6 Things to Keep a Relationship Healthy

In this generation of hookups and flings, it is nearly impossible to find someone who truly loves you & wants to be with you. Even, if you find that someone special, it is not easy to maintain the relationship.

This generation is full of unreal expectations, so-called relationship goals, zero compromises, and small egos.

Nowadays people give up on each other easily because of small compromises. But, in order to keep a relationship healthy and lifelong, you have to make compromises for little things and understand each other.

There are many couples who date for years and then cannot maintain the relationship when they come to know each other’s differences and incompatibility. Without understanding and trust, you cannot maintain any relationship, be it with your family, friends or your lover.

In today’s generation, people do not want to communicate. They would rather give up the relationship than working on it. To overcome these things, you need to know what makes a relationship healthy and keeps it growing.

Here are a few things you need to take care of to keep your relationship healthy and loving:


“Communication is the key to success, life & relationships.” There are things which can only be sorted through communication. Nowadays people do not communicate much, and rather over-think things and make the situation worse. Most long-distance relationships don’t work out because of lack of communication only.


It doesn’t matter how strong your relationship is, not communicating and keeping things to yourself can break your relationship. So communicate and sort out things before they go out of your hands.


The ladder of trust takes you to a life-long and healthy relationship. Without trust, no relationship can last. Trust is a must. Without the seed of trust, your relationship will not grow and bloom. If there is a lack of trust, your relationship will definitely fall apart.


Instead of having trust issues, talk to your partner about your feelings, how you feel and discuss if something is troubling you. Then see how everything works out and leads you to a lifelong and healthy relationship.


Silent treatment means remaining silent & not speaking out your feelings. Nowadays most people do not prefer sharing their emotions because they feel it’s showing their weakness. People give silent treatment for two reasons; when they are angry but don’t want to talk, and when they feel like they are burdening their partner by speaking out their feelings.


Some people give the silent treatment to their partner when they are angry and they also expect their partner to know everything. But silent treatment is one of the worst ways to take out your anger on anyone. It makes a relationship toxic.

So, stop giving the silent treatment to people and start speaking up your feelings to work out the things and be happy in a relationship.


Respect is a must when it comes to anyone. You would never see any relationship healthy where two people don’t respect each other. You can never be happy in a relationship where you and your opinions aren’t respected.


Your bond only gets stronger when you both respect each other and their opinions & values. When you respect your partner’s opinions, it shows you care.


There is always a requirement of personal space in relationships, be it with your family or your partner. Remember how we used to keep wanting personal space from our parents in our teenage years, the same applies to relationships too. You should understand and value your partner’s need for personal space and privacy.


Some personal space is always required to maintain a healthy relationship. Nowadays nobody likes clingy people or partner who are too much dependent on you. Give your partner the space they need and respect their privacy.



Having a partner who supports you is a blessing. A supportive partner can make the path to success already easy. Suppose you have a partner who supports you, encourages you and motivates you, you will already get the positivity and the push you need. While on the other hand, if your partner doesn’t support you and always criticizes you, it will make you lose your self-confidence and morale. So support your partner in all the good deeds. Supporting each other and growing together is a sign of a healthy relationship.

The Bottom Line:

These are the things you should do to keep your relationship healthy and growing. Remember, these are not some kind of do’s and don’ts for a relationship, these are just a few of the things you should take care of you truly love someone and want to continue a lifelong and healthy relationship.

Building a relationship is a two-way process. One single person cannot handle the whole relationship on his/her own, no matter how much they love you. The keys to any healthy relationship are communication, trust, no ego, no silent treatment and small compromises you make for love. Small things matter a lot, so take care of these things and have a lifetime healthy relationship full of love and growth.

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Author: Manisha Yadav

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