7 Realistic Techniques to Get Peace in Life

How to get Peace in Life

We all want peace in our life, but most of us don’t know how to get peace in life. So today in this article I will discuss simple 7 realistic techniques to get peace of mind.

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Your unwanted thoughts, unexpected actions and behavior, useless or unnecessary decisions and moderate mood swings are the examples of an unstable mind. Unstable mind for a long time leads you to unstable and peace less life.

Problem is all in your mind, what is that mean? I mean to say that most of your problem arises because of your way of thinking.

So, let’s move to the solution, how to get peace of mind. I am sharing 7 simple and actionable tips to get stable mind or peace in life.

Before star let me tell you a story. Once there was a boy, his teacher gives him a simple task to hold a glass of water for a minute. Boy found it easy but just after the one-minute teacher told him to hold this glass for one hour. The boy got an ache in his arm for holding that glass one-hour. After one-hour teacher asked the boy to hold the glass for one day. The boy got worried and start crying just by thinking the complexion of the task. The teacher told him to put the glass down, instantly boy got a smile on his face.

The teacher asked what you learned with this. The student replied, “We should not hold worries, problems, and stress of anything for a long time, it increases the intensity with time and that may harm us.”

You should not carry your office related worries, financial problems or other problems with you at home, relax with family and you can restart your work tomorrow again with a fresh mind.

How to get Peace in Life

1) Do your difficult task first in the morning
2) Never complain about the things you don’t control
3) Don’t worry about what others are thinking
4) List 3 things you love about the present situation
5) Just Take 2-3 deep breath and don’t think anything else
6) Don’t Overreact
7) Establish a routine

1) Do your difficult task first in the morning

It will not make a difference to choose to do the easy task first, but you are wasting your most effective time in simple or less priority tasks.


Pushing hard tasks back in priority is like holding a glass of water in a strained hand. In starting nothing serious happens, but if you do it for hours or even days, you will soon feel the stress or load of pending tasks. It may lead to anger and unbalance in actions.

Do the most annoying or difficult task first thing in the morning, it may look hard or not possible in beginning but with time you will found increased productivity and peace of mind for the rest of the day.

2) Never complain about the things you don’t control

If you are planning to go for a movie with family and suddenly it raining outside. How will you react?

Some people angry and unhappy, and find someone to complain about the situation they can’t control, “why it is raining today? it always happens to me, I am unlucky and so on…”


Nothing will change by your words and complains because rain is not for (because of) you or me. So, go outside and enjoy the rain if you can. If it is not suitable for you then just go to window watch the rain, listen to music by sitting on a chair, draw something on paper you want, just have a coffee to enjoy the moment and try to relax.

Try to enjoy the moment you can’t control, if you can’t enjoy then at least don’t complain and try to relax.

3) Don’t worry about what others are thinking

Most of us care a lot about what others are thinking. I didn’t dance in DJ parties with friends and family functions because I worry about what will they think about my dance.


But after that, I changed my approach and I dance like no one is watching me and dance how I want to dance and enjoy the moment in my way. And the funny thing was – nobody cared. In fact, people only liked me MORE, because I was having fun.

So, I want to say about this is “don’t worry about what other is thinking about you, the most amazing thing is they are also busy in thinking what others are thinking about them.”

4) List 3 things you love about the present situation

This is the most amazing point you should adopt in your life to be happy and stable in life. Always think about the positive side of the present situation you are in.

Let’s have an example, you are in the bedroom with your husband or wife and you are upset with dinner tonight. So just note down or imagine 3 things you love about your bedroom, list 3 things about your husband, 3 simple things you love about this awesome week, 3 things you love about your painting and etc.

You can also try this technique if you are alone or stuck in a heavy traffic jam. This technique works 100 out of 100 times and dramatically you can transform boredom(Bad mood) into happiness and peace of mind.

5) Just Take a deep breath and don’t think anything else

This technique is very simple but effective to get peace of mind. Just walk to a window, look outside, and then take a single deep breath, focusing only on that breath and nothing else in the whole world.

This makes you relaxed and full of freshness. If you don’t believe that just give it a try where you are right now if you are not able to go to the window. How are you feeling? a little relaxed and fresh right?

6) Don’t Overreact Every time and Everywhere

If you react normal then it’s fine, if you react more than required then it doesn’t look normal and makes your bad presence in front of others.

don't over react

Let’s have an example; you are with the family for dinner at the restaurant and you found something wrong with your favorite dish and you shout loud at the waiter, it would not be the proper reaction to your emotions.

You want more realistic examples where you made mistakes like, your mother touch your hairs and you shout at her, your brother try to wake you up in the morning and you slap him, your wife touches your wallet and your son stole 20 rupees, etc.

Whenever you feel that something wrong is happening or happened to you, take a deep breath and re-think is it that much serious you are going to react as much, you will get your answer how much you need to react. Don’t let your emotions over your actions or behavior.

7) Establish a routine of wake and sleep

It is the most important part of life and also plays an important role in the stability of every individual. I want to cover only 3 things in it to make them fix in daily routine.


Wake and sleep at fix time daily for 7-8 hours, eat 3 meals daily having balanced and controlled amount of nutrition’s and regular a fixed amount of time for exercise daily or weekly if daily not possible.

You should also check 6 main factors to attain good health and who is a completly healthy person.


It’s your life and you want to live your life with peace, fun, and happiness but because of your negative thinking or less knowledge about life, you face a problem on a daily basis.

You just need to follow these 7 simple techniques to stay in peace and live a stable life.  Share these tips with your friends if you enjoy reading how to get peace in life article.

Nothing will change until you don’t take action for what you want to change.

Do you have any ideas “how to get peace of mind” and “how to get a stable mind”? Share everything you want to share with me or want to ask me in the comment section.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

2 Replies to “7 Realistic Techniques to Get Peace in Life”

  1. Hello sir ,
    Your article of peace is very good 😊😊. There are some points about the peace that i want to share with you 😇.

    The Truth ,The reality , The prosperity, The peace you are looking for – you never lost it …Never ! It was always within you, but you have forgotten your true nature . Now let me tell you , what is your true nature.
    “Your true nature is not angry,
    Your true nature is not bitterness,
    Infact your true nature is Sweetness,
    Your true nature is Peace,
    your true nature is love ,
    And true nature is joy and shine😊.”

    The peace within us , we must experience it , and if we searching for peace outside we never find peace within.

    For the world Peace I want say that

    It is not the world🌍 that need peace . It is people👥 , when people in the world are at peace , the world will we at peace .

    Now the few last line that i like to say

    👉Is there something inside you that is favoring peace ???
    Because if there is , then congratulations you are human being 😉.

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