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In today’s busy and stressfull life, it has become difficult to keep ourselves healthy. We do not have time for yoga for exercise and for ourselves, so today we are taking five yoga exercises for you. By practicing every day, you can keep yourself completely fit and healthy.

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Start without delay, we will tell you about 5 yogasana for complete health.

5 Yogasana for Complete Health-

  1. Kapalbhati
  2. Uttanpadasana
  3. Pawanmukhtasana
  4. Bhujangasana
  5. Vajrasana


Kapalbhati is very good for our respiratory system i.e. for our lungs, it has warm-up of our abdominal muscles, due to which it is good for extra fat in our belly fat Good for our fitness. This brings glow on your face and you stay healthy.

  • To do this, In Sukhasana, sit with both legs twisted and the waist straight, shoulders relax, both your hands, palms on your knees, neck straight, remove the tension on the face, bring a seductive Ismail on your face, now the first yoga practice is practiced by Kapalbhati.
  • Let’s start, we will practice it for 1 minute, we have to do it once in a second, we have to exhale forcefully, do not think about taking it. While exhaling, press your stomach inwards.
  • Keep a happy expression on the face, the abdominal muscles have to be pressed inwards. Do not try more than your capacity, do it once in a second.
  • Those who have had any kind of operation in their stomach, people with hernia should not do it, there is a problem of excessive heart, there is a problem of high blood pressure, they should not practice it.

Relax and prepare yourself for the next yoga practice.

The next yoga exercise will be done lying down in supine position. Lie down comfortably on your back and allow yourself to relax. Keep the knees in line with the ankles and keep your palms facing down. Relax and lie down, keep your mind calm.


Now we will practice Uttanapada Asana which is very good for our stomach, waist, very digestion and body mind coordination. It is very good for the extra fat that has climbed on our body, on the feet and on the thighs and hips. We will practice for 30 seconds.

  • Take a deep breath in, now keep both the legs together at 30 degrees and keep them supporting them with your hands on the lower side. Your shoulders will remain comfortable and relaxed in the ground. Keep breathing naturally. Your claws will be pulled out to the side. Practicing it for 30 seconds tones up your body, gives you strength, gives you confidence. Fills you with youth.  
  • Uttanpadasana is to be practiced for 30 seconds, practice is to be practiced every day, relax and practice, then while exhaling, slowly bring your feet down. Turn your feet slightly outward and open the palms upwards. Allow yourself to relax for some time, feel the vibrations happening in the stomach that with everyday practice can tone your stomach.
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Pawanmuktasana is very good for all our disorders which start from stomach problems, digestion capacity, and internal organ massage.

  • While inhaling deeply, bring both the feet together and bring the knees near your test, then while exhaling, interlock both your hands. Press under the knees and pull the claws outwards. Keep the shoulder relaxed on the ground. And slowly place your neck between your knees.
  •  Do it relaxed. Now keep taking light breaths for 30 seconds, keep your mind calm, relax and stay in this state, due to which there is a strain on our stomach, which has decreased in digestion, there is a problem of gas, acidity has become a problem, hormonal imbalance It has happened that some dirt has got stuck in our internal organs, it is cured by pawanmukhtasana because it suppresses the whole stomach. Do it according to your ability.
  • Then slowly bring your neck first, then open the interlock, then lower the legs, while opening your legs for some time, lie down and relax. Keep your mind calm and lie down.


Now we will do the next exercise bhujangasana. By the practice of bhujangasana, the posture of your body is corrected, your feet are toned. There is a tone in the waist; it is beneficial in back pain. Your body comes in shape. Shoulders come in shape, the whole body comes in shape, its second practice every day gives you benefits, makes you healthy.

  • Lying on the stomach. For this, stand on one side, come on your stomach, join both the legs, join the knees, and establish your china on the yoga net. Keep your palms near the chest by touching the cones exactly on the chest. Taking a deep breath, come to Bahujangasana, remain steady and look upwards, remove the tension on the face and bring a smile. And relax and stay in bhujangasana for 30 seconds. Increase your time by doing it slowly.
  • Then while exhaling, come down slowly. If you think you have more ability then practice it one more time. Verna lying down in Makarasana, keeping the feet inwards and the paws on the side of the bar, lying relaxed for some time, it is pleasant to lie down, keep you away from stress, the muscles get time to recover.


It stretches your feet, internal organs, is very beneficial in your diabetes problem, increases the enzymes of your internal organ, corrects your hormone imbalance, gives you benefit in waist-related problems, and fills you with youth. By staying in this posture with stability, your waist related disorders are removed, your body is healthy, digestion capacity increases, and it is beneficial in diabetes problems and makes your body flexible and healthy.

  • Come comfortably in Vajrasana with the help of your hands, slowly open your right leg, then open the left leg, sit relaxed while straightening the waist and now start the fifth yoga exercise, which says Vakrasana, keeping your left leg straight while keeping it straight.
  •  Bringing the leg near your left knee, keep the leg straight, keep the waist straight, holding your left hand near your right foot, try to see the right hand half a fit behind and completely behind. Stay in this position with stability, then slowly open your left hand and look in front, bring the right hand down and then practice it with the other leg.
  • Grab the left foot with the right hand, take the left hand back. And bend your whole body, keep a happy feeling on the face, then slowly open your lock, relax and bend both the legs and sit down, straighten the waist and sit relaxed.

Today we have told you five yoga exercises which are very easy but very effective to make you healthy. If you are short of time then by practicing these yoga exercises for 5 minutes you can stay healthy.

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