10 Alarming signs that you have toxic friends

We all have had toxic friends in our life at least once. In my opinion, it’s always more than one time when we encounter toxic friends in our life. Some people are too naïve to understand who is a toxic friend in their life. So they keep ignoring the signs and red flags.

It is very important to know what type of people we surround yourself with & if they are good for our mental health or not. Not all the people we love are actually loyal to us.

Signs that your friends are toxic:

It is very important to understand the difference between real friends and fake friends who are pretending to be real because we become the people we surround ourselves with. If you feel like your friends are toxic, then read the signs below:

1. They do not support or motivate you

Real friends are always there for you. A real and honest friend always has your back. Real friends are your supporting pillars. If your friends demotivate you, do not support you in good deeds, always criticize you then you should know that it is a sign of a fake friend.

2. Do not seem happy with your success

Ever felt like your friend does not seem happy if you got a new job, promotion, an increase in salary, or if you made new friends? If yes, you already know it. This is the sign of a toxic friendship. Real friends are there to celebrate with you, they do not envy you.

3. Lie too much

Are your friends really your friends if they hide things from you & lie on your face? No, because real friends do not lie or hide things from you. It is okay to hide things that might hurt your friend but it is not okay to lie about other things. Real friends don’t lie and discuss if it is needed to be.

4. They are always negative

A fake friend will never be happy with you or achievements; they will always find something to criticize. If it is about getting a job, they will talk about how low your position is. If it is getting yourself something, they will say “It’s so ordinary”. Even if you reach NASA, they will say “It’s your luck, not your hard work”. So stay away from these types of friends. They bring negativity in your life too.

5. Always hypes you up too much for bad things

You might not want to do some things like smoking, drinking, and other things but you do them anyway because of peer pressure. Real friends never force you to do anything if you are not willing to. Instead, they understand you and support you with your decisions.

6. Never there for you

Fake friends are NEVER there for you whenever you need any help. Be it some help with studies, work, emotional or financial support. If your friends are not there for you, you should know that this friendship is toxic. Get out of this friendship asap.

7. They are too much pretentious

Ever seen your friend talking bad things about other people at their back and then acting all goody-goody as soon as they see them. This is a major sign of a toxic friend. They might also do the same with you. So take care of yourself and stay away from such people.

8. Do not have patience with you

Real friends always have patience with you. They always understand your situation. If you make any mistake, they try to help and figure out things instead of blaming you for everything.

9. They always make you feel guilty

Fake friends make you feel guilty about things you did not even do. They will make you feel bad about not getting your attention, forgetting their grandma’s birthday, dating someone you like.

10. You just do not get good vibes from them

You might believe in vibes or not, but vibes are always there and they never lie. You always get vibes from people whenever you meet someone. So, always listen to the vibes you get. If you do not get good vibes from someone, try to maintain a distance from them.

If you see a few of these signs in your friend or friends, you should know that this is not a healthy friendship.

Should you continue your friendship or dump your toxic friends?

If you’ve been friends with them for a long time, then it will be very difficult for you to leave them immediately, especially if you two are best-friends because you are dependent on them emotionally. It is not easy to leave behind your friend and get on with your life.

If you find these signs in your friend, try and talk to them. It might be all because of misunderstandings. Try and talk to your friends and see if they confess it or not. If they are your true friend and everything is a misunderstanding, they will try to sort it out.

While on the other end, if they are a toxic friend, they will make you feel guilty for thinking of them like this. They will be passive-aggressive and blame everything on you about how you’re over-thinking and will send you on a guilt trip. This will be the time you will know that it’s time to end the friendship.

The bottom line:

Ending the friendship is not easy but remember, that it’s better to have fewer friends than fake friends. Always choose quality over quantity. Having a few good friends who really love you for who you are is so much better than having so many friends who do not care about you, envy you and are jealous of you.

I hope you got all your answers and got your confusion clear. Hope this blog was helpful to you.

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