What is DESIRE? – Negative and Positive Effects!

Desire is a sense when you want something or when you crave for something. It can be for a particular thing or person etc.

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What comes in your mind when you first hear this word?

Desire and Emotion are two different things. Desire is hope to get something and Emotion arises from mental state.

Why we Desire?

So the answer to this question is we desire for the forbidden things, What denied us.

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How important is DESIRE?

Desire gives us hope. Without desire, there is no hope. Without desire, there is no goal. It gives you fire. It is the force behind your success. If you desire something, you live for that. You crave for that thing.

Positive results from the desire

1. Self Improvement

If you desire to become good, you will constantly grow as a good person. There will always self-improvements. You will analyze things. You will work over it. You will fix everything.

2. You will learn new things

In a desire to get something, you will always come up with new things, ideas. You will go through new things.

And if you get to know things which you don’t know, you will try to learn that.

3. You will get what you want

If you do something with so much of patience ultimately you will get things. You will achieve your goal.

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Negative results from the desire

1. Loss or failure will hit you

If you make so many efforts you will always need or want to be the best. And eventually, if you fail to achieve your goals you won’t be able to handle that.

Even though failure and success are a natural part of our life.

2. Expectation of perfection

It’s very natural if you do something so perfectly. You will expect others to be the same. But it’s not important that if you do something in a certain way so, that others will do that in the same way.

Even with family and friends, they start to expect things in their way.

3. They will not achieve their goals

Because as desires give you strength it can drive you back too. As I mentioned people who are addicted to success can’t handle failure easy. So in order to take steps sometimes they back off because they don’t want to take the risk.


  1. You can achieve your dream if you have a strong desire.
  2. Desire is somewhere related to purpose in life.
  3. Desire is the thing that will give you strength when things aren’t going good.
  4. Desire will guide your plans. If you desire something. You will make plans for it. You will go through several new things.

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The Bottom Line:

In my personal view DESIRE makes us Alive. It gives us staying power. So every morning, you wake up with a hope to get something. So it gives us hope to get up in the morning to start again after a disappointment.

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