How to do Sarvangasana? Benefits, Steps and Precautions!

There are tons of Sarvangasana benefits of practicing it daily just for 2 minutes. In this article, I will explain how to do shoulder stand yoga with correct steps?

Weight Loss

Sarvangasana is easy and you can perform it with little practice, you will get amaze by knowing sarvangasana benefits to your health and mind.

Know Sarvangasana benefits, correct steps to follow and precautions for safe practice.

Sarvangasana benefits by practicing regularly:

1. It activates and rejuvenates the thyroid gland. Therefore, diseases like obesity, weakness, tiredness and insufficient increase in height are taken care of.

2. It strengthens the adrenal glands, testicles and ovaries.

3. It is beneficial for 2-3 stages of asthma also because the shoulders become stable in sarvangasana.

4. Respiration of the abdominal area also takes place. The abdominal muscles are exercised and the diaphragm gets toned due to participation in inhaling and exhaling process.

5. Thyroid gland and pituitary gland are activated resulting in height increase.

6. Sarvangasana is good for your heart health because while practicing this yoga body works against gravitation force and blood flows to the heart without any strain.

7. Treats hypertension, headache and migraine because in Sarvangasana your blood flows from firm chinlock that calm your nerves and headache. It shows positive impact on the person suffering from hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper and nervous breakdown.

8. Treats insomnia (sleeping problem) because in this yoga pose nutrients reached on ENT area with proper blood flow.

9. Practicing Sarvangasana regularly can cure constipation problem permanently and enhance your strength and confidence.

10. Relieves from varicose vein, as it reduces blood pressure from legs and gives relief to the person suffering from varicose vein problem.

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How to do Sarvangasana? – Sarvangasana steps to follow

Step 1: Lie down straight on your back. Keep the feet together, place the hands along the body with the palms touching the ground.


Step 2: Inhale and raise the legs slowly upwards to 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and finely 90 degrees. Take the help of your hands while lifting the legs. If the legs cannot be kept straight at 90 degrees take them ahead to 120 degrees with the hands supporting the back.


The elbows should rest the ground and the toes joined and straight. Keep the eyes closed or gaze fixed on the toes. Starting with about 2 minutes, the duration can be extended slowly up to half an hour.


Step 3: Bend the legs slightly backwards before returning to the normal position. Remove both the hands from the back and place them straight on the ground. Now regain the original position slowly in the reverse order, while keeping the palms pressed on the floor.


Take rest in Savasana for approximately the same time as used for Sarvangasana. The reverse /complimentary of this asana is Matsyasana. Therefore, performing Matsyasana before savasana is more beneficial.


Sarvangasana precautions for safe practice:

Keep these Sarvangasana precautions in mind while practicing it for your safety and best results.

1. You should not perform Sarvangasana if you have high blood pressure.
2. Don’t practice during menstruation period.
3. If you have spine related problems, don’t practice Sarvangasana.
4. Don’t even think about practicing Sarvangasana if you are suffering from glaucoma, acute thyroid problems, chronic neck conditions, shoulder injuries and retina problems.
5. You should also avoid practicing this yoga pose if you faces heart problems, middle ear problem, capillary, weak age, spondylosis, and Slip disc.

Note: If you are not fit but still feel to practice shoulder stand yoga pose then simply ask your doctor and follow their instruction.

The Bottom Line:

Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand Yoga) can provide you wide range of health benefits together with fitness. So, practice Sarvangasana regularly at home by starting time of 2 minute.

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If you face any problem while practicing or after practice this yoga ask me in the comment section. Feel free to ask or share your feeling or experiences about shoulder stand yoga pose.

I hope you found this helpful, so don’t forget to share with your friends.
Keep practice yoga and stay fit and healthy.

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