How to live Happy and Stress-free?

What does it mean by to be happy? So, the answer to this question is you are happy when you are stress-free. When you happy from inside. When you smile from inside. The glow that comes from inside of yourself is happiness. It is the definition of being happy.

When you are sad things around you seems negative in every way. You will more likely to feel negative which can affect your body and mind. So to be happy is very much important in life.

Why people are not happy these days?

1. Comparison with others

Now, these days people are more competitive towards everything. If he or she can do this why not me? If he or she can do this why not me? This is the main reason people are not satisfied these days. So always if you compare yourself with others, it will put you down. Maybe if you will focus on your strength it will lead to success. So comparing is very bad.

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2. Less gratitude

When we wake up every day we always start thinking about things which are not with us rather we should always be thankful to everyone in our life. The things we have. People we have around. Friends and family we have. Many people crave these things. So we should always feel thankful for everything which we have.

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3. People are always in the past or future

Our mind daily thinks of 1000 thoughts but research has said that it is mostly about past or future i.e people are always in stress over things which have already passed away or things which are going to happen in future. They always stress over past and future and don’t live their present life as they should live. They ruin their present life because of their past and future. So everyone should live in the present and should enjoy it fullest.

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4. People live in their comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone where we feel secure and happy but there are dreams or things which we all want to do but because of that comfort zone, we don’t do many things. So somewhere or someday you have to come out of your comfort zone. You will definitely feel that there is life beyond your comfort zone. You will feel happy and you will know your potential.

So these are the reasons because of which people are not happy these days. So if you want to be happy you have to avoid these things.

How to be happy?

1. Always make a positive mindset

Always keep yourself positive in every situation. I know this is quite hard but if you will try you can achieve that. So if you are positive with inside, it will be seen on your face. If things are not going in a certain way you thought of, maybe it is meant to happen like this.

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2. Good company


Be around people who make you happy when you feel low and when you feel sad. They will give you the strength to cope up with the situation when you are not feeling happy. The company really matters a lot in every situation. So be around positive and happy people. Choose your friends carefully.

3. Always communicate calmly

When we talk with other people nicely they will respond to us in that way too and that means a lot. If you give respect people will give you respect too. What else you need if people around you are behaving well to you it matters a lot. This makes us happy and positive.

4. Pay attention to what is good

Focus on good things

Always pay attention to things which are happening well in your life. Try to cut negative things from your life. Pay focus on good things happening in your life. So that you will find peace and happiness.

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That’s all for today. Happiness really matters a lot in everyone’s life. So, try to pick up things in your life which makes you happy. Avoid things which leads you to negative thoughts. Life is meant to live happy so live it that way.

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