Parivrrta Trikonasana: Benefits, Steps and Precautions

Parivrrta Trikonasana, which gives flexibility to your shoulders and back muscles. It opens up your chest and also relieves your back pain. It is a counter pose to the Trikonasana (Triangle pose).

Its name Parivrrta Trikonasana originates from the language Sanskrit. Parivrtta means To turn around or revolve, Trikona means Triangle, and Asana means Pose. It is also known as the Revolved Triangle pose.

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Benefits of Parivrrta Trikonasana

Parivrrta Trikonasana is known for its many health benefits. So let’s know them all in brief. The Benefits of Parivrrta Trikonasana are:

  • Stretches your spine, legs, and hips
  • Makes your shoulders flexible
  • Improves your sense of balance
  • Relieves mild back pain
  • Opens up your chest; improves your breathing
  • Helps in losing belly fat
  • It also stretches your groin, ankles, thorax, shoulders, and thighs
  • Tones your buttock muscles
  • Strengthens your legs and arms
  • Improves digestion
  • Releases laziness and stress
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs
  • Relieves stiffness in your lower back
  • Makes your hip joints flexible

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Steps of Parivrrta Trikonasana

Always practice yoga poses step-by-step. So the steps of Parivrrta Trikonasana are:

Step I

Stand straight, in Mountain pose. Now take a deep breath then spread your feet at least 3-4 feet apart.

Step II

Raise your arms and keep them parallel to the floor. Keep your palms facing downwards.

Parivrrta Trikonasana Steps

Step III

Now turn your right foot outwards at 90°. Then turn your left foot 60° inwards.

Step IV

Keep your legs straight. Now twist your whole body to the right and then downwards but without changing your legs position.

Step V

While you twist your body, your left hand will be downwards. Touch the ground/yoga mat with your left hands’ fingers, and keep your right hand outwards, toward the ceiling.

Step VI

Now gaze at the ceiling or your right hands’ fingers. Then hold this pose for 10-20 seconds.

Step VII

Then lower your right hand, and raise your body & left hand back to upwards to come to the starting position.

Precautions to take while practicing Parivrrta Trikonasana

Take the following precautions before and while you practice Parivrrta Trikonasana

  • Pregnant women should not practice this pose.
  • People with high blood pressure should not look upward, and should not raise their arm while practicing Parivrrta Trikonasana.
  • Those who have diarrhea, migraine, low blood pressure, insomnia or headache should avoid this asana.

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Preparatory Poses for Parivrrta Trikonasana

You should practice these yoga poses to prepare your body for Parivrrta Trikonasana.

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