Inferiority Complex Causes & How to Overcome?

Many of us must have felt this many times in our life but wait, what does this word exactly mean?

Inferiority complex means when we think that we do not match up to certain specific standards. It also includes a lack of self-esteem.

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There are 2 types of Inferiority complex.

1. Primary inferiority

Primary inferiority

It is mostly seen in kids. When children feel helpless. It happens with children when they are unfavorably compared with others. It may cause low self-esteem in them.

2. Secondary inferiority

Secondary inferiority

It is seen in most adults when they couldn’t reach their goals. When their works are not appreciated by his or her boss or many times.

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What causes “Inferiority complex”?

There are several things which cause this “INFERIOR FEELING”.

Sometimes our past makes us feel inferior. If something might have happened in the past that was not up to the mark or because of that we felt ashamed at that time so that makes us feel inferior.

1. Skin color

Having a dark skin tone makes many of the people uncomfortable. They feel inferior around people with fair skin tone.

2. Feeling ugly compared to peer

When we are in a group and if we are a bit bad with our feature, which we consider as ugly. So we feel that we are ugly. That makes us comfortable with our group.

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3. Because of our background

If we come from a lower-class background we become less confident with the people around us.

4. Because of accent

We all live in different states so our accents are different because we are from a different area. So when we move to a different city, we start to feel inferior with the friends who are localities.

5. Sensitive towards the opinion of people

Sensitive towards the opinion of people

This is the most common issue with people. People think a lot about others opinions. How they will react? How they will feel? If they will make fun. So this happens with many people.

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So mainly the Inferiority Complex grows up when we feel that our differences make us inferior. So it’s us who grow this not the people around us.

How to overcome Inferiority complex?

1. Deal with your past

We always take tension about our past because of our past we do not do a lot of things in the present. You have to search for the root of the problem so that you can work over that.

2. Be kind with yourself

Be kind with yourself

We are the one who can build up confidence in our self. We don’t need anyone’s else opinion. Always think you are the best. You can do anything. You are not less than anyone. This will give you self- confidence.

3. Be around people who uplift you

People around us matters a lot to us. So choose your people wisely. Be around people who give you confidence, who motivates you in your bad situation. Be around people who make you feel that you are enough. Choose your people wisely.

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4. Try things out of your comfort zone

go out your comfort zone

Many times we do not do things because we think we will fail. We saturate our comfort zone but we should do things out of our comfort zone. So that we will know our strengths.

5. Know your strength

Always know your worth. Try to figure out things you are good at. Do things you love to do. It will give you strength.

We always can’t live with this feeling of INFERIORITY COMPLEX. We should work on it.  Always ask for help when you feel low. When you feel less confident. It is very important to grow out of this feeling. So these mindful steps should be followed by you. If you want to grow as a person.

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