How to keep Yourself Happy and Motivated?

You know it’s very important to keep yourself happy from the inner side. You should always smile not from outside in fact from inside. If you are happy from inside it will automatically be seen by others on your face.

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You know if your environment is positive all the time you will eventually become happy and motivated. What else you need when you have always positivity around. When you have happy people or things around you that make you happy. It is all we needed.

Tips to keep you happy

So there are few tips to follow which can make you happy.

1. Always treat yourself

Don’t wait for others to treat you good. Always treat yourself. Like go on a walk, go on solo trips, go cafes you like, meet people you love.

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2. Always think the positive side of yourself


There always comes many situations where you feel low. You think things aren’t going right. So you start to think negative. So in that situation, you have to push yourself on the positive side.  You have to believe that everything happens for a reason.

So always think positive. It will give you positive thoughts, positive vibes etc.

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3. Always appreciate others

No matter what situation is whether it’s small or big always appreciate others. It will make them happy and you will also feel nice. You should always compliment others if you feel like something is good in others.

4. Know your things

That means to know yourself because no one knows you better than yourself.

Know things what you like what you don’t like. Avoid things which you don’t like. Do things which you like. It will make you happy.

5. Use bright colours

Dull colours make you sad. So one should always use bright colours. It brightens up your day. Colours give us positive vibes. So try bright colours as much as you can.

6. Be around positive people

Try to be around people who make you happy. People with positive vibes are the best. They give you positive energy. So, you will become happy. This is the most important thing in anyone’s life to be happy and to be positive. So surround yourself with people with a positive attitude.

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7. Practice yourself with calm techniques

You can do meditation or yoga to keep you calm and positive.  Yoga is therapy that makes your body calm. That makes you positive. It gives you inner peace.  For the body, these two things are very much important.

8. Avoid bad habits


Avoid things like drinking alcohol and smoking. Smoking is the major reason for many of the diseases. Alcohol is also not good for health. So we should avoid these things.

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9. Eat healthy

People who eat healthily are happiest. Eating healthy makes you happy. You will be disease-free. So you will live a stress-free life and a happy life.

So basically if you are happy you will become motivated. So all these things make you happy and motivated. For a healthy life, you should always be happy from inside.

Life is meant to be lived happy. If you are happy you will create a happy environment. And people around you will become happy. So you will create a positive environment. So keep smiling and keep spreading happiness around you.

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