How to do Matsyasana? – benefits, steps and precautions?

Matsyasana is very effective Yoga posture full of huge health benefits, with its regular 2-minute practice, you can keep your body healthy and free/away of many diseases.

Weight Loss

In the Matsyasana pose neck and waist are tilted backwards and practiced by creating a fish-shaped pose. The neck is folded back, which has a good effect on the thyroid gland and your mood stays good.

Today in this blog, I am telling you how to do Matsyasana, and what are the Matsyasana benefits?

It is considered the Inverted posture of Sarvangasana, therefore practice Matsyasana after Sarvangasana for more benefits.

Nowadays poor digestion and back pain problems are common, 1 out of 3 persons are suffering from these problems, you can see it around you easily.

Miraculous benefits can be seen by regular practice of matsyasana, let us now know about the benefits of matsyasana.

Matsyasana Benefits by regular practice:

1. Matsyasana is a good exercise for the stomach, it activates the intestines and cures constipation.

2. It makes thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands healthy.

3. It is beneficial in the problem of cervical pain and the extra grown neck bone problem. Practicing Matsyasana with pillow helps in neck pain or spondylosis.

4. It prevents displacement of navel. It cures lung related diseases such as asthma and other respiratory disorders.

5. Tension of the neck can be the cause of headache, Matsyasana practice cures headache.

6. Everyday Matsyasana practice increase sexual power in men and the problem of impotence can be cured.

7. If you do have a problem of Insomnia, then practice of Matsyasana improves your sleep.

8. By doing Matsyasana regularly, the fat of thighs and stomach decreases.

How to do Matsyasana? – Correct Matsyasana steps to follow

First step: Sit down in Padmasana.


Second step: Lie backwards with the help of hands and keep your elbows comfortable.



Third step: Turn your neck comfortably backwards, as much you can. Raise your waist and chest with the help of hands, while the elbows should touch the ground.

Matsyasana pose

Fourth step: Hold the thumbs of both sides with your hands and place your ankles on the ground. Stay in this state for some time and slowly take deep breaths comfortably.

Fifth step: Then with the help of your hands, lower down the waist and chest and keep the head and shoulders on the ground. Straighten your legs and lie straight for some time in the Savasana pose to relax.


It is more beneficial to practice Matsyasana after Sarvangasana, as it is the opposite posture of the Sarvangasana.

Matsyasana precautions for safe practice:

1. Matsyasana should be done comfortably because this posture is related with neck and muscles, which are very sensitive.

2. Practice this yogasana according to your potential, stop doing it immediately after pain.

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3. If you have high or low blood pressure, then you should not do it.

4. Avoid practicing of Matsyasana if you are suffering from chronic injury in the neck or severe pain in the back and waist.

5. This posture should not be done in pregnancy, because pressure comes on your stomach, which can have negative effects.

6. Patients suffering from hernia and migraine should not practice Matsyasana at all.

7. The older and the highly vulnerable and the sick persons should not do this asana too.

Note: If you are facing problem in practicing Matsyasana or you think you are not able to do this asana and still you want to practice Matsyasana for getting its benefits, then consult your doctor.


You should practice Matsyasana every day, this will strengthen your spine and digestion will remain correct. You get good mood and the strong muscles by doing this asana regularly.

I hope you can practice Matsyasana at home now, even if you want to ask me something about this yoga pose, then you can write me in the comment box.

Which one yoga pose do you like most? Be sure to write below in the comment section. Do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

Always keep practice yoga to be happy and fit. Thank you for reading!

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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