How to do Makarasana or Crocodile pose? – Benefits and Steps

Makarasana or crocodile pose is for relaxation of your body or mind. While practicing Makarasana you look like resting crocodile in the water, that’s why this is called crocodile pose.

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Makarāsana or Crocodile Pose is an asana in hatha yoga. Makarasana name comes from the Sanskrit word “makara” meaning “crocodile” and “āsana” meaning “posture”.

The purpose of crocodile pose is to relieve strain from back and shoulders to relax you completely. There are tons of other health benefits of Makarasana practice but before that let’s discuss Makarasana steps for correct practice.

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Mostly Crocodile pose practiced after daily yoga practice to cool down your body but you can perform it alone also to relax your body and mind. Here I am describing 3 simple steps to perform Makarasana correctly.

Makarasana steps – How to do Makarasana?

Watch How to do Makarasana:

Step 1: Lie straight with your stomach on the ground. While folding both the hands inwards keep them on the opposite shoulders.

Step 2: Rest the forehead on both the hands. There should tie a distance of one foot between the feet.


Step 3: Let loose the body like a dead body. While lying down in this position you should think of a dead body and concentrate within the soul through wise thinking and introspection.

I am a separate life, pure-hearted, cheerful and flawless soul. This body is perishable. This body is mere collection of the five elements. When the time comes it assimilates in the same five elements. This body and all other riches remain here. Neither did we bring anything with us nor will we take anything along.

In this manner deviate your mind from this mortal world and experience the elation of immersing and submitting yourself to the eternal soul present in this limitless universe.

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How much time you should practice Makarasana:

A person should practice Makarasana for 2 to 10 minutes of time. In normal conditions 2-3 minutes are good to start.

Makarasana Benefits-

• Makarasana is for rest. During rest, a person not only feels light physically but also mentally. The person is freed from high blood pressure, mental tension and insomnia.

• The crocodile pose is for deep relaxation for shoulders and spine.

• The intestines of the stomach get natural massage, which activates them, and dyspepsia etc. diseases are cured.

• Since the hands are in passive stretching condition, it affects the sympathetic nerves and helps in the relaxation of the body.

• The heart is not functioning against the gravitational force, therefore it gets rest.

• The endocrine glands are benefited by practicing this asana.

• Makarasana relaxes your body parts like hips, back, shoulders, calf and knees.

• It makes your mind tension free and boost up your mood and fills you up with the positivity.

• In this asana your breaths get relaxed, slow and deeper that makes you calm and healthy.

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Makarasana precautions: Keep few things in mind before practicing the crocodile pose

1. Keep your stomach empty while performing Makarasana pose.

2. You should practice crocodile pose in the morning, if not possible in the morning then practice it in the evening after 3-4 hours of meal/lunch.

3. Make sure your body should be relaxed while performing Makarasana, don’t perform it if you have serious back, neck or knee injuries.

4. You should place a comfortable yoga mat while performing this asana.

Preparatory Poses

Sethu Bandhasana

Follow-Up Poses

Salamba Sarvangasana

The bottom line:

You should start practice of yoga every time with proper warm up and finish it with perfect cool down. Makarasana should be done after daily yoga practice for cool down your body for maximum results.

It is very simple yoga asana and you should practice it daily at home for lots of health benefits. Share with me about your experiences related to Makarasana in the comment box.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and found this post helpful, so don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Practice yoga asanas daily to stay healthy and fit.!

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