How to Know, are You Sleeping Well or Not?

If you want to wake up refresh and energetic you have to sleep well for that. How much time you are sleeping is very much important.

Weight Loss

It will affect you if you are not getting enough sleep. It will cause many problems if you will not sleep well.

So how to know if you are sleeping well not, we will discuss other things too. So, let’s get into it.

Signs you need to improve your sleep

  1. If it takes more than 25 minutes to fall asleep as you get into bed.
  2. If you are taking pills for Insomnia.
  3. If you wakeup at night more than once.
  4. If you are awake more than 20 minutes when you wake up at night.

So if you are doing all these things mentioned above then you are not getting an accurate amount of sleep you really need.

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So now, can you imagine a proper amount of sleep can do wonder with you? You will happy and energetic if you get enough sleep.

Problems by not getting enough sleep

Now we will discuss what happens when we do not get enough sleep.

1. You get sick easily


After many research, it is proved that you will get sick easily if you don’t get enough sleep. It will lower down your immune system. So it will affect your body physically and mentally.

2. Heart problems

If you sleep less than 5 hours and if you sleep for more than 9 hours in both cases your heart will suffer. There is more chances of occurring of chronic diseases.

3. You start to forget things


From a research it has been proved that if you can’t get enough sleep it will affect your memory power, learning power. You will forget stuff easily. You will not learn things quickly.

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4. You gain weight


According to research, those who sleep less than 5 hours are likely to have an obesity problem but those who are sleeping at least for 7 hours are more fit.

5. Diabetes problems

People of any age nowadays are facing this problem. One more reason for this disease is a sleeping problem.

Ways to improve sleep quality

1. Work as much as you can do

If you will work properly whatever you do all day it will make you tired then you can sleep very nicely.

2. Avoid electronic gadgets


Leave electronic gadgets like mobile phone, laptop before 30 minutes you get into bed. That blue dim light cause problem in sleeping.

3. Reduce daytime nap

Many people sleep during daytime for like 2 hours even for 3 hours. So this is the problem if you will sleep this much at daytime how will you sleep at night. So avoid daytime nap.

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4. Fix your time of sleep

It’s very important to sleep and wake up at a consistent time. It really helps people in maintaining their routine of sleep.

5. Don’t eat late


It is proved that if you eat your dinner 4 hours before you get into your bed it is good. So high-carb riched food can helps you in better sleep. Always eat on time. You should not eat late.

So sleeping is very much important for everyone’s life. If you want to live healthy then you have to sleep well. If you want to look good you need a good amount of sleep.


We should not ever compromise with our sleep.

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