How to do Savasana? – Benefits and Steps!

Savasana meditation is very simple but effective yoga asana usually done at the end of yoga practice. In this asana practitioner lie flat on back to relax their body, mind and soul.

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Our body stays in a stable position having no movement and looks like dead body that is why this asana called Shavasana or Corpse Pose. Do it for 10 minutes daily to get stress-free brain, calm and relaxed mind and healthy body.

Savasana is the best and easiest yoga asana having tones of health benefits. Let’s find out some of important health benefits of Yoga-Nidra or Shavasana.

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Benefits of Savasana (Corpse Pose):

Savasana is the only asana that can be performed by anyone, anytime and with any mood to get maximum health benefits to mind, body and soul.

Let’s have a list of health benefits by Savasana practice:

1. It is easy and best for mental stress, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease and insomnia. These patients should do Savasana regularly.

2. Weakness of the nervous system, tiredness and negative thinking are cured by practicing of Savasana.

3. The body, mind, brain and soul get complete rest, power, motivation and happiness.

4. The Concentration power is developed with regular practice of Savasana/Shavasana.

5. Practicing Savasana in between other asanas relieves the tiredness of the body in a very short span of time.

6. Savasana practice relaxes your muscles.

7. If you are suffering from neurological problem, asthma, constipation, diabetes, indigestion then Savasana practice is good for you.

8. Yoga Nidra meditation brings you deep state of rest, it helps you in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress.

9. Shavasana is very good for Vata dosha (gastric problems) as body touches with ground and our digestive system stays in relaxed position.

It is important to know how to do Savasana at home properly for maximum benefits. Know it step by step with detailed explanation.

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Steps of Savasana – How to do Savasana meditation?

Step 1: Lie down straight with your back on the ground (on Yoga-Mat). Keep a distance of one foot between the legs and keep both the hands open, pointing upward, at some distance from the thighs.


Step 2: Close the eyes, keep the neck straight and relax the whole body. Slowly take four to five deep breaths. Now, visualize each part of the body through your mind with determination and feeling that each organ is in a relaxed and tension free state.

Step 3: First and foremost with closed eyes, and with determined of mind, look at the thumbs and fingers of the feet, making them totally loose and relaxed. After toes, visualize the ankles experience their relaxation.

Step 4: Now visualize the calf muscles and think that my calf muscles are absolutely healthy, tension free and in a state of complete rest and experience the tranquility whole body is getting by the mere feeling of relaxation.

As we start crying by thinking about sorows, rejoice with the thought of fulfillment or the pulse starts racing with the mere feeling of prowess, in the same manner the body starts experiencing total tranquility with the mere thought of relaxation.

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Step 5: After calf muscles, visualize the knees and experience that they are healthy, tension free and completely relaxed. Within the mind look at the thighs and experience them also to be in a state of total rest.

Step 6: After thighs gradually look at the upper parts of the body viz. waist, stomach and back. Visualizing them with ease, experience a state of total rest, health and freedom from tension.

Step 7: Now with relaxed mind concentrate on the heart and try to listen to the heartbeats. While listening to the symphony of heart and ponder that my heart is absolutely healthy, tension free and at rest; there is no disorder or disease in my heart.

Step 8: Now relaxing the lungs and the heart, visualize the shoulders and experience them to be free of tension and in a state of total bliss. Then, one by one, visualize the arms, elbows, wrists, fingers and even the thumbs of both the hands and experience them to be in a state free from tension, loosened and in total rest.


Step 9: Now visualize your face and think that there is no negative feeling due to any worry, tension or disappointment on my face. There is divine feeling of happiness, bliss, hope and peace on my face. There is unlimited happiness on my face including my eyes, nose and ears.

Till now we have provided complete relaxation to our whole body through divine resolve of our mind. Now we have to relax our mind and make it calm and serene. We have to move beyond the thoughts arising in our mind.

Step 10: For this we have to take shelter of the soul. Think that my soul is the Divine child having the attributes of Eternity, Purity, Intellect, Pristine, Peaceful, Blissful, Enlightenment. I am always complete and immortal. I do not lack any thing, and in fact I am always full of feelings and devotion. I am a part of the Supreme Soul which is Existent, Conscious and Beatitude.

I am the divine son of God. I am free from the bondage of nature, body, senses and mind. My real shelter is my God. Increase or decrease of materialistic prosperity does not make me a pauper, poor, orphan, master or a king. I am always in complete harmony. All the changes which are taking place are the attributes of the world, and not those of my soul.

In this way think about the divinity of the soul and remove negative thinking, because negative thinking makes a person sad, worried, and stressed. Negative thinking makes a person depressed and always immersed in the ocean of grief.

Positive thinking helps a person to always remain happy, balanced, and cheerful even in adverse situations. For this reason, the person should have positive thinking not only at the time of Yoga-Nidra or Shavasana but all the times.

In this way, thinking about the divine soul in a realistic manner, we have given rest to the mind and now we will think about the divine form of God and give total rest to our soul.

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Step 11: Think that your soul has come out of the body and has established itself in the sky, above the body and viewing it as a dead body lying on the ground.

This is the reason that this position is called Savasana. Now devote your conscious soul to The God who is omnipresent in the limitless sky. Imagine that your soul is getting the divine bliss of The God from all sides.

Experience the divine happiness of God’s creation. With complete devotion to the God any solemn pledge taken is always fulfilled. You think of God’s nature and its divinity and concentrating on the wonderful creation of nature think of God’s divinity.

Think that you are in the valley of beautiful flowers, and the whole atmosphere is full of fragrance of different kinds of flowers, which pleases the mind. There is a kind of divinity all around.

Each and every act of God is worth visualization. There is no end to God’s greatness. Along with the flowering plants, there are beautiful fruits on the trees; God has filled each fruit with a different flavor.

A light breeze is flowing from all sides and giving immense happiness. In this beautiful garden the birds are sweetly singing the infinite glory of God’s creation.

One can see God’s lively appearance from each bud, flower and fruit. When we look at the sky it appears that the stars, the Moon and the Sun are like lamps of the huge universe, which is The God’s temple, lighting everything.

In this way, after experiencing the unique bliss of the divinity of God, feel again yourself present in the body. Imagine that you have returned to the body after Yogic Sleep (Yoga-Nidra).

Step 12: The inhalation-exhalation is continuing. Along with the breath the life-giving great energy of life-force entering your body.

Experience yourself to be healthy, happy and cheerful and in the way the body was relaxed with determination in the same way and experience a new strength, disease free, divine consciousness and bliss in the body.

Look at each part of the body from top to the toe and keep feeling and imagining each part to be fully healthy For example, if a person has pain in the knee or backache he should imagine that his pain has been completely relieved.

By God’s grace and practice of Yog Nidra there is no pain in my knees and back, because Yoga cures the root cause of these diseases. The pain is being relieved. Similarly, if there is any heart or stomach ailment, think that it has been cured.

If there is any blockage in the arteries or the cholesterol level is high, think that the diseases have been cured. Resolve that my body is becoming free from all foreign matter, diseases, and deformities and I am getting healthier.

With these thoughts you should experience yourself to be completely healthy both physically and mentally.

Step 13: At last, experience that both the hands are totally healthy and powerful and thus rubbing them, put both the palms on your eyes and then slowly open the eyes.

This is the summarized method of Yoga-Nidra and Savasana. If anybody is unable to sleep, then before going to bed, practice Savasana and relax the body and feel free of tension in the directed method, and thinking of God’s dvvinity, concentrate on respiration.

Savasana Time – How long you should practice Shavasana?

In the daily Yoga practice, this asana should be done after every difficult asana. After the end of practice, this asana should be done for 5 to 10 minutes.

For normal conditions do it for 10 minutes daily in the evening before dinner for stress free mind and disease-free healthy body. Shavasana can be performed alone for 10 minutes to relax your mind from stress and tiredness of body.

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Precautions to take while doing Savasana (Corpse Pose):

Savasana is very safe asana for everyone but keep these things in mind while practicing Savasana for more benefits.

1. Avoid moving your body while performing savasana.

2. Try to stop your thinking or thoughts for 10 min while practicing Savasana, you can take help of guided Savasana video to stop it.

3. Avoid practicing Savasana on soft mattress or practice it on hard surface or Yoga-Mat.

4. Don’t practice it in noisy or disturbing environment.

The bottom line:

Savasana is the amazing yoga asana with tons of health benefits without physical efforts. If you are suffering from mental and physical stress then give it a try for 5-10 min daily.

Yoga Nidra is the best solution to remove your office, school or house life stress just by practicing it daily. Savasana is good for everyone and you can practice it alone at home also.

I hope now you learned how to do Savasana at home? Still facing problems or having quires in mind related to Savasana practice? How do you practice Savasana? Share with me in the comment section.

Hope you enjoy reading so don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Practice yoga asanas daily to stay healthy and happy!

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