. Freedom from obesity- By doing Moolabandha, the heaviness of the body ends and lethargy is removed.

3. Benefit in genital diseases- Regular practice of this kriya strengthens the sexual glands of a person and benefits in sexual diseases. Especially this action is considered very beneficial in mental diseases of men and menstrual diseases of women.

4. As anti-hemorrhoids- By the action of Moolbandha Yoga, diseases related to anus and piles are gradually eliminated.

5. Helpful in the development of life- Regular practice of this Kriya keeps the body healthy and increases the lifespan. This bandha destroys old age and prolongs life.

6. Moolabandha is an effective bandha for celibacy. In this bandha, when the movement of semen is upwards, celibacy and semen are protected, and there is no semen disease.

7. Moolbandha is also very beneficial in other diseases like cough, asthma, and enlargement of spleen, vaginal diseases, leprosy, and many other incurable diseases.

8. With more practice of this bandha, the fat on the stomach, obesity is reduced, and the hanging skin gets stretched, due to which the stomach becomes thin.

9. By doing regular practice of Moolabandha, Apanavayu is completely controlled, due to which one gets freedom from diseases of the stomach.

10. Regular and regular practice of this bandha gives benefits in both sex power and erectile power. When the human penis is compressed and the Apana Vayu pulls upwards, then it becomes beneficial for sex power and erectile power.

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What is the correct procedure for doing the Mulbandha?

The first position– Sit in Siddhasana/Siddhayoni posture. Close the eyes and relax the whole body. For a while, remain aware of your spontaneous breathing. Then focus your awareness on the Muladhara-Pinda/Vagina-Cervical region. Pulling the pelvic muscles up and down compresses this area and then loosens it. Keep compressing and loosening the Mulbadhara-Pinda/Vagina-Cervical region as much as possible, rhythmically and uniformly.

The second condition- By gradually compressing this area, maintain the state of contraction. Keep breathing normally, do not stop breathing. Remain fully aware of physical sensations. It compresses this area a little more but keeps other parts of the body in a completely relaxed state. Only the muscles related to the perineum region contract.

In the beginning, the anus and urinary tract are also compressed together. But with increasing awareness and control, their contraction will decrease and in the end, such a situation will come that the practitioner will feel the movement of only one point behind the heel.

Mula bandha

The muscles gradually loosen evenly. Do 10 repetitions with maximum contraction and expansion.

Third position– Take a deep breath and hold the breath inside. Slowly compress the Muladhara-Pinda/Vagina-Cervical region as much as you can without straining. This is the final state of the fundamental. Keep the Mula bandha as long as you can hold your breath comfortably. Slowly open the mulabandha, then exhale. This exercise can also be done with antarkumbhaka. The exercise is very simple.

Alertness- While applying the bandha, the awareness should be focused on the breath and when the bandha is done, the awareness should remain at the place of contraction in the Mooladhara-Pinda/Vagina-Cervus.

At the end of the blog- When Mulabandha is practiced daily, there is a vibration in the spine while the Apana Vayu rises. Which is a sign of the awakening of Kundalini. In the highest practice of Moolabandha, Kundalini awakens and enters the Sushumna Nadi and reaches the Sahasrar Chakra, meeting with Apana Vayu. The ultimate goal of yoga is to awaken the Sahasrara Chakra.

By doing Moolabandha, you also get freedom from abdominal diseases, when you practice Moolabandha, then you do not have to face semen disease. When you do regular practice of Mulabandha, then your life becomes longer. Mulabandha is supreme among all the bandhas and is very useful for our bodies. Hopefully, I can say that while practicing Moolbandha, you feel the blood rushing to your head and all other parts of your body.

Today’s environment has become very stressful, in such a situation, yoga can be the best option to reduce stress in your life. We all should adopt yoga in our life and try to make life happy. 

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