How to overcome laziness? – Causes and Effects!

Laziness is the unwillingness to do things. It is the feeling where people feel lethargic and do not feel like doing things. They keep delaying them because of laziness.

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Laziness is known as one of the symptoms of health problems like depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and can cause serious health problems if you do not overcome it.

What are the laziness causes?

Laziness is considered one of the worst habits one can have. People call lazy people words like Couch potato and Slacker. There are several reasons of laziness. The causes of laziness are as follows:


Some people are not responsible enough to do their work efficiently; they keep delaying their work tomorrow. Your irresponsibility makes you a lazy person.


Depression is a mental health problem. People do not understand the depth of depression. Depression makes people lose their self-worth & makes people lazy. But this laziness is different than being lazy because you’re not willing to do it; depression makes people lazy by making them lose their self-confidence.


Stop procrastinating and start doing things. Laziness is often caused by procrastination. People procrastinate the things they don’t like or don’t want to do. So, stop procrastinating and get out of bed & do things.


Exhaustion is one of the biggest factors that cause laziness. If a person is exhausted, they tend to ignore other things they need to do out of laziness.

Lack of decisiveness

Lack of decisiveness makes people want to delay their work. When people are not able to make decisions, they prefer to delay it and it makes them lazy and unwilling to do their work.

Lack of motivation

Most people tend to not do things and become lazy because of their lack of motivation. Lack of motivation can make anyone lazy and lethargic.

What are the effects of being lazy in our daily life?

Laziness impacts a person’s life too much in the long run. In the beginning, laziness does not affect our life much but continue being lazy can cause health problems to a person. Laziness not only affects our physical health, but it can also make you mentally unhealthy.

Laziness is considered a person’s biggest enemy for a reason. Nobody likes a person who is lazy and does not do their work on time, be it your workplace or your family.

Lazy people do not get up from their bed and remain in one place for a long time which creates problems in their blood circulation and it leads to health issues like feeling lethargic and having no energy at all. The more active you are, the healthier you are.

How to stop being lazy?

There are many ways through which a person can stop being lazy and then do their things on time. The ways to stop being lazy and motivate yourself are:

A healthy diet and proper nutrition

Food that you eat impacts your life a lot. Too much junk food can make you sick and is unhealthy for you while eating healthy foods and green vegetables make you healthy and energetic. So, take a proper diet and save yourself from being unenergetic & lazy.

Do things that motivate you

Doing things that you like or motivate you is really good to overcome laziness. If a person is passionate about something then he/she will definitely get out of bed and do the things they love. It is a great way to overcome laziness.

Get organized

Keeping your things and life organized helps you with overcoming laziness. Suppose your room is messy, your cupboard is messy, and then you will also feel like not doing anything and just lay in the mess; as lazy people tend to become lazier. Your surrounding makes a lot of impact on your behavior. But if you keep your room clean then you will also want to do things and feel motivated.

Make a routine and stick to it

Make a routine for yourself and do your best to stick to it. Fix your alarm, go to classes/work on time, clean your room, and eat healthily and sleep and wake up on time. Sticking to a routine helps people overcome laziness. If you want then you can also give yourself a reward at the end of completing your tasks. This helps to complete your tasks on time and push you out of your comfort zone.

Do some yoga and meditation

There are many yoga asanas which makes you overcome laziness. Yoga asanas like Balasana and Tadasana are few of the asanas that help you with overcoming laziness. There are so many videos and blogs available online for you to practice Yoga. So go and do some Yoga to eliminate laziness.

Divide your work one at a time

Laziness also comes when people think there is so much to do. So, divide your tasks and complete your work one-by-one. This makes you do it faster and also effectively and it also helps you overcome laziness.


Laziness is not a disease but it can lead to serious health issues in people. Overcoming from laziness is easy if you are actually willing to do it. Above mentioned things can help you from overcoming laziness. Laziness also makes our brain less active as lazy people’s brain does not function properly. You might have seen a lazy person forgetting things but you will never find an active person forgetting easily. So, stop being lazy and try the above tips if you are lazy or feel lazy.

Hope this blog was helpful to you. Do you also feel lazy at times? If yes then what do you to overcome it? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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