What is Negative Thinking and how to overcome it?

Negative thinking is basically a thought process where people think everything in a negative way. They find everything worst. They never think positive. It is directly related to the emotion of any person and it affects their actions too. They will always look sad, frustrated, etc.

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What causes negative thinking?

  • It can be because of anything. Like if your work is not going well.
  • If you aren’t well.
  • If you have a fight with anyone.
  • Physical illness.
  • If things aren’t going in a certain way you thought of. It can lead to negative thoughts.

So a small thing can lead to negative thought. Negative thoughts come very easily.

Negative thinking is a result of negative emotions like sadness, frustration, depression.

Some of examples of Negative Thinking:

  • You will feel you aren’t good.
  • I fail at everything I do.
  • No one loves me.
  • Feeling down every time
  • Eventually, you will lose interest in everything

Negative thinking can cause negative effects on others and life seems a constant struggle. You often stop yourself from doing the things you want to do.

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Negative emotions are not good for anyone’s health or lives. It creates chronic stress, sadness. It creates low self-esteem in people. Our health is affected badly because of this. It can lead to many diseases.

Negative thinking is most common in Youth. The age group of 16-24 are likely to have more negative thoughts than other age groups.  So, they try to harm their self. And self-harm is the worst of negative thinking.

They commit suicide. They didn’t share their feelings with others. So mainly Youth is affected more compared to others.

How to stop Negative thoughts?

1. Never let go negative thoughts

Like whenever any negative thoughts come in your mind. Never ignore them. They will never go. Try to talk to them.

2. Always be around positive people

Always be with the people who are positive. It will give you positive vibes. So, whenever you feel sad or low you can talk to them.

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3. Accept reality

Always accept what is true. Never expect. Many times expectations lead to negative thoughts. When we expect too much and things don’t go in a way we thought it gives us disappointment.

4. Breathe

In order to stop negative thinking, you need to slow down everything. For some time just watch everything. And breathe. It will calm you down. And you will get to know what to do in that situation.

5. Meditation

Meditate twice in a week. It will give you strength.  It will calm you down. So, that you can work over your problems and that will distress you.

Basically, it’s very easy to keep you positive and let negative things or thoughts go. If you follow these simple habits then you will be able to face negative thought, as healthy and positive mind leads to a healthy and positive life.

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So the choice is yours. So always be happy and keep smiling. It’s you who allows negative thoughts to come into your life. So let’s welcome positive vibes, thoughts. And keep yourself healthy.

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