Padahastasana- An effective asana to increase height

The tradition of doing yoga has been going on in our country since ancient times. By the way, there are many types of yoga available all over the world, but Padahastasana is the most different and unique asana.

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There are crores of people in the world, who do asanas before starting their day, but on the contrary, there are very few people who know the importance of asanas.

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Padahastasana is the most different and unique asana. This is also the 3rd and 10th position of Surya Namaskar. Let’s discuss this in detail this asana.

Padahastasana– Meaning

Padahastasana is made up of two words. The first is pada means feet and the second is hasta means hands. That is why it is called Padahastasana. In this yoga asana, the hands and feet are clenched by bending forward. Padahastasana is also known as a hand-to-foot pose.

It is practiced during Surya Namaskar. Padahastasana increases flexibility in your calves and hamstrings and plays an important role in massaging the digestive organs. It helps to remove excess Vata (air) from your stomach and also improves blood circulation.

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Padahastasana- Science

While doing Padahastasana, our head is below our heart, due to which the flow of blood starts towards the head instead of being in the legs. Due to this good amount of blood and oxygen reaches the brain. Padahastasana yoga is known to reduce belly fat, cure digestive problems, increase your height and give a good stretch to the thigh muscles.

Yoga for fitness

Padahastasana- Health Benefits

Strengthen the muscles: Padahastasana stretches the muscles of the hands as well as the legs. This makes the muscles not only flexible but also fragile. Along with this, there is no back problem and there is no problem of muscle strain.

Healthy Digestive Power: Poor digestion power can be cured by adopting Padahastasana. By doing Along with this, problems related to the stomach, intestine, liver can also be avoided.

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Therapeutic for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disease these days. Which is seen in many people. If this disease is not diagnosed on time, then the condition of the patient can become more serious. By doing Padahastasana, we can get rid of the disease of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Blood flow: Whenever we do Padahastasana, due to the movement of hands and feet, blood circulation is smooth in our body. By doing this asana, there is good blood flow in the upper part of the body. By doing this, the flow of blood in the veins and organs of the body is good. This is the reason why a person remains healthy by doing this yoga.

Remains stress-free: If a person does Padastasana for only thirty seconds, one feels refreshed. By doing yoga asanas, a person remains stress-free and he does not get tired and he is always full of energy. In this way, a person can lead a happy life.

yoga for fitness

Spleen and liver work smoothly: By doing this yoga, the spleen and liver of the person work smoothly. People who do it regularly, get rid of diseases like thrombocytopenia, liver adenoma. That is why it is important to practice this yoga regularly so that you can get rid of diseases related to the spleen and liver.

Get rid of nose and throat problems: Those who have problems with the nose and throat should do Padahastasana. By doing this they can get rid of this type of health-related problem. At the same time, the treatment of diseases related to the nose and throat is also possible with this yoga practice.

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One can always remain healthy and young: By doing Padahastasana yoga, a person can always remain young and healthy. By doing this we can be physically healthy as well as mentally healthy. With this, the person can come in perfect shape.

Increase Height with Padahastasana: Padahastasana is considered to be one of the most effective yoga exercises to increase height. But it is difficult to get benefits from doing this in a few days. So do this yoga asana daily.

Padhastasana- Method

You can do Padahastasana by following some easy steps. Below we are telling you how to do Padahastasana yoga in detail.

  • First of all, lay the yoga mat in a clean and flat place.
  • Now stand straight by joining both arms.
  • During this, keep the hands straight.
  • As you inhale, raise both hands upwards.
  • Now you hold for a few seconds. Leaning forward from the waist, while exhaling comfortably.
  • Then you try to touch both the palms with the ground next to both the feet.
  • Try to keep your palms off the ground and knees straight.
  • Also, try to touch the forehead with the knees.
  • Then stay in this position for a few seconds and keep breathing at normal speed.
  • Now keep in mind that the lower part of the waist is not bent.
  • Now get up while breathing comfortably and try to bend back while raising your hands.
  • After this, while exhaling, bend forward.

In this way, Padahastasana can be repeated two to three times.

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Padahastasana- Precautions

Padahastasana is a simple yoga pose. Before starting this practice, it is important to keep these things in mind

  • Avoid practicing Padahastasana if you have the following problems.
  1. Lower Back Injury
  2. Tear In The Hamstrings
  3. Sciatica
  4. Glaucoma
  • You should never start doing this asana without learning it from an experienced trainer.
  • Never force any stretch in Padahastasana.
  • Over-stretching your body while doing this asana can cause excessive compression of your muscles. Pay special attention to this during the practice of Padahastasana for beginners.
  • Always warm-up before doing Padahastasana. It helps in improving your circulation, warming up the body, reducing stiffness, etc.
  • Always choose a clean and ventilated place to do this asana.
  • You remove all distractions like mobile phones, TV, etc. that can hinder your concentration.
  • You start practicing Padahastasana slowly and gradually build up the repetitions. You can start with 4-5 repetitions in the beginning.
  • You should be consistent with the practice of this asana to get its fullest.
  • If you are suffering from a serious injury or are experiencing pain, allow yourself to recover before doing Padahastasana.
  • Pregnant women should not do this asana.
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Some FAQs

Q-1 By what other name is Padahastasana known?

A- Padahastasana is also known as Hand Under Foot Pose, Intense Forward-Bending Pose, Standing Forward Fold Pose, Standing Head to Knees Pose, Intense Stretch Pose, Standing Forward Bend, or Hand To Foot Pose.

Q-2 Who can do Padahastasana?

A- Padahastasana is a gentle and easy yoga pose that can be performed by anyone who wants to enjoy the continued health of body and mind.

  • People who want to improve their flexibility.
  • Those who have frequent digestive problems.
  • People who suffer from frequent back pain or stiffness.
  • People who want to lose weight.
  • Those who want to build their thigh muscles.
  • People who feel they need to improve their balance and coordination.
  • Those who suffer from problems in their nose and throat areas.
  • People who want to improve their metabolism and immunity.
  • People who suffer from stress, anxiety, and lack of concentration.
  • People with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Padahastasana can be done by seniors easily.
  • Children below 7 years of age can gradually do Padahastasana.
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Q-3 What is the counter asana for Padahastasana?

A- Tadasana makes a good counterpose to this forward fold.

In the end- It is always most beneficial to do any yoga posture on an empty stomach and in the morning only. It is also considered best to do Padahastasana in the morning. By doing Padahastasana, we get many benefits as well as many major diseases are also cured, but we should always be careful while doing yoga.

If you have any serious illness or have suffered any serious injury, then in such a situation, yoga should be practiced only after consulting a doctor or yoga expert.

Along with yoga, we should also improve our diet. One should include balanced food, fruits, green vegetables, etc. in his diet and should always stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, and other intoxicating substances.

Yoga for fitness

If you consume things that are harmful to health such as alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco, then you will not get much benefit from yoga, so always keep your distance from these things and practice yoga regularly so that you get maximum benefits of yoga.

Yoga for fitness

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Stay happy.

Keep doing Yoga.

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