What is Yoga? Effects of Yoga on the Body

what is yoga

We all are scattered and yoga does unify us. The body is very important for all of us, but it is not so easy to maintain the body healthy, hygienic and shaped in this stressful life as we all have the workload.

Everyone describes differently about yoga, so you want to know what is yoga and what are the Yoga effects on body.

We will discuss deeply in this post about roles of yoga in daily life, how yoga affects our health and fitness. Let’s start with what exactly yoga is all about.

You should also know factors to attain good health and wellness.

What is yoga?

Yoga is all about philosophy and practice. We can say yoga is controlled practices, which result in the meeting of soul and supreme soul (aatma and param-aatma).

In another language we can say, yoga is complete science which works on body, mind and spirit. Yoga uses breathing techniques, poses (asanas) and meditation. It claims improvement in health, happiness and mental peace.

We can say Yoga is the best way to get complete divine and self-realization. In simple words, yoga is new, better and complete way of living happy, healthy and peaceful life.

What are Yoga effects on body:

effects of yoga on the body

We all want to know how yoga affects the human body and how it works. Here are points to understand what will happen to you if you do yoga or meditation daily.

  1. Yoga gives us the insight to understand ourselves. Like: who we are, what are our strengths and what is our goal in life.
  2. Meditation is the way to recognize the hidden powers and happiness inside you.
  3. Daily yoga practice gives life to the passive energy of our body.
  4. Yoga – Pranayama keeps tissues of our body young and helps in the formation of the cells.
  5. Lighter yoga exercises keep our nervous system young and keep blood circulation constant.
  6. You can get fresh energy daily with doing yoga exercises.
  7. According to psychologists when our body spreads and contracts then energy produces which helps in removing diseases. By the practice of pranayama and asana, our muscles and glands shrink and spread, causing diseases to be removed automatically. It can be done by Yog and asana.
  8. Yoga keeps our veins healthy.
  9. By yoga, our pancreases become active and the right amount of insulin is formed which helps in diabetes and other related problems.
  10. Health is directly connected to our digestive system and most of the diseases occur due to problems in our digestive system. Yoga keeps our whole digestive system strong and makes all our organs healthy and active.
  11. Fresh air enters into our body due to pranayama and keeps us away from all diseases like – asthma, breathing system and removes any type of allergy. Fresh air also strengthens our heart.
  12. Yogic exercises reduce fat due to which the body feels light, healthy and attractive.
  13. Not only yoga keeps our body healthy but it also keeps our sense, intellect and mind healthy.
  14. Pranayama and yoga asana help us to be joyful, calm and disease free. Yoga gives us peace, inner pleasure as well as it gives us physical, mental and spiritual strengths.


Nowadays we have all become so busy in our work that we have forgotten what actually sleep is. Yoga and meditation is the best way of living life, you might have heard this so often and some will call you to join a yoga class.

We can’t expect to have yoga will like this, that it works on the body, mind and spirit. This is new, easy and better way to living life. We can say that yoga is itself a complete way to living life.

We will get amazing results if we practice yoga and asana (postures) and bringing it into the habit. Daily Yoga practice will be the life-changing habit for anyone add this in practice.

So now you can answer what are the main Yoga effects on the body? Share your Yoga Experiences with us in the comment box, I will glad to hear from you.

Author: Ashu Pareek

Ashu Pareek is Blogger, Yoga Trainer and founder of Yoga Holism. He loves to help people to improve their daily life and fitness. He teaches how to get peace and happiness in life.

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