Yoga Mudras – A Boon to People on Earth

Do you know that we have got this life after 84 lakh lives?
Will you let it go? Isn’t it a miracle of God to take birth of a child?
Don’t you think that we all are special and that we were born with a special purpose?

All the systems in our body are full of energy. The energy that can neither be produced nor destroyed, can be changed from one form to another. Our body, which is made up of five elements, has so many body parts that it has different functions.

If we feel, God has given this energy to every part of us. In ancient times, yogis and sages used to communicate with people through yoga mudras. They used to convey their information and energy to the people with the help of mudras.

Yoga for fitness

Today we have forgotten this scientific technique made by our ancestors. Let’s discuss Yoga Mudras and their main types in this blog.

What is the Mudra Yoga or Yoga Mudra?

Mudra yoga is an ancient yoga science developed by Indian sages thousands of years ago, which is equally effective today. We practice it during pranayama or meditation. Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning – Symbol or sign.

Many mudras have been described in Indian culture. Some for health and some for wellbeing etc. There are different mudras for different aspects of life. In this way, we can make the best person within us by identifying the asanas, posture, and special breathing of yoga.

Mudra is such a micro science of organizing the body which essentially involves the body’s geometry and circuitry.

How does Mudra Yoga work?

  • Mudra Yoga is the process of managing the imbalance of the body. The waves of energy are sent to the mind through hands by pressing, twisting, turning, and adding fingers in various ways to stay healthy.
  • Our body is made up of five elements – air, water, fire, earth, and sky. They are also called Panch Mahabhut. When the quantity of these elements becomes asymmetrical, that is, when there is an imbalance in them, then disorder starts in the body and the body becomes ill. This imbalance can be balanced by yoga mudras.
  • Through mudra yoga, electromagnetic waves are produced which bring elements of the body to a balanced state. Through the practice of mudra, the flow of energy from the position of the hands is controlled and balance is created in the mind and body. This is how health benefits are obtained.

According to Ayurveda, the five fingers of our hands represent a special element. which is like this:

Thumb – Fire element

Index Finger – Air element

Middle Finger – Sky Element

Ring Finger – Earth Element

Little Finger – Water element

When a finger is joined with the thumb, the element related to the finger becomes balanced. In this way, the disease arising due to the imbalance of that element is cured.   

 When and how to do Yoga Mudra?

  • Yoga mudra can be performed by sitting in Padmasana or Vajrasana. It is more beneficial to make them while doing pranayam in the morning and while meditating.
  • If you cannot do it with pranayama, then yoga mudras can also be performed individually. This can also be done by sitting on a chair.
  • Ujjayi breathing is beneficial while doing yoga mudra. Ujjayi is inhaled through the nose in such a way that the air comes in and touches the throat, and a slow rustling sound is produced.
  • While doing yoga mudra, one should breathe at least twelve times and try to feel the flow of energy in the body. Mudra Yoga illuminates various parts of the brain.

How many types of Mudras?

There are 24 types of yoga mudras, some of the main yoga mudras and their benefits are described here, which are as follows.

1)Gyan Mudra

Sit down in Padmasana. Make a circle by joining the knuckles of the thumb and index finger. Do not press, just touch. Keep the remaining three fingers straight. Place the palm upwards. Do this in both hands. Rest your hands on your knees. It is also called Chin Mudra.

In this position, focus on the inhalation and try to feel its effect on the body. There is no need to keep the fingers very tight, it can be slightly bent. This hand posture is mostly a meditative posture. It is good to do this in the morning with a fresh mind.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

  • This ends anger, tension, and anxiety. Doing this makes you sleep well. Energy increases. It relieves pain in the lower back. Depression can be cured by regular practice.
  • This increases the power to concentrate. It makes the mind positive and sharpens the memory. It also provides relief in headaches and high blood pressure.

2)Air Mudra

Place the index finger’s knuckles on the underside of the thumb and press the index finger slightly with the thumb. Keep the other three fingers straight. This is the air hand posture.

Benefits of Air Mudra 

  • This mudra is beneficial in the problem caused by air disorder. Such as Arthritis, Gout, Knee pain, Cystic pain. It also provides relief in neck pain and back pain.

3) Zero Mudra 

To do this, apply the tip of the middle finger to the lower part of the thumb. Slightly press the middle finger from the thumb. Keep all three fingers straight. It is a zero mudra.

Benefits of zero mudra 

  • Ear pain is cured by practicing this mudra regularly. When water comes from the ear, it decreases. If you are hearing less, then its regular practice gives relief. By doing this, bones become stronger.
  • It is also beneficial in heart disease. The practice of zero mudras strengthens the gums, relieves throat problems, and is also beneficial in thyroid disease.
Yoga for fitness

4)Prithvi Mudra:

To perform this mudra, a ring of fingers, finger knuckles, and thumb knuckles are made. The remaining three fingers are kept straight. This is the earth’s posture/mudra.

Benefits of Prithvi Mudra

  • By the practice of this mudra, the weakness and leanness of the body are eliminated and if there is obesity, this mudra also corrects it. Its practice improves digestion and removes the deficiency of vitamins etc. It gives strength and glows to the skin.

5) Prana Vayu Mudra

In this mudra, the fingers of both the ring finger and the little finger are applied with the thumb. The index and middle fingers are kept straight. This is how Prana Vayu mudra is formed.

Benefits of Pran Vayu Mudra

  • By doing this mudra, the life force increases. Its practice intensifies the light of the eyes. The body’s immunity increases. Tiredness is removed. Doing this mudra does not disturb hunger and thirst at the time of fasting. This removes the problem of insomnia. It helps in maintaining health and energy.

6)Apana Mudra 

This mudra is made by mixing the forefinger and middle fingers of both fingers with the thumb. The little finger and the ring finger are kept upright.

Benefits of Apana Mudra

  • By practicing this mudra, the toxins of the body are removed and the body becomes purified. Its practice prevents constipation, hemorrhoids, and diseases caused by wind.
  • It is beneficial in diabetes, urinary obstruction is cured, kidney problem is cured and tooth problem is cured. It is beneficial in heart disease and stomach diseases.

7)Apana Vayu Mudra

This mudra is a combined form of air mudra and Apana mudra. Join the ring finger and the middle finger knuckles. In addition, press the index finger with the lower part of the thumb and press it slightly. Keep the little finger straight. This is a unique air posture.

Benefits of ApanaVayu Mudra

  • With this mudra, you get the benefits of both Apana mudra and Vayu mudra. Weak hearts benefit greatly from this mudra. It is very beneficial for anyone who has had a heart attack in the near past.
  • It helps remove gas from the stomach. It is beneficial in asthma, it provides relief in headaches and blood pressure.

   8)Surya Mudra

In this, the finger ring knuckles are pressed together by mixing with the underside of the thumb. Keep the remaining three fingers straight. In this way, the sun mudra is formed.

Benefits of Surya Mudra

  • Its practice reduces obesity and increases digestive power. Apart from this, it reduces hypertension and cholesterol.
  • It is also beneficial in the case of diabetes or if the liver is not functioning properly.

9)Varuna Mudra

It is made by mixing minnow and thumb knuckles. Keep the other three fingers straight. This is Varuna Mudra.

Benefits of Varuna Mudra

  • The practice of this mudra ends the dryness of the skin. The skin remains shiny and soft. It cures skin diseases, facial pimples, blackheads, etc., and cleans the blood. This enhances the beauty of the face.
  • It Cleans Blood and Helps in Reducing Cholesterol level.

10)Gender Posture/ Linga Mudra:

Tighten the fingers of both your hands by putting them between each other. Keep the thumb of the right-hand standing. Apply some pressure with the rest of your fingers and sit comfortably. This is the linga mudra.

Benefits of linga mudra

  • This mudra helps remove the problem of cold, cough, and low blood pressure, etc. It dries the phlegm.
  • The mudra builds heat and energy and increases the fire element.

Point to remember: You can do mudras while walking, sleeping, awake, and sitting whenever you want. But there is a special benefit in doing mudras with a concentrated concentration in a quiet solitary place. Practicing the right postures according to one’s own needs brings miraculous benefits.

At the end of the blog:

It can be said that the hands, the palm, and the fingers have a direct relationship with the lifestyle of a human being. Similarly, the five elements can be easily balanced by the hand yoga postures.

yoga for fitness

These hand mudras, like a remote control in the power centers of consciousness in the body, do an effective job in protecting and preventing disease. Due to which people move towards physical, mental, and spiritual progress.

Practice according to your comfort and need daily, you will surely get benefited.

Stay healthy & Keep Smiling.

Author: Kavita Madan

I love to practice yoga so I enjoy writing yoga blogs. Yoga gives me confidence, fitness, and energy to live happily throughout the day, so I share my knowledge and experiences with you at YogaHolism. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs! Thank you.

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