How to relieve sciatic nerve pain fast? | Causes, Diet and Tips

How to relieve sciatic nerve pain? comes first in the mind when, you may not feel your spine supportive, which may even get worse if you do not pay timely attention to it.

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In general terms, we refer this a suffering from sharp lower back pain, called as Sciatica. In detail, this pain can be explained as a tingling or numbness in the lower portion of the leg and toes.

Sciatica can be explained as the pain in the nerve called the sciatic nerve. In biological language, the sciatic nerve is the longest, which makes its way from lower back spine towards buttocks. It continues till the legs and then feet, which is responsible for making a connection between leg skin and the nervous system.

In this article, I will discuss the most important question which is how to relieve sciatic nerve pain fast?

The right functionality of sciatic nerve includes providing sensation to the sole, lower foot and upper skin of the leg. A general reason for Sciatica is entwining of spinal nerve which causes sharp pain. Sciatica is more like a cardinal medical condition which may show up in, the symptoms such as spinal stenosis, disc related problems etc.

Some of the apparent symptoms of Sciatica are:

Sciatica symptoms

– Non-stop pain on the single side of the buttocks, because that’s where sciatic nerve move from.
– Pain in the leg which is indicated by a fading sharp pain or burning sensation.
– An interruption in the smoother movements of the leg.
– Mostly, this tingling pain feels in one foot and toes.

Some of the key causes of Sciatica are:

Degeneration of Disc:

Degeneration of Disc

With aging, disc degeneration is inevitable and completely natural. However, some people may suffer more from lower back irritation than others. This may be caused by the higher amount of motion in the spinal cord level.

The degenerative disc becomes prompt when inflammatory proteins start irritating the nerves. Keeping a check in the below causes may help you in relieving sciatic nerve pain fast:

Lumbar Herniated Disc:

Lumbar Herniated Disc

This is one of the most common and known causes of Sciatica. Basically, a herniated disc is caused by rupture of inner material of the disc. Some other causes are suppressed nerve, slipped disc etc.

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis:

Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

Mostly, this occurs from some other severe causes such as fracture, the collapse of disc space, which eventually leads to nerve compression.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis:

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Most of the time, this is caused by the pinching of the spinal canal. This is also a common outcome of the aging process, but demands care. The condition is caused by enlargement of some softer tissues. Also, this puts immense pressure on nerve root ends.

Sacroiliac Dysfunction:

Sacroiliac Dysfunction

Some irritation which is caused by sacroiliac joints can also lead to dysfunctions in L5 nerves. This causes the same amount of joint pain which feels in sciatica.

Recommended Diet for Sciatic Nerve Pain:

What we eat plays a huge role in releasing away from the pain in our body. You can relieve sciatic nerve pain at home with right diet choice.

Just like, you don’t eat spicy food, if suffering from any fungal infection, because that may ignite the itchiness, it is advisable to keep a check on a diet if you are suffering from sciatica. An anti-inflammatory diet, more calcium, and magnesium will serve as a great help in these conditions.

Below are the foods which you should consume to keep your pains at bay:

Food With More Fiber: Eatables that are a rich source of fiber can do wonders such as brown rice, oats, broccoli, black beans, dates, apples, peas, and pomegranates.

Eat nuts

More Omega 3 Fatty Acid Sources: Food such as apples, apricots, meat, fish, flaxseeds are a rich source of this important nutrient.

Vitamin C: Fruits such as oranges, tomato, grapefruit, sweet potato, broccoli, and cherries provide an ample of vitamin C.

Vitamin K: Foods such as spinach, and cereals are important to get a huge amount of vitamin K.

Vitamin B6: Some foods are not considered important in daily diet but can be a rich source of nutrients such as Vitamin B6. These foods are soybean, poultry, tomato juice, sunflower seeds and even wheat bran.

Vitamin B12: Foods like crab, tuna, beef, mozzarella cheese, eggs, and liver are not just healthy for your taste buds, but also for your vitamin B12 supply in your diet.

Potassium: Banana is probably the cheapest and round the year available fruit. Fortunately, this common food is a rich source of potassium. Some other helpful foods are potatoes, beans, apricots, dark green veggies.

Daily Exercise Routine for Sciatica:

Taking a dip in heat will serve as a great pain reliever while conducting sciatica exercises. Taking the benefit of heat therapy, not only relieves your sensory receptors, but also provide a good stretch to softer tissues.

Some helpful Yoga exercise to relieve sciatic nerve pain:

The Knee Fold: Lie straight on your back and bring one knee towards your chest. Be aware to keep your shoulders on the ground.

Yogic Exercise -The Knee Fold

One Knee Twirl: Keep your leg stretched and straight while giving a nice bend to your knee. Here, the knee bent should be within 90 degrees angle. Turn your face and arms in the opposite direction of the knee.

One Knee Twist Yogic Exercise

Double Knee Twirl: Lie on the floor while making a “T” from your arms. Bring a twist in this posture by turning your both knees towards one side. Be in this position for a minute and switch sides after that.

Yogic Exercise - Double Knee Twirl

Child Posture: This is my personal favorite one, as it looks more like a child tantrum! Also, this is the easiest amidst all. Sit on your folded legs first and then bent down with your hands. Keep your hands on the floor. You can sit for as long as you want, but take care of your legs!

Child Pose

Daily habits which can keep your back healthy are:

– Drink lukewarm water is helpful.
– Sleep on the flat mattress with a comfortable pillow.
– Follow an active lifestyle throughout the day.
– Sit, stand, walk and sleep with correct body posture.

avoid processed foods

– Heat some garlic cloves in sesame oil and massage it on your back. This is great to deal with the stiffness.
– Foods which may cause constipation should be taken at a very moderate rate. These foods include meat, eggs, and chicken. know all about Permanent Solution for Constipation naturally.
– Lower your alcohol consumption as it may put stress on the nerves.

– Practice meditation for stress busting.
– Follow exercises which keep your hip and back muscles strong.
– Maintain your weight according to height and age. know about 5 tips to lose weight fast at home.


None of the physical problem accords within one day, it is all because of your daily habits you follow. You should follow these 6 factors to stay healthy forever.

Sciatic nerve pain may even occur when you introduce a big change in your routine. This includes becoming more active on the arrival of summers, increasing more of outdoor activities etc.

Following the required healthy regime will keep you going in the game. The right food and daily exercise are fruitful additives to relieve sciatic nerve pain at home.

I covered in this article about diet, exercise and daily habits to follow for relieving sciatic nerve pain.

What do you do to get relieved from Sciatica Pain? Share with me in the comment box.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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