Yoga Poses for Mental Health and Inner Peace

Yoga has been known for many health benefits for thousands of years and one of them is the benefit of mental health and inner peace.

Inner peace is the feeling of being at peace mentally and emotionally. It is the feeling one gets when they feel stable, happy, and at peace.

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There are many yoga poses that help us reach our inner peace. Let’s know the yoga poses for mental health in brief.

Yoga for Mental Health

Our mental health is related to our inner peace only. Without having inner peace, we cannot be healthy mentally and emotionally.

So, here are 5 easy yoga poses which are beneficial for our mental health and inner peace. These yoga poses helps relieve stress and anxiety, and helps us in becoming healthier mentally.

  • Corpse Pose (Shavasana)
  • Child’s Pose (Balasana)
  • Easy pose (Sukhasana) with forward bend
  • Standing Forward Bend Pose (Uttanasana)
  • Side Stretch

Now let’s know all these easy yoga poses that reduce stress and anxiety in brief.

1. Corpse pose

This is the easiest yoga pose of all. It is called Shavasana in Sanskrit as Shava means Corpse and Asana is Pose. It is called Corpse pose because, In this Yoga pose, you lie down straight on your back like a corpse with your hands and legs spread.

It is a pose of total relaxation. You need to just be calm and stop thinking about everything. It lowers your blood pressure and is one of the best yoga asana for mental health as it relieves stress and mild depression.

2. Child’s Pose

Also called Balasana, Child’s pose is a kneeling asana in modern yoga. It is a yoga pose in which you rest your body. It is a forward bend pose.

In Child’s pose, you sit down on your knees and keep your hips on your heels, then bend your back downwards and your arms forwards like shown in the image above.

It is a great asana to relieve all your stress and anxiety and gives you good mental health. It is a popular yoga for mental health.

3. Easy pose with Forward Bend

Easy pose is also known as Sukhasana in Sankrit. It is a seated yoga pose where you bend your knees and sit cross-legged.

Easy pose is very easy as its name suggests, but not so easy for those who are used to sitting on the chair. In this yoga pose, you sit seat straight and then cross your legs and place each foot beneath your knees, and your both hands straight on your knees.

It is a well-known yoga pose to relieve you from mild depression, stress, and anxiety. It is a part of meditation.

4. Standing Forward Bend Pose

Also known as Uttanasana in Sanskrit, it is a little tough yoga pose for beginners but very effective if practiced perfectly.

It is a part of Sun Salutation(Surya Namaskar). Its name defines itself as in this pose, you stand and bend forward.

To practice Uttanasana, you need to stand straight, then bend forward from your hip joints (not from the waist), and then reach your toes slowly. Once you reach this position, touch the back of your legs.

Standing forward bend pose is known for relieving headache and insomnia. It reduces your anxiety and fatigue and also calms your mind.

5. Side Stretch

Side stretches are known for improving flexibility in the spine. Side stretch also stretches the muscles between the ribs.

In Side stretch, you sit straight with your knees bend, then raise your one arm and slowly lower yourself to the other side like shown in the image.

You can hold this position for 15-20 seconds and repeat on the other side. Side stretch stimulates receptors in the nervous system that decrease the production of stress hormones.

This pose helps you in relieving stress and is a great yoga for mental health.

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There are many other yoga poses that help you with relieving stress, anxiety and mind depression. Practicing yoga is so much better than taking medication and anti-depressants. So practice these above-mentioned Yoga for mental health, and stay healthy and happy.

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