Mandukasana- The ancient practice to improve digestion 

In this age and time, yoga is something that can sustain the poor health of people. A hectic lifestyle, stress, hectic schedule, and unhealthy eating habits take a toll on our health. Yoga is the most popular health practice today which not only benefits the body but also restores mental health and gives peace to the soul. Yoga is indeed the dire need of the hour.

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Yoga is a broad concept, Yoga is not just about physical training but it is a perfect amalgamation of body, mind, soul, and spirit wellness. As popular as it is today, the three major aspects of yoga are asana, pranayama, and meditation where asana is the preparatory or most important form of practice.

Among all the amazing sitting poses, Mandukasana or Frog Pose is one of the easiest yet extremely effective yogasanas to practice for good health and lifestyle.

Mandukasana (Frog Pose)

Mandukasana is a Sanskrit word where Manduka means frog and in the final stage of this asana, you attain a pose that makes you look like a frog. It is great for abdominal organs and highly recommended for people who wish to lose belly fat. It is a complete abdominal exercise that affects both the body and the mind.

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Health Benefits of Mandukasana

1. Prevent Diabetes

Practicing this asana daily and regularly helps to prevent chronic incurable diseases like diabetes. Many studies have proven that the frog pose improves insulin production in the body. Researches also recommended the pose for those who are already suffering from the issue, as it helps controlling diabetes.

2. Improve Digestive System

While doing the asana the pressure build-up in the abdominal region massages the internal organs hence improve digestive health. As per many studies, with regular practice, the asana aids digestive health and enhances the functioning of it which improves bowel moment, promotes digestive juices and enzymes (good for metabolism), releases trapped gasses, and prevents constipation and other digestion related issues.

3. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Yoga indeed is the best way of reducing stress and anxiety, with daily practice of the frog pose one can improve blood circulation to the brain, and this helps to relieve anxiety and stress. The practice also enhances the oxygen supply and other vital nutrients to the body that proves beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction.

4. Strengthen the Back, Hips, Knees, and Ankles

When we practice the pose it stretches the muscles of the back, hips, knees, and ankles, and the stretch improves blood flow to these areas, prevents injury risk, and makes it strong and tone. Practicing Madukasana also reduces back pain.

Yoga for fitness

5. Improve Heart Health and Circulation

In today’s time, cardiovascular health is one of the issues people are facing a lot. Regularly when we practice frog pose, it improves cardiovascular health and prevents heart-related problems like heart attack, heart stroke, high cholesterol, artery blockage, and more. Practicing the asana imposes pressure on the chest hence it helps to open the chest muscles, improves circulation, reduces strain from the blood vessel, and more.

6. Reduce Fat from Belly, Hips, and Abdomen

One of the amazing practices is to reduce fat from the abdomen and lower body region, especially from the belly. The pressure created on the belly region, massages organs that help to lose and to control the fat. The asana also sheds pounds from the hip region and also corrects the dislocated naval.

7. Enhance Kidney and Liver Functioning

Madukasana is also very beneficial for the health of your kidney and liver. When we perform the pose, we impose pressure on the abdomen region and produce the stress hormone, which stimulates the organs and enhances their functioning.

Others- The asana is also amazing while treating menstrual cramps, good for the chest and shoulders, makes you feel relaxed, calms the mind, therapeutic for asthmatics, awakens the Kundalini, and also improves sexual health by stimulating the sexual organs and enhances sexual performance.

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How to do –

  1. For the practice of Mandukasana, first, choose a cool and airy place. Mat or yoga mat Bend both the legs from the knees and place them under the buttocks and sit on top of it or in Vajrasana.
  2. Take a long deep breath, feel the breath going up to the stomach and hold the breath inside and count from 15 to twenty. Then slowly release the breath out of the mouth.
  3. Hold the breath five to six times, then release it. In this way bring the meditation into the present and prepare the body for Mandukasana.
  4. Now fold the thumb of both the hands inwards and make a fist with the fingers. Take both the fists near the navel and keep them on both sides.
  5. Take a long deep breath and start bending forward while exhaling. Keep in mind that due to both the fists being near the navel, there will be pressure on the stomach while bending.
  6. Go as far as you can and hold your breath and keep your eyes completely in front. Count fifteen to twenty counts in your mind and breathe in.
  7. Slowly raise the body and become straight. Normalize the hands and let the breath return to normal. Thus one cycle of Mandukasana is completed.
  8. Start the practice of Mandukasana from three to five chakras and with the practice.
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  • Do not practice this asana in case of extreme pain in the back, abdomen, waist, or neck without the advice of a doctor.
  • People suffering from stomach ulcers should not practice this asana. High blood pressure, headache or heart patients should practice Mandukasana under the supervision of a qualified teacher and after consulting a doctor.
  • Do not practice Mandukasana Mandukasana during pregnancy and conception process.
  • During the practice, do not bring tension in any part of the body but repeat the process in a completely natural and normal way. Do not take the attention anywhere else and keep it in the present.

NOTE: The practice of Vajrasana, Balasana, Dhanurasana, and Ustrasana before the practice of Mandukasana Yoga doubles the benefits of this asana.

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Some FAQs

1- Is Mandukasana good for diabetes?

A- Mandukasana for Diabetes Yes, of course! The main cause of diabetes is an imbalanced digestive system. The digestive system gets the most benefit from this asana and blood circulation increases throughout the body. As a result of which the level of sugar starts normalizing. Therefore, this asana is considered the best asana for diabetic patients.

2- Can We Breath During Mandukasana?

A- After exhaling while bending down, hold your breath till you bend down. Due to this, the digestive system improves by coming out the extra and unnecessary gas filled in the body. Do not breathe during this, hold it for as long as you can. While rising, you can breathe in again.

3- Is it necessary to do any asana after this asana?

A- Yes, after doing this asana, you must do Ustrasana because this posture presses the stomach and the breath comes out, but in Ustrasana, you breathe and the spine bends.


4- Who should not do Mandukasana?

A- By the way, this is a very simple and useful asana. Everybody can do it. But pregnant women should not do it. Those who have more pain in their back should also not do it. If there has been any other operation related to the stomach then those people should not do it too.

Conclusion- Mandukasana is famous among beginners as it is very easy to do. Apart from the ease of doing, it is special in the sense that it starts showing results in a relatively less period. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn Mandukasana yoga pose easily.

Mandukasana is a sitting posture that tones the muscles of the abdominal region, thighs, enhances digestion, and lubricates the knee joints. It is a simple yet effective pose and can be easily practiced by beginners. Bending in this asana relaxes the mind and body which activates the aura of the body.

Yoga for fitness

By doing this asana, the energy inside gets collected. This allows the practitioner to transfer energy dissipation from the outside world to the inside.

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