How to do Uttanasana? – Steps, Benefits and Precautions

Uttanasana is also called Standing Forward Position and Standing Head-to-knees pose is a modern Yoga pose. It soothes & relaxes our mind.

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Uttanasana is a Sanskrit word which means intense stretch. It is not a beginner’s pose; one should be flexible to practice Uttanasana. It stretches our hamstring, hips and calves and strengthens knees and thighs.

Steps of Uttanasana – How to do Uttanasana?

Uttanasana is an intermediate level yoga pose. It is a little difficult to do and needs to be done carefully or else you might suffer from a back injury or ankle injury. The steps of Uttanasana are:

  1. You can start it from Tadasana position. Keep your arms straight beside your thighs.
  2. Now exhale and then bend forward but not using your waist, but by using your hip joints.
  3. Your chest and stomach should be in front of your thighs.
  4. Beginners tend to bend their knees to attain Uttanasana.
  5. It might be easier for flexible people to bend down without bending their knees.
  6. Now try to bring you head to your knees. Then try to grip the back of your ankles.
  7. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and keep breathing normally.
  8. Now slowly come back to the starting position by putting your hands on your hips, while inhaling.
  9. Relax yourself and exhale.

What are the health benefits of Uttanasana?

There are a lot of Uttanasana benefits you need to know, I am sharing some of them with you below.

  • Relieves stress and depression
  • It is therapeutic for diseases like Osteoporosis, Asthma, Infertility, and High blood pressure.
  • Improves digestion by massaging digestive organs
  • It stimulates your liver and kidneys
  • Reduces anxiety and fatigue
  • Helps in relieving insomnia and headache
  • Allows blood circulation in your head

What precautions to take while doing Uttanasana?

The precautions to take while doing Uttanasana to do the asana effectively and perfectly are:

  • Don’t have any meal before practicing Uttanasana. There should be gap of at least 4-6 hours.
  • Don’t practice, if you are suffering from Glaucoma or Sciatica.
  • Pregnant women should not practice Uttanasana.
  • Avoid this, if you have a lower back injury or injury in your Ankle joint or Knee joint.

Uttanasana for Beginners:

Uttanasana is not so easy to perform at home. If you are a beginner, then just follow these simple steps to do Uttanasana easily.

Step 1: Stand straight, Inhale and move your hands backward as much you can comfortably.

Step 2: Exhale and bend your body downwards as much you can easily.

Step 3: move up by Inhaling and bent down by exhaling, follow this till your hand reaches the floor.

Step 4: After this try to touch your head with knees and hold your legs with hands.


Uttanasana is a little difficult in beginning but it gets easier with time. Practicing it makes it easy to do and our body more flexible. It is a great yoga pose to calm our mind and relieve stress.

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