What are the signs that it’s time to end a long-term relationship?

How many of you have been in love and at one point doubted your love?

Yes, it happens with everyone at some point, but what if you have been with this person for a long time and it still happened? Do you ever felt that maybe you’re falling out of love?

That they are not how you expected them to be? Or anything that makes you want to give up on the relationship but you are not sure about it?

So, here is this blog for you to clear all your doubts and confusion about whether you should end your long-term relationship or not!

Being in a relationship with someone you love is bliss. Having someone who understands you, supports you and loves you for who you are, is like a blessing and feels magical.

But you might have heard the quote “Falling in love is easy, staying is not”. This quote is one of the truest quotes when it comes to love. People these days find it hard to maintain a relationship, even when there is so much love for each other.

Sometimes people spend years together, either when they’re dating or when they are married. But still, at some point in life, they get confused whether they love the person and spend the rest of their life together or not?

There are various reasons that confuse us in a situation like this and it gets more confusing when you have been with this person for a long time.

When do you start to get confused about your relationship?

There are several reasons that make us confuse our own feelings and make us doubt our love. Now, I’m going to tell you various reasons why we re-think our relationship even after being together for years.


It is human nature to feel like your relationship is losing its spark with time. Relationships do not always remain the same, the same energy, the same spark, and the same flow in a relationship keep changing.

When you feel like your relationship is losing its charm, you start to feel like you are falling out of love.


Most people do not prefer long-distance relationships because they know how hard it is to be in love with someone with miles of distance, especially when you have been together for months and years.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. When distance comes in between, the relationship starts to fall apart slowly and you feel like falling out of love, and you start getting attracted to people who are near you.


You do not get to know a person completely until you start living with them or spend months & years with them. When you are with your partner for the long-term, you get to see their real selves. You get to know them better. You get to see their all emotions, anger, mood swings, and attitude towards other people.

Sometimes after knowing your partner’s real-self, you realize that’s not the person you thought they were or you expected them to be. This makes you realize that you do not want to continue your relationship with them.

There are many other minor signs that can make you doubt whether you should stay in the relationship or not & do you even love the person you are with.

The signs that you need to end a long-term relationship

A relationship is never perfect. If two people are in love, they will do everything and anything they can do, to work out the differences and issues between them. But sometimes, you need to give up on people and relationships.

At times, no matter how hard you try, some things cannot be changed or mend, so it’s better to leave the relationship in the past and move on.

These are the few signs that it’s now time to leave and move on from your relationship:

1. When the issues can’t be solved

It is normal for a couple to have few differences or conflicts, and they can be sorted out by conversation too. But, it’s important to know when your casual conflicts start turning into arguing, and then not agreeing with each other to not even talking to each other. Issues can be between any couple but too many differences and avoiding each other can damage the relationship.

2. When you stop respecting each other

Respect is the key factor in any healthy relationship. Without respect, no relationship can be continued. It is okay to not agreeing with each other on every single topic. Everyone is bound to have and form their own opinions, but never disrespect your partner for anything.

Be it not having a job, having different opinions, or ANY reason, you should NEVER disrespect your partner. It slowly makes the relationship weak and toxic.

3. Occasional fights turn into daily heated-arguments

Occasional fights (not physical) are fine. Any couple can fight over from small things to big reasons but when comes into a routine, you need to take a step immediately. Go to a relationship counselor or seek advice from people close to you.

Try to sort out the things before they go out of your hands. If it still doesn’t help, it’s better to end the relationship and move on.

4. When healthy jealousy turns into over-insecurity, trust issues & over-possessiveness

Being little possessive and insecure is a basic trait of any partner who loves you. But when it gets too much, you should know that it is not a healthy relationship. Healthy jealousy is considered cute by everyone but when it becomes excessive, try to talk to your partner & mend things. If it continues, you need to take some steps back and come out of the relationship as soon as possible before it converts to an abusive relationship.

5. When you feel like falling out of love

Not everyone would believe you if you said you’re falling out of love with your partner after being together for years. It is okay if sometimes you get angry and don’t feel like talking to your partner but when you start doubting your love, talk to him/her. Go to a relationship counselor and seek help.

Couple conflict on street Leaning On Wall

If you still feel like that you actually don’t have feelings for him or her, it’s better to leave no matter how long you both have been together. Don’t cheat, just tell them everything and leave.

6. When they start abusing you mentally or physically

NO amount of physical or mental abuse is okay in any relationship. When your partner starts abusing you, you will get the red alert immediately. Someone who loves you and respects you would never raise hand upon you.

Violent young man threatening his girlfriend with his fist outdoors

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship, leave when you are tortured mentally or emotionally or physically.


These are the signs that you need to end a relationship before it becomes too toxic. In a healthy relationship, you would not see any of these signs. A partner who loves you truly would not do anything to hurt you. Time doesn’t define your love for anyone; if it is toxic then you need to leave immediately.

What problems you are facing in a relationship or what is the best part of your relationship, please feel free to comment below in the comment box.

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