How to Increase SELF-CONTROL?

Do you know what is Self-Control? Maybe YES. If not, then I will tell you what is SELF-CONTROL?

SELF-CONTROL is the ability to have control over yourself for any condition. It is the ability to have control over some emotions, feeling in order to make the right decisions.

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When self-control is used wisely and with common sense, it becomes one of the most important tools for self-improvement and for achieving success.

In what way SELF-CONTROL helps you?

  1. Self-control helps you to control your emotions because sometimes it’s important to have control over certain things.
  2. Self-control increases your self-esteem, inner strength, will power.
  3. It makes you more responsible.

It gives us the ability to control our anger when someone talks to us in a bad way or rude way. If we let other people make us angry easily, that means we have no self-control over us.

Strategies to increase Self-Control

1. Motivation

The more you are dedicated to your goals, the more you will make efforts.

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2. Confidence


It is very important to have confidence within us. If you believe yourself that there is a certain work you can do, you build up confidence within yourself.

3. Do some exercise

To have to control our emotions or feelings to certain situations, we need some exercise or meditation which can calm us down & relax. No matter how busy you are, just take some time for your self and relax.

4. Know yourself


For Self-control, you have to know yourself first, then you will know in what situation you need to control yourself. We are so emotional that sometimes the other person can influence us so easily. So in some situations, you need to have self-control.

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5. Add some lemonade


Yes, you heard it right. Having lemonade can increase your self-control. As many of you must have heard that glucose is fuel for the brain. When it comes to self-control, When we try to control our thoughts, glucose level decreases in our blood. So to increase it, we should drink lemonade.

6. Learn how to manage stress


There are situations when we lose control over ourselves. So we should know how to manage it. How to control our anger. So slowly, we manage to build control over ourselves and it increases our self-control.

7. Forgive yourself

We many times in certain situations whether it’s a failure or its fight, we lose control. We underestimate ourselves. We think we are the reason behind everything and we lose our control. So to maintain self-control you have to forgive yourself and accept things.

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8. Know your weakness

There are many things on which we can’t control like, let’s take an example-  Some people are foodie and they can’t control themselves when they see food. So in such a situation, you have to control your emotions. If you maintain your emotion at that time, then you will start to increase Self-Control.

There is a book named The willpower instinct, you can read it. This book can help you to improve your self-control. So you go through this book.

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