How to be your own best friend?

You always need someone to share your feelings when you feel sad or happy and when you don’t find someone to share you feel bad.

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Friends are a very important part of everyone’s life. Without friends you can’t survive, right?  You share every little thing with your friends but did you ever thought, what happens if you become your own friend? How easy does your life become?

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Just think once you don’t need to seek for someone after happening this. You always have someone to share your thing with. You can talk to yourself anytime and you never feel alone.

What a friend can do?

Before knowing how to be your own friend? let’s discuss what a friend can do in your life?

1. Friends support you

Whenever you feel low or you face a bad time, your friends support you. Friends make you feel happy in your bad time.

2. Encourages you

When you fail in doing something or certain things didn’t go in a way as you thought, in this case, friends always encourage you.

Friends always say “If not this time, next time it will happen”. So you feel happy and encouraged.

3. Bring out best in you

Good friends not only support or encourage you but they also inspire you to be the best version of yourself. A friend always tries to bring out all the best things in you.

4. Makes you happy

Friends make you happy just by being around you. You always have someone to stand by your side.

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So these are the main things a friend can do in your life but what if your friends are not with you?

You feel unhappy or disheartened. So why not be your own friend. Once you become your own friend, you always have someone with yourself. You do not seek a friend.

For example – When I was young I use to see Mr. Bean a lot and at that time I never thought what he is doing? I only laughed but as I grow up now I realize he taught us a lesson that you are enough.

You don’t always need anyone with you. So, your friend makes you feel good, right? You can feel it on your own.

How to be your own friend?

We have discussed, what roles a friend plays in your life and you can also be your own friend. But the question is, how to be your own best friend?

1. Be nice to yourself

Always treat yourself as you treat your friends. Never criticize yourself. Always acknowledge your good things. Try to be nice to yourself for being your best friend.

2. Give support yourself in critical situations 

In any critical situation, how your friends support you? Do exactly the same with yourself. Just imagine your best friend or any loved one, who faced a bad situation which you are facing right now.

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How you helped them in that situation? Just do exactly the same with yourself and you feel better because you get a solution to your problem.

3. Spend time on yourself

Spending time with yourself tells you what you want and what you don’t want in your life? You get to know the things which you never imagined about yourself.

So, spend some time alone every day for knowing yourself better.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t ever bound yourself. There are millions of things you can do which you think you can’t do. Do things which you always wanted to do but never did because you are shy or not confident. It builds up your confidence.

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5. Do things which make you happy

There are several things like traveling, singing or many other things which make you happy. So just do that. Go on a solo trip, dance and laugh. Do whatever makes you happy.

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6. Develop interest that you can enjoy daily

Developing things or daily interest keep you busy. You will ultimately enjoy your own company. This is the easiest way to keep yourself busy and happy.

Follow any of your habits to enjoy your quality time. For example join yoga classes, dancing classes, singing classes, sports club, reading books etc.

7. Compliment yourself

Complimenting yourself gives you positive vibes and you see your brighter side. You feel happy and motivated.

Whenever you achieve anything or completed any though task, always give yourself a compliment, like good, well done!

8. Avoid negative talk

When you sit alone or when you are free you always think about all the negative things which are happening in your life. Never do that. Just think everything happens for a reason and try to look positivity and abundance near and around you.

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9. Write it down

You know writing is the best way to spend a fantastic time with yourself. When you feel low or when you are in need of someone just write it down what you are feeling or what you are going through?

You will feel light and calm. I have done this so I would definitely suggest you to do this. You will feel so relaxed and stress-free.

10. Self-acceptance

You have to accept what you are. You can’t change your body color, body structure and nature, just can change your habits. So when you accept all your faults and flaws you accept yourself completely.

After that, you need not think about what others will think about you, which builds up confidence.

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So guys believe me you don’t need anyone. I know it’s not easy to accept for you but you are not alone. You have the power to control yourself. You have everything within you. Don’t seek for people.

If you accept yourself then people accept you. Life is all about struggle. You have to walk alone. Nobody will always be there with you. So all these things which I mentioned above will definitely help you to be your own friend.

There are books which you can read to learn more about “how to become your own friend?”

1. “How to be your own best friend” by Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz.

2. The best thing about you is you by Anupam Kher.

These two books are really good and you should go through these books. You can find yourself and once you find yourself then there is no need for anyone else in your life.

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You can’t always run around people or people can’t always run around you. Be your own friend and do the things with you which you expect from a good friend. Never forget “You are best of your own”. Try to love yourself.

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Stay blessed and happy, Thank you for reading!!

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