How to quit Smoking and Drinking?

We all know addiction for anything is a disease. To get rid of any addiction is not easy . Especially when it comes to “SMOKING and “DRINKING”.

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There are thousands of people dying daily because of the many diseases happening because of alcohol and cigarettes.

The age group of 19 to 25 is people who are highly addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. So, we will discuss today how to detach your body from these addictions if you are addicted.

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Why it is hard to quit?


As I earlier mentioned that addiction can’t be kicked off easily.

Cigarette contains nicotine about 12 mg per cigarette, which is highly addictive. It creates craving in people. So that they will crave for it regularly. It releases stress but only for a while.

Smoking and alcohol can also be a way of coping with depression, anxiety, tension. So it becomes addiction easily to people.

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How smoking and alcohol is affecting our life?

  • Cigarettes contain many types of chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide, DDT, etc which makes us addictive. It affects our heart, lungs, etc.
  • Smoking reduces bone density in the female.
  • There is a risk of infertility.
  • If you take heavy alcohol it will lead to a high blood pressure problem.
  • Excessive drinking can also cause accidental injuries.

How to quit smoking?

Quitting is not an easy process, it’s a journey which you have to follow daily.

  1. Skip 1 day- Like if you smoke on a daily basis try to skip it for 1 day in beginning because you can’t quit it in just 1 day.
  2. Use NRTs- NRT is a medicine which controls our craving for nicotine. Only 6% of people can quit smoking through this process.
  3. Try alternative therapies-  Many people try alternative option for quitting smoke. They use chewing gums or other things when they crave for a smoke.

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How to quit alcohol?

1. Avoid temptation- Always avoid temptation. Avoid the situation where there is alcohol all around.

2. Avoid alcoholic company- Avoid people who regularly drink because of company matters a lot.

So try to avoid as much as you can the company of people like this.

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3. Set your drinking limit- Always try to limit your time of drinking. Reduce it with time. If you drink like for an example 4 times a day then try to make it less.

4. Skip one day- As like Smoking set one free day when you can avoid drinking or twice a week. It will help you to get rid off drinking habit slowly but it will surely help you.

5. Give time to yourself- Take a walk, play games, talk to people. Do whatever keeps you busy. It will help you to get rid of these habits.

6. Avoid peer pressure-  People around us affects us so much. We always do things in peer pressure. Just to be in a group or to maintain it, always avoid doing things in pressure.

Benefits of quitting alcohol and smoking.

  1. It will improve mental health- As we know drinking alcohol, and smoking relief stress but it relief our stress and depression just for a while. So somehow we became dependent on these things. So when we avoid or quit smoking and alcohol it improves our mental health.
  2. You’ll look younger- Alcohol tends to look you older. When you take alcohol or smoke it will make you look older. So if you avoid these things you will look young.
  3. You can lose weight easily- Alcohol is rich in calories. So when we drink alcohol we become fat and fat is the reason for many diseases so avoiding alcohol can lead us to a healthier life.

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So these are some habits which if you will follow then you will get rid off these habits which are affecting our health. Our health is our responsibility not only for us but for the people around us our family, our friends.

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