Value of Hope in Our Life

What is Hope? Did you ever think about this word?  Let me tell you.

Hope is wanting something to happen. It is an expectation of something to happen.

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Hope can also be defined as a desire for something. Example- When we want rain. We hope it will rain soon.

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So hope gives us reason to go ahead in our life. To be hopeful in life is to have a positive attitude towards the future.

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How hope helps you?

  • You wake up with a positive attitude.
  • It helps you to control your emotion.
  • It creates “Self-worth”.
  • Motivates positive actions to lead success.
  • Hope makes you happy.

In research, it has been shown that students with high hope are more successful in their life. When you are hopeful that hard work really pays off.

Hope is literally a motivating factor


The most hopeful people in the world are the most motivated people too.

Hope is a voice that says “Yes you can do.”

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Why hope is important?

In this busy life, there are so many obstacles. Life is difficult but if you want to achieve your goal you should have patience. You have to be hopeful too. It will take time to make things happen but eventually, it will happen.

What happens when there is no hope?

We can once live without food for 2 days or without water for one day but it’s impossible to live without hope for a second. We always want something in our life. So in the hope of getting that or achieving that we always have hope.

When we lose hope we basically “Give up”.

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How to not lose hope?

1. Be honest with yourself

Always be honest to yourself. Always be true to yourself. Always be honest not with your self but with others too.

2. Have faith in your self

Always believe in yourself no matter what. If you are down, If sometimes your time is not going good then your belief can help you. It can give you strength. You can cope up with a hard situation.

Having faith in yourself is something that comes from within.

Don’t you think all these words Faith, Believe, Hope are related to each other?

Without all these our life is meaningless.

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Never forget!

1. There is always tomorrow

We always lose hope when things didn’t go according to us but never forget that there is tomorrow. Have hope, have believed in yourself that there is tomorrow things will happen.

2. You will come out stronger

struggle makes you stronger

When you love a challenge. You will do it. When you think you can’t do it. Never give up. Try to do it. Eventually, you will do it. And you will become stronger. You will know your strength. You will know what you can do. What are your potentials?

So, here we talked about “Hope” . Hope is the reason we are alive. We desire something and do things to make it happen. This small word can do a lot to you. This gives you power. This gives you a reason to smile.

So never loose “Hope” and never forget when you have hope you will always grow as a person.

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