Naukasana: Maintain the Natural Flow of Energy

In today’s fast-paced life there are times when our speed gets curbed. There are many such reasons around us, which give rise to stress, fatigue, and irritability. Due to which our life starts getting busy.

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In such a situation, to keep life healthy and energetic, yoga is such a medicine that keeps the mind cool and the body fit and attractive. And if seen, today every third-fourth person is under stress due to his growing belly. To avoid all these troubles, we should do yoga.

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Naukasana under yoga is best for keeping the digestive system smooth. Naukasana is known as Boat Pose. We are getting to know from the name itself that in this posture yoga is practiced by keeping the body in the shape of a boat. By practicing this asana regularly, fat does not accumulate on your stomach and waist. This keeps the muscles of your lower abs tight. Let us know many more about Naukasana in this article.

What is Naukasana and its origin?

The great yogis of India have composed Naukasana by taking inspiration from the boat which remains calm and unwavering even in the waves of the sea. Naukasana is one of the most important yoga exercises performed while lying on the back. It reduces belly fat, keeps the digestive system healthy and also makes muscles strong.

The name Naukasana comes from the Sanskrit word “Nauka” meaning “boat” and asana meaning “posture” or “seat”. That’s why this asana is called Naukasana. This boat pose is beneficial to overcome many physical disorders. Basically, Naukasana helps in strengthening the lungs, liver, and pancreas. It helps in increasing blood circulation and maintaining sugar levels.

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Naukasana is a posture in which our body takes the shape of a boat. It circulates blood and oxygen around the abdomen and lower back very quickly at a time. Naukasana is good for those who want to reduce belly and develop abs muscles.

What are the benefits of Naukaasana?

There are many benefits-

1. Strengthens the Muscles

Practicing Naukasana everyday can help you strengthen your back, abdominal and leg muscles. This asana gives a good stretch to your muscles and helps you in muscle building. It strengthens the muscles of the thigh, hips, neck and shoulders.

2. Improves Digestive System

When you do Naukasana, it helps to stretch your abdominal area, that is, the part of your stomach, which makes the abdominal organs work well and improves digestion. Gastro-intestinal problems are also overcome by its practice.

3. Tones the Waist

If you want to tone your lower body and keep it fit then this asana is for you. You can tone the waist with the practice of this asana and it also helps you in reducing weight.

4. Eliminates lethargy

All the time you feel lethargic then you can include yoga in your fitness routine. The practice of Naukasana removes lethargy and laziness and makes you energetic. You can see the effect by practicing it every day.

Yoga for fitness

5. Improving Blood Circulation

This is a great asana to improve blood circulation in the body and help purify the blood. This mudra stimulates the circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems as well as improves the functioning of the kidney, thyroid and prostate glands. The work of pancreas, liver and lungs can be controlled by the practice of Naukasana.

6. Distress the body

This is a very good asana to reduce stress. It keeps the mind calm by stopping all the unwanted thoughts and helps in focusing. When you do Naukaasana, you will start experiencing it within a few days. It keeps your mind healthy so that you can do any work with full heart.

7. Improve hormonal system

By doing this asana, it balances the imbalanced hormones in the body, which can cause fatigue, depression, insomnia and unhealthy desires due to hormonal imbalance. This asana keeps the hormonal system healthy.

How it practice?

 I am going to tell you some steps below, by following which you can do it easily-

  • To do Naukaasana, you sit on a yoga mat with both your legs straight in front of you or sit in Dand- asana.
  • Keep your spine straight and keep both your hands straight on the ground.
  • Now keep both your legs straight and raise them up.
  • If you have difficulty in balancing while lifting and you are not able to balance, then keep both your feet close and bend the knees from here.
  • Grab it by the thighs with both your hands and support the feet.
  • Now slowly straighten both your legs upwards.
  • Keep both your hands straight in front of you and keep your reed bone straight.
  • In this position, only your hips will remain on the ground and the whole body will be raised.
  • You have to maintain balance on your hips.
  • In this position, an angle of 45 degrees will be formed at the waist between your legs and the upper part of the body.
  • You stay in Naukaasana for at least 10 to 20 seconds in the beginning, then increase this time with practice.
  • Now to come to your starting position, bring your feet down and simultaneously bring your hands down.

What are the precautions?

  • If you have low blood pressure problem or severe headache, migraine then you should avoid the practice of this asana.
  • Do not practice this yoga posture if you have recently recovered from a chronic disease or are suffering from any diseases of the spine.
  • Asthma and heart patients are advised to avoid this pose.
  • Women should avoid doing boat pose during pregnancy and during the first two days of menstruation.
  • If you have pain in your hips, don’t do it.
  • If you have knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, do not do it.

Some FAQs

Q-1 What are the benefits of Naukasana?

A- There are various benefits of Naukasana.

  • It strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • It strengthens the muscles of the arms, thighs and shoulders.
  • It improves the health of all abdominal organs especially liver, pancreas and kidneys.
  • It helps in controlling the blood flow to the sugar level.

Q-2 Who cannot do Naukasana?

A- Do not practice this yoga posture if you have low blood pressure severe headache migraine or if you are suffering from some chronic diseases or spinal disorders in recent times. Asthma and heart patients are advised to avoid this pose.

Q-3 At what level should Naukasana be done?

A- Try to maintain an angle of 45 degrees. Hold your breath and posture for 10-15 seconds. You can increase the time you hold the asana by practicing regularly. Now exhale slowly and come back to your starting position.

Q-4 What are the contraindications of Naukasana?

A- There are many cautions which are as follows-

  • Any chronic disease.
  • Diseases of the spine.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Severe headache.
  • Migraine.
  • Heart Patent.
  • Pregnancy.

Q-5 How is Naukasana good for health?

A- Naukasana helps in regulating blood flow at sugar level and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It improves the health of all organs in the abdomen, especially the liver, pancreas and kidneys and also strengthens the muscles of the arms, thighs and shoulders.

At the end of the blog- In today’s time, many people are troubled by stomach-related problems. The reason behind this is our wrong routine such as not exercising, not eating food on time, or consuming unbalanced and fried foods. Due to all these reasons, the digestion of food is not correct and the body has to face many diseases.


Not only has this, due to improper digestion, the food of our body started converting into fat instead of converting it into energy. By practicing Naukaasana daily, all the problems related to stomach are removed and it is also helpful in reducing belly fat. In the beginning, there may be problems in doing the asanas, but with continuous practice, you will able to do it. You should do this asana under the supervision of a yoga expert in the initial period.

Yoga helps us a lot in controlling the body, mind, and soul. It creates a balance of physical and mental discipline. It also helps to manage stress and anxiety and stay relaxed. Yoga asanas are known to develop strength, flexibility, and confidence in the body. Not only this, but yoga makes the body flexible and gives strength to the body. With its regular practice, the problem of back, waist, neck, joint pain is removed, as well as yoga corrects the bad posture structure of your body, which can avoid future pain.

yoga for fitness

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