How to find “INNER PEACE”?? – 2 minute Lesson

What is Inner peace? Almost everyone wants to know!
So the answer to this question is, it refers to Peace of mind. Being in peace is considered as healthy. It is the opposite of being stressed.

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What creates a lack of Inner peace?

There are several points where we fail to achieve Inner peace. But the 4 main factors are:
1. Anxiety
2. Anger
3. Depression
4. Regret

1. Anxiety – It is a feeling of nervousness or fear of an uncertain thing.

2. Anger – It is actually an emotion. It happens when things didn’t go the way we want. We become aggressive.

3. Depression – It is a mood disorder. Where you feel sad, where you feel low. Where in general, you lose interest in things.

4. Regret-  When we regret any decision we made, we become sad. So basically we to have doubts about our decision.

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So in all these states, we fail to reach inner peace. And not only these but there are many more states. So now the point is,

Where you can find Inner peace?

There are 9 things & if you do them, you will definitely get Inner peace.
1. Just do what makes you happy: Don’t stress over things like what other people will think.

2. Set some limits: Stop checking your social accounts again and again. Don’t wait for someone to reply you.

3. Do things which you find peace in: Like long walks, listen to music, talk to other people, Meditation.

4. Don’t take unnecessary tensions or burdens: Just think  ” *Will this matter in 5 years?* ”

5. Accept and let things go:

Accept the reality if someone did something wrong, but just not let that thing affect you. Live in present.

6. Ask things from people:
Sometimes we ourselves assume things and create Anxiety.
So ask and communicate.

7. Take a vacation to escape for a while:
Read the novel, watch your favorite shows, go on vacation as it really works.

8. Disconnect yourself from work for some time :
Leave work, Phone calls or least your internet activity. And spend this time with your family and friends.

9. Always remember there is always  “Tomorrow”:
Of something is bothering you today. Remember that it will not bother you tomorrow.

Don’t ever lose hope.

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