Why Reading Books is Important & How it Benefits You?

Reading books is very much important because it gives you immense knowledge, reading not only books but anything that gives you knowledge is important for you.

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It grows your thoughts. It helps you to improve your vocabulary. Reading is a habit one must-have. Reading makes your thoughts clear about things.

I am saying by my own experiences I become a better version of myself after I start reading books and what I found is I never felt alone after I decided to have book as my best friend. So it has huge benefits like you never feel alone and it never harms you.

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Why people do not read books?

1. Impatient

Reading books requires your dedicated time and attention. It takes time, so people with less patience can not finish a book. So most people avoid reading because they can not hold patience.

2. Not have enough time

Many people love reading but they do not have much time. So they do not read much.

3. People are tired and lazy


Once you start reading you can not fall asleep. So those people who are lazy can not read much because they can not resist falling asleep.

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4. Because of new technologies

Now everyone has phones or laptops with the internet and other stuff to spend time. So they do not find reading books cool. They can search for everything through the internet. They find it lazy to read a whole book. So because of all these new technologies, they avoid reading.

5. You find it boring

Many people find it boring. They think books are from ancient times. So only people with the old generation can read a book. Why waste time on the book when you can read it online.

So, because of these things people avoid reading. Not everyone but there are a lot of people who still find it hard to read a book.

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But yes it is true it requires time, your patience but it changes you a lot in many ways. People need to understand these things. Maybe we have a lot of technologies in our hand but still, there are things from old time which is important. It makes us a better person. We grow as a person a lot by reading books.

Benefits of reading books

Reading Books is beneficial for us, as we enhance our knowledge base by reading someone else’s experiences.

Here are some of the important benefits of reading books.

1. Makes your mind sharp


When we read any book it requires concentration and that part of our brain which helps us in concentration stimulates fast. So, reading books sharps our mind.

2. Improve your vocabulary

When we read we always get to learn new words. There are a lot of words which we do not know. So when we read we search for the meaning of words that we do not know. This helps us to improve our vocabulary.

Having good vocabulary is very much important these days.

3. Removes your stress


We are in so much stress these days. So when we read books, we go to a different world. We left every stress behind and we only focus on reading. So it helps us in relaxing our mind from stress. We become calm, we enjoy reading and that is how it helps us.

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4. Improves your memory

When you read you focus so deeply that it directly stimulates our brain. Reading books help us in improving our memory cells. So that your memory gets better and better, depends on how much you read.

5. Improves your sleep

Sleep requires peace and you are so much in stress these days. So like as I mentioned above reeding the book relaxes your mind and body. You feel distressed.

So it helps you get better sleep. If you sleep well it really affects your body. Somewhere your health becomes better. You feel fresh if you have a good sleep. So directly or indirectly it makes you healthy.

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6. Improves your writing skills

You read and you get to know many things through reading like new words and the way how to write certain things? So it improves your writing skills. Those who write know the value of reading. So it improves many aspects of your life.

7. Saves your time

punctuality matters

Suppose if you are free and you are over with your work. You are in your free time and you love reading. You will not feel bored because you have always find your best friend (book) with you. Reading books save time and give you knowledge.

8. Knowledge provider

Books contain much information and it gives us so much knowledge and information. So reading a book can help you to improve your knowledge.

You read about different scenes and situations the author experienced about, that increase your imaginations together with knowledge.

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9. Source of entertainment

TV, Mobile phones are not the only source of entertainment. Those who read know that reading books is a source of entertainment too. You are both entertained and relaxed at the same time. This is the best way to keep yourself busy. You do not need technology or anything.


Books are both entertaining and help you to improve your health. Those who do not read will not know the value of reading. If you have a book with yourself you do not need any friends.

You don’t feel lonely. It helps you in becoming a better person. Many people read not only books but magazines on a daily basis. It gives you knowledge about almost everything.

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Maybe it is not modern but at the same time, it is very useful for us. Reading is a great way to improve yourself all around. You will find it anywhere from libraries to book stores. So what else you want. Books can remove stress, keeps you busy, helps you to get better health and many more.

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So reading books is the best thing anyone can do for theirself. So if you are the one who doesn’t read, start reading from today and you will find a great change.

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