Permanent Solution for Constipation Naturally at Home

Weight LossConstipation is the root of maximum health problems, millions of people worldwide are suffering from constipation problem. You all want to know, what is the solution for constipation?


I am discussing with you an effective diet plan and useful yoga asanas which helps you to cure constipation problem naturally at home.

Constipation and indigestion is the base of your 90% health problems according to Ayurveda. There is not any specific medicine that can permanently cure constipation.

You can only cure constipation with proper diet, daily yoga practice and correct lifestyle. Daily practicing Pranayama and yoga asanas are the best solutions for constipation.

There are plenty of constipation medicines and powders available in the market, they may give relief in constipation for some days but with regular use of them can make your digestion power and Intestines sick permanently.

Factors for the permanent solution of constipation:

Constipation can be solved permanently only by changing your diet and practicing regular yoga asanas. I am discussing in this post, How to get rid of constipation immediately with:

1) Diet plan to cure constipation
2) Useful pranayama and Asanas
3) Habits to follow on daily basis
4) Homemade medicines for constipation

1) Diet plan to cure constipation

You can cure constipation permanently by changing in your diet.

In Breakfast: Eat Sprouted grains in breakfast, moong(Coriander) is best in sprouted grains. Take half or full bowl coriander (according to you), add 4-5 peanuts, 4-5 almonds and 5-7 munakka (Raisins) in it, it is very healthy breakfast for you and very beneficial for constipation. Complete healthy Persons follow this to stay healthy.

You can soak all of them in the night in diff-2 pots and eat in the morning after cleaning. If you got bored with moong(Coriander) then you can replace it with other sprouts you like to eat for example chana (gram) or wheat.

Fruits in breakfast: I am telling you best fruits for constipation. Eat them in morning time with breakfast or after lunch.

Guava is best for constipation, eat it daily if you want to live constipation free life. Add guava, apple and papaya in your diet daily to cure constipation permanently without any medicines or churnas.

Tip: try not to chewing seeds of guava, it is not good for ulcer patient and also bad for constipation patient. Guava have iron in it, it increases your hemoglobin and shine at face. Also, check factors to attain good health.

Apple is also very good for constipation and it is helpful in the cure of acidity problem. Well said one apple a day keeps you doctor away.

If you think eating guava, apple or papaya daily is not in your budget then you can drink lauki juice (bottle gourd) daily in morning and eat lauki vegetable frequently for relief in constipation. It is also good tip for obesity.

In Meals:

Eat green vegetables more in meals for better results. Eat grains according to time sessions, choose wisely from wheat, pearl millet (Bajara), Corn grain and others according to weather.

Avoid Heavy meals or non-vegetarian food for better digestion, eat maximum 80% capacity of your stomach and leave empty 20% for air for better digestion.

2) Useful Pranayama and Asanas:

By doing Kapalbhati Pranayam and Manduka asana daily for 10-10 min in the morning you can cure constipation permanently.

Kapalbhati Pranayama: Do 3 sets of Kapal Bhati pranayama, it hardly takes 10 minutes. It would be a good start, doing 3 sets of 20 breaths each. With time you can increase time, sets and intensity according to you.

Kapal Bhati

Let’s discuss how to do KapalBhati Pranayama correctly:

# comfortably sit with a straight spine and place your hands on your knees with the palm facing upwards.
#Take a deep breath in and exhale with force to pull your navel in back towards the spine. Do it comfortable, don’t over force in starting.
# Inhaling process is natural, the breath flows into your lungs automatically.
# Take 20 such breaths in one set after the first set close your eyes to relax and feel the sensations in your body.
# After few minute do two more sets of Kapal Bhati pranayama.


Mandukasana activates pancreas and it is also beneficial for stomach problems and heart functioning.


How to do Mandukasana properly:

#Sit in Vajrasana posture (as shown in image) close the fists of both the hands. While clinching the fists press the thumb inside with the fingers.
# While pressing the navel with both the fists, exhale and bend forward. Keep looking straight.
# Stay in this position for some time and then come back to Vajrasana posture.

Note: repeat this posture 3 to 4 times a day.

3) Habits to follow on daily basis:

* Drink 2 glass of lukewarm water daily just after wake up, it is beneficial in arthritis and constipation. Avoid cold drinks, cold water and cold foods.

drink lukewarm water

* Eat salads on daily basis and add rock salt to it, avoid regular salt. Take cucumber, tomato and fresh vegetables in the salad you like to eat.

* Don’t drink water just after lunch and dinner, let your food digest fist then drink water. Drink water after one hour of food/meals. Drink 1-2 sips before and after foods.

* Drink one glass of hot milk before sleep at the night. Drinking milk is good for bones and constipation. Take 2-3 anjeers(Fig) and 6-10 munakka with milk in the night for the solution of constipation problem.

* Avoid tea or coffee in empty stomach, it increases acidity in your body.

* Avoid junk foods but if you want to eat just eat once in a month.

processed foods to avoid

* Drink buttermilk after lunch is good for digestion, don’t drink cold drinks.

* Avoid eating bread or cold or stale foods.

4. Homemade medicines for constipation:

You can make powder for cure your constipation at home, but don’t use it daily or on a regular basis. You can take it 2-3 days and stop taking it after relief in constipation, as it is not good for regular use.

How to make Panchsakar Churna(powder) for constipation:

Take these 5 ingredients fennel seed (Sonf), Senna leaves (Swarnapatri/sanay), dry ginger powder (sonth), Rock salt (sendha namak) and small terminalia chebula (choti harad) in equal amount and mix them to make a powder form.

Uses: Take 1-2 tablespoons with lukewarm water or milk while sleeping, use for 2-3 days. 


Diet plays very important role to make your digestion system weak or strong. You can cure constipation by changing your current diet plan or practicing daily Kapal Bhati pranayama and Mandukasana.

I have discussed how to get rid of constipation immediately and naturally at home. Take Panchsakar churna if you are suffering from heavy constipation. Avoid using panchsakar churna daily.

I also discussed some common daily life habits to improve digestion power. You can cure your constipation problem permanently at home by following these daily habits.

Hope you find this post helpful, so share this with your friends and family on social media.

What do you follow to cure your constipation problem? Share with me in the comment section.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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