How to stop OVER THINKING?

Did you ever think of this word? If your answer is no let me tell you about this.

OVER THINKING is a thought process where you think again and again. You think on different topic again and again. Thinking too much over something is basically overthinking.

Weight Loss

Don’t you think this is a kind of addiction?

  • When I eat too much I say I eat too much.
  • When I drink too much I say I over drink.

Then when we over think do we ever think that we are over thinking? NO, we never think this.

We never consider overthinking as a problem.

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When someone says overthinking is a problem we only consider negative thought as a problem. But Over thinking in positive thoughts are a problem too because Over anything is bad.

When you use your brain too much it can get clogged.

Overthinking Disorder is a mental health condition where the individual cannot stop obsessing and worrying over things. You might be overly concerned with what you said or did to somebody. 

Signs that you are over thinking

1. Irregular Sleep

When you try to sleep but you fail. When thoughts keep flooding in your head, you can’t sleep. The thoughts will paralyze your mind. You can’t get over that.

2. Fear in mind

When you constantly fear about things, like What is going to happen in the future?  and, you fear about the future.

3. Over analyzing things around you

When you think too much about everything that is happening around you. You think about almost everything and take stress unnecessarily.

4. Fear of losing or failure

Overthinkers try to find perfection in everything. So they can’t accept failure many times. They can’t accept the truth that they are failed.

5. Headaches

When you have frequent headaches that show you are thinking over something you should stop. You should take rest. Your mind needs some rest.

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“We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.”~ Anthony Hopkins

Simple ways to stop yourself from Overthinking

1. Awareness Over topic you stress

When you doubt over anything and when there is anxiety? Just go back to the situation and think about what changes you need.

2. Don’t stress over results

Don’t ever think too much that what will happen if you do this or if you do that. What is right and what is wrong?  Just do things which you feel comfortable in. You feel happy about.

3. Move yourself into happiness

When you are in stress just do things which makes you happy. Which gives you calm. You can do Meditation or exercise to keep you calm.

4. Stop chasing for perfection

Searching for perfection is not good because everything can’t happen in a way you want. We have to accept nothing is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own perspective so things happen accordingly.

5. Just think you are best

When you ground yourself with words like you aren’t perfect. You are less, You aren’t hard working this demotivates you. So always think you are the best. This will give you motivation. You will feel happy.

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6. Be grateful for everything

We always stress over things like others have this but we don’t have. This is so bullshit. So always be grateful for what you have.

Overthinking is very common. It can happen with anyone and it happens with everyone. It’s only you who can deal with it. And take it off. You have so many things like YOGA, MEDITATION, EXERCISE, etc. You can be happy and stop overthinking.

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