How to Stay Smart?

In this era of competition, you already know how hard it is to keep up with everyone. Everyone is so career-driven, goal-oriented nowadays. So, some people find it very difficult to keep up with others and the competition.

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You might read news articles like “10 years old got a job in google”, “A tea seller makes 1 lakh a month”  etc, etc. But have you ever thought about how is it possible? Of course!! You know it’s only because of smartness.

It might be the smartness of intelligence, the smartness of having a business mind, or the capability of learning easily and many other. But smartness doesn’t come exactly naturally, you’ve to learn things, you’ve to have curiosity, you need to be focused. Without having that dedication and curiosity to learn new things, you cannot become a smart person.

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Now the question arises, how to stay smart? It’s actually really easy if you actually are eager to learn new things. So let’s know all the steps to become smart and stay smart.

How to stay smart?

1. Start learning

Start learning new things, be it a new language, some kind of course, dance classes, sewing or cooking classes, join an online course, etc. Whatever it is, just learn new things and never stop learning.


There is no age limitation or anything that stops you from learning new things. Learning new things open the gates to smartness. The more you’ll learn things, the more you’ll get knowledge.

2. Read books and watch movies

Reading books and watching movies is not something just entertainment but it also increases your knowledge. When you read books, you learn new words which improve your vocabulary and increases knowledge.


Watching movies does the same with our brain. While watching movies, notice the things like how it happened, why it happened, why the character did that, and many other things. This way you’ll increase your thinking capacity and you’ll start understanding better.

3. Use apps

You can use apps like InShorts & India Briefs for news content, Unacademy app for educational purpose, and gaming apps like QuizUp, Vocabulary Builder for increasing your knowledge of millions of things, and many other apps for General knowledge.

Such apps are usually free of cost and available at Playstore and App Store easily. So instead of wasting your time on social media, use apps to increase your knowledge and stay smart.

4. Talk to people

We talk so much with the people around us. We exchange our ideas, opinions, and thoughts. By doing this, we also get information from people, the knowledge they have, get to know their opinions and that’s how we become smarter.

When we talk to people, we get to know so many things like the information we didn’t know before, their life experiences with things and many other things. So that makes us know more about things and life and makes us smarter.

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5. Increase your curiosity

In order to become smart, you need to have curiosity. Without curiosity, you won’t be able to become smart or bring any change in your smartness.

Whenever you’ve any doubt, ask it from people or find it on the internet. Don’t kill your doubts, get your doubts clear. You’ll not only find the answer but you’ll know about so many new things and information this way.

6. Visit places

Nothing will give you more knowledge than going to the places and learning about them and things on your own. Visit places like museums, historical places, and learn about things on your own.

You tend to remember things better which you experience, rather than just read or listen to. So go to places and learn about new things and places.

7. Practice yoga and meditation

Now, this may sound not so useful but doing yoga and meditation increases your memory and relieves you from any stress and anxiety too. You can follow blogs on YogaHolism and start practicing yoga daily.

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Doing yoga is not only beneficial to our body but it also makes our mind work faster and more efficient. Practicing yoga gives us mental peace and we do things more easily and smartly. So yes, yoga makes us smart in a way.

8. Be in a good company

The kind of people you hangout with and live you impact your life undoubtedly. So, if you’re with people who only procrastinate and are lazy, then you need to change your company. Never forget “Your friends are a reflection of you”, so choose your friends wisely.


Be with smart and educated people from whom you can learn things, get motivated and always focused. You become the people you be with.

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9. Use the internet for good

We use the internet for almost half of our day, so use it for good. Use the internet to read about things, get information, etc. You can use forums and join online communities like Quora and Reddit to share and read useful blogs and answers.

There are millions of website you can get information on and read useful things. There are ebooks available, videos and so many more things.

Being smart is not something you’re born with, you’ve to earn it. You should do all of the things mentioned above and then see the difference in you.

Bringing a change in yourself takes time, so take time and learn as much as you can. You’ll see a huge difference in your life after following these ways. Your lifestyle also gets changed when you’re smart. People start seeing you differently and appreciate you.

Stop being lazy and procrastinating about everything. Only you can bring a change within yourself. So, hangout with people who are good for you, learn new things, go visit places, read news and general-knowledge based things. Give your best and see the change in yourself.

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