3 simple steps to follow for waking up early in the morning today!

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise – Benjamin Franklin”.
There are a lot of blogs, videos and books are available on the internet that teaches you how to wake up early in the morning, but today I am sharing practical 3 step solution that will help you to understand your problem and will provide you an exact action plan for waking up early.

You are not alone in this race, many people expect to wake up early in the morning but they could not do this because of many reasons. Keep reading to know the solutions.

Do you know how to wake up early? It is your fight with laziness and week willpower, you have to win over it if you want to wake up, let’s find out how you can do this to grab amazing benefits of waking up early.

How to wake up early in the morning? – 3 steps to follow

The habit of waking up early makes you happy, healthy, successful and full of energy. Let’s move forward and learn how to wake up early in the morning?

Here is 3 step action plan for you to get up early in the morning easily.

1. Find out the problems, why you are not able to wake up early?

Finding the problem is the start of solving the problem. First of all, I will explain the possible causes behind not to get up early in the morning when you choose your cause from it.

List of the reasons that may not let you wake up early:
• Lack of excitement in life
• The habit of late sleeping
• Insufficient Sleep
• No fixed schedule of asleep and awakening
• Lack of willpower
• Laziness
• Inactive lifestyle
• No exercise at all
• Problems in the sleeping environment (Room temperature, lighting in the room, the surface of sleeping and etc.)
• Bad eating habits
• Work till late night

Here I listed some of the reasons responsible for the late wake up. I am going to explain now, how you can overcome these causes? So, you can also wake up early in the morning from today.

Let’s move on to the most important point, the action plan.

2. Effective action plan for wake up early, that works for almost everyone:

I am going to make this action plan very simple and effective with the help of answers to common questions raised in your mind that makes your waking up early process harder.

Q:1 What should I do to wake up early?

Make a goal in life and fix wake up and sleeping time:

The goal is very important in life to keep you moving, but the purpose of a goal is also very important. So, think twice about why do you want to wake up early? and what is the reason behind it?

Without a goal in life you won’t be able to wake up early, the goal may be just to be happy and healthy also.

Make a goal of life to have excitement and energy in life and fix your wake-up time according to your office, school or daily need. It may be 4 AM, 5 AM and 6 AM, but I suggest you wake up before sunrise (5:30 AM to 6 AM almost).

Make a wake-up and asleep routine according to your needs. You shouldn’t forget about your work, exercise, time with family, breakfast and foods, social life, daily work and your priorities while setting up your schedule.

I suggest you take 7-9 hours of the time gap between sleep and waking up. Chose a real wake up time and slowly decrease it with 15-15 min per day and reach your goal.

Do exercise or walk 6000 – 9000 steps daily:

Exercise for fitness

Do 5-10 min of light stretching or exercise before breakfast and bath. The practice of yoga asanas is always a good option or you can also try weight lifting or normal stretching at home.

5-10 min of exercise will increase blood circulation in your body and you will feel energetic and relax that is good for your sleep. Good sleepers can wake up easily in the morning.

Eat a healthy breakfast and diet:

Your diet plays a very important role not only in body development but also in your sleep, willpower and mood. So, let’s know what is important and what should you avoid for better sleep.

You need to take breakfast every day and your diet should be balanced and controlled. Balanced means you diet have all 9 essential nutrients required per day and controlled means you should avoid excessive eating habits. You just need to fill your 90% stomach with food at a time and 10% should remain empty for air.

Balanced Diet Plan

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Avoid eating junk foods and unhealthy foods, these are not only harmful to your body but also harmful to your mind and it causes stress.

avoid processed foods

Don’t eat too much before bedtime and avoid drinking caffeine drink at the night.

Good eating habits keep you focused so it helps you in waking up early in the morning.

Live an active lifestyle:

An active lifestyle is very important for awakening early in the morning. Active lifestyle makes you tired till night and you sleep early and deep. It makes waking up process easy.

Think about the benefits of wake up early:

There are huge benefits to waking up early, almost all the successful people wake up early to stay happy, energetic, healthy, productive and smart.

Change your sleeping environment for better sleep:


If your sleep is better then you will wake up quickly just after your alarm clock. So, you need to sleep in a dark room having very dim light as our body releases sleep hormone melatonin in dark, responsible for better sleep.

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Keep half open your room curtains so you can see morning light in your room, it stops producing melatonin while simultaneously ramping up production of adrenaline. Adrenaline is required for body responses and it helps you to wake up quick.

Put your alarm clock away from bed:

Most of the early risers try this and it works for almost every time and every one. If you really want to wake up early then this technique gives you time to overcome laziness.

Q: 2 What to do, if you have a habit of late sleeping and work till late at night?

Maybe you are a student and sleep late at night, avoid this habit and slowly decrease your time by 15 min to sleep early at the night. Sleeping late at the night will make you lazy and stressful.


If you work till late at night then you should finish your work early in the morning. Early morning your speed increases so it increases your productivity. It may be hard in starting but successful people finish their important task early in the morning.

Q:3 What to think and act just before sleep?

You just need to think 2 things, first, how beautiful or satisfactory your day was? and second, what is your tomorrow goal? It will keep you motivated and you will surely able to wake up early. If your day was not good then just think tomorrow will be better than today.

After that stop thinking and try to lose your body, it increases your consciousness and makes you relax. All problems start with our excessive thinking so stop it and try to sleep, slowly you will adopt this and it works.

Q: 4 What to think and act when your alarm clock rings?

Well said, wake up motivated and sleep satisfied. You just need to think about the benefits of wake up, success and your goal. It will take 4-5 sec maximum and maybe you are still feeling sleepy.

This is the time when you need to fight with your laziness to grab the golden sunshine. Don’t snooze your alarm clock now. Take one good yawn with a casual body stretch on the bed.

Wake up instantly without wasting time and say thank you to god every day and drink one or two glass of water and go for a short morning walk.

I don’t think it is as simple as you think but believe me, the third step will make it simple and possible for you.

3. Track your behavior: what you did and what you need to do?

Well said, Analyze your day just before sleep for better tomorrow and success. You just need to think of 4 common things only and do it just before you sleep.

These 4 things are, just analyzing what you planned? what did you do? what problems did you face? and how you are going to treat with them tomorrow?

By doing this you are getting goals in your conscious mind and it is very powerful. Do this daily, hardly it takes 1-2 min.

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This 3-step process works for everyone and you just need to follow this to wake up early in the morning. I have covered all the possible causes and their solutions for wake up early. If you have insufficient sleep problem then you need to consult to the doctor.

Nothing will change all of sudden, you need to work on it consistently. Well said if you want to change any of your habits then you keep on trying for 14 days and you will be able to change it successfully.

I tried this process myself and trust me now, I wake up daily before sunrise. It makes me full of energy and positivity.

I hope you found this how to wake up early post helpful, so don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.

What do you follow to wake up early in the morning? What do you think it will work for you or not? if not then why? Share your valuable comments below.

Stay healthy and stay blessed.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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